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Korean fashion is so diverse that it includes not only clothing and other clothing items but also accessories. Because of that, it is not too strange that famous Korean jewelry brands exist. Do you want to renew your jewelry, but do you also want to choose something new and innovative? In that case, Korean jewelry is for you. Today we prepared a list of the best Korean jewelry brands you should know. When you know what they are, you will be ready to renew your jewelry box and perfect your looks with the best accessories of all. Keep reading and discover which are the best Korean jewelry brands you should know!


13 Korean Jewelry Brands You Can’t-Miss


Wingbling Korea


The focus of this store is to enhance the true beauty of each person. Since its founding in 2014, Wingbling has grown a lot. Today it is a very beloved brand among Koreans and Korean fashionistas. 


The brand owes its fame to its incredible variety of jewelry and the history behind each jewelry collection. Its high-quality jewelry has also gained a significant following, such as popular K-pop idols and Korean celebrities. IU is one of the many stars who love using Wingbling. You will see this young K-pop star wearing these beautiful Korean earrings on many occasions.


Joomi Lim


Korean designer Joomi Lim is developing a jewelry collection. You can easily recognize her jewelry brand because Joomi Lim’s elegant and feminine style is characteristic of her brand. She achieves this through the way she uses delicate spiral lines as highlights on earrings. Those who are fans and lovers of pearl jewelry cannot ignore this brand! Pearls seem to be the breath and the engine of any collection launched by this brand. Thanks to that, it is the favorite among many Koreans and is part of the Korean jewelry brands you should know. 


Momentel, Korean jewelry brands you should know


It is a special Korean brand, thanks to its theme. Momentel combines traditional Asian values ​​with modernity. They use significant Chinese characters to create retro-style jewelry. For example: 花 (flower), 爱 (love), etc. Momentel also sells its collection of perfumes! If you buy a product from this brand, they send you many perfume samples. In that way, you can enjoy different scents. So, the next time you want to buy something from this brand, you can also buy a perfume that you liked. As you can see, the reasons why it is part of the Korean jewelry brands you should know are more than one.


Portrait Report


It is a jewelry brand launched by designer Jeong Baek Seok. Portrait Report is a brand loved by many celebrities like Hyomin from T-ara, or Zico, a famous Korean rapper. The most popular item of this brand is the twin earmuffs. For those who like simple yet elegant designs, you should try Portrait Report jewelry. His creations are subtle and full of elegance. Because of that, it could not be missing from the Korean jewelry brands you should know.


Souhait, Korean jewelry brands you should know


The name of this brand means a wish. Souhait expresses the value of the products of this brand and the good wishes of each client. It is a brand that breaks the boundaries between pure art form and practical jewelry. Therefore, create modern aesthetic jewelry that is stylish and fashionista. You can place different jewelry elements of this brand. Or you can also use them independently to accompany various styles.


Space oddity


The message of this brand is: Jewelry is small but has great power. Along with its absorbing design philosophy, Space Oddity presents collections with various types of jewelry. This brand offers everything from delicate earrings to oversized necklaces. Space Oddity also developed many design concepts like See the Unseen and Draw with Light. Her jewelry is luxurious and is also a favorite among jewelry lovers in Korea. If you want to try any Korean jewelry brands you should know, Space Oddity is a brilliant option. Try using one of its pieces, and you will see how you will want to try many more.


SCHO Studio


Sarah Cho is the founder of this brand. This brand has a beautiful Hannam-dong showroom called The Room. This room also functions as a cafeteria, so customers can enjoy a coffee while admiring the jewelry display. SCHO Studio first debuted in Paris in 2012. The brand builds on Cho’s international background as she has lived in the UK, Kenya, the US, and France. She also takes inspiration from her previous experiences working at Balenciaga and Lanvin. With its designs shining in GQ and Vogue Korea, SCHO Studio is a sought-after jewelry brand in Seoul. Thanks to that, it is part of the Korean jewelry brands you should know.


Coldframe, Korean jewelry brands you should know


It is a brand that is famous for its high quality and delicate designs. They incorporate various influences such as flower petals and vintage jewelry in their collections. Its recent collection called Rope Twist features unique textures on bracelets, rings, and more. Meanwhile, their ancient-inspired Anima range includes baroque-style necklaces and pearl earrings. Coldframe is a jewelry brand with artistic touches. Her jewelry is for those who are a little more edgy and extravagant jewelry lovers.




This jewelry brand offers a wide range of versatile accessories for every day,  from mini hoop earrings to trendy chain bracelets. The Spring / Summer 2020 collection presents pieces in gold. And also sterling silver that takes inspiration from the 80s. It is a brand with an innovative concept. It should not be missing in the Korean jewelry brands you should know.




1064studio is an emerging Korean brand. 1064studio mixes shapes and different sizes, creating pieces of structural jewelry. It is a brand that includes minimalist items, such as their Deep In Grassland ring set. But some of the brand’s most popular designs are the gold-plated pebble pendant necklaces. It is also a luxury brand.


Beauton, Korean jewelry brands you should know 


The Beauton jewelry brand is a favorite among girls who love the minimalist lifestyle. Kayoung Kim, the founder of the brand, studied and practiced sculpture. Thanks to that, the effects of sculpture are seen in her work. All Beauton designs are delicate works of art. In addition, they are handmade.


AVEC New York


This brand is in New York City. However, Korean twin sisters Kate and Chloe Lee founded this brand. Thanks to that, it is considered an international Korean jewelry brand. AVEC is famous in New York for its luxurious, modern, and fashionista designs. The beautiful small rings of this brand fascinate women. It is because her pieces shine with sparkles, highlighting the delicate beauty of each person. They are made entirely of silver and rose gold. They also have ornaments with pearl and gemstone details. It is a luxury Korean jewelry brand, so its prices are not very affordable, but it will be worth it.




It is one of the most famous jewelry brands in Korea. Many celebrities, like G-Dragon, love and regularly wear HRJewerly products. Hera Park, her founder, once revealed that she took inspiration from the 80s and 90s fashion to create her brand jewelry. Thanks to that, all HRJewerly jewels have a classic, soft, and very feminine beauty. It could not be missing among the Korean jewelry brands you should know.


K-fashion offers a wide variety of clothing and accessories. Naturally, many people want to wear one of the Korean fashion styles, as it is a fashion that adapts to all tastes and preferences. Perfect your Korean fashion looks with accessories from the must-know Korean jewelry brands. If you do not want to miss any news about Korean fashion, visit this blog every day!


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