What can you wear to a K-pop concert?

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Seeing your favorite idols on stage is one of the most exciting experiences a kpoper can have. Wouldn’t you be amazed at watching the Big Bang boys sing live? Impossible not to imagine wonderful moments and fantasize that you can at least touch Taeyang’s hand (if you are in the VIP area, of course). In […]

Most followed Korean celebrities on Instagram

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Many Korean celebrities have become more and more popular in recent days. Some idols, after each comeback, increase their fans thanks to their artistic talents. And the actors, after each appearance on the big or small screen, captivate viewers with their acting skills. Thanks to all this, those who have an official account on Instagram […]

K-Pop Idols who support The LGBT community

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Although pride month is over, we know that every month of the year is an opportunity to celebrate gay pride. And so today, we bring you a list of K-pop idols who support LGBT community! Maybe you already know some of them, but maybe you did not know about others. Do not miss your chance […]

Who are the It boys of K-Pop?


Many people (when they think of Korean fashion) tend to associate it with fashion for women. However, they forget that men also have a lot of influence, especially K-Pop idols, who are one of the main male faces of K-Fashion. Thanks to their looks and styles, K-Pop idols not only inspire the male audience. Many […]

Know these 8 K-Pop idols who have acted in plays and musicals


We all know that K-Pop idols are very talented. They stand out not only for their singing skills. Many also stand out thanks to their acting skills. Because of that, many great idols venture into the world of acting. They debut with roles on-screen, whether in K-Dramas or movies. However, many others decide to broaden […]

K-Pop songs that are perfect on Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day! Do you already have plans for this February 14? Remember that recently, in Korean Fashion Trends, we shared ideas for outfits, series, and movies that you can use and watch today. And yes, best of all, everything is according to Korean fashion and entertainment! However, as today is the most romantic day, […]

The goodbye of some groups: Which K-pop groups have disbanded?


Every year we are lucky to meet and welcome new K-Pop groups. We are always happy to meet and support new talent. In addition, we always love opportunities to renew or update our K-Pop Playlists. However, they say that all good things eventually come to an end. And that’s what has happened to us with […]

Most streamed K-Pop songs on Spotify in 2021

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What are the most streamed K-Pop songs on Spotify in 2021? This year, K-Pop also conquered Spotify. It is a perfect platform for K-Pop fans. Why? Because in it, we can find many songs from our favorite idol groups. But what tracks were the most listened to in this streaming app? In 2021, we had […]

Most followed K-Pop idols on YouTube


Every day, several K-Pop groups make incredible profits from their YouTube channels. But who are the most followed K-Pop idols on YouTube? What are the K-Pop groups, and who earns the most money with their channel on this platform? BTS, BLACKPINK, NCT Dream SEVENTEEN, among many more, are being the sensation on the social video […]

Know these 13 Christmas songs by K-Pop idols


We love Christmas, and we love Korean culture too. So, in the most beautiful time of the year, how about the idea of ​​spicing up your parties with Christmas songs by K-Pop idols? Without a doubt, it is an idea that is not only innovative but also fun and beautiful. The voices of your favorite […]