Women Modern Hanbok

Modern hanboks are the latest fashion trend in K-fashion trends. The innovative idea of ​​modernizing the traditional Korean costume has been several years since it began. However, thanks to the strong influence of idols, buy modern hanbok online has taken more and more advantage. Because of that, many foreign people and lovers of Korean fashion have not hesitated to wear these garments. Would you like to try dressing modern hanboks for women? If the answer is yes, read on to find out about some trendy hanboks for women that you can wear!

Hanboks for everyday life

Koreans wear hanbok because of the importance of the event they are going to attend, but opting to wear it with the hustle and bustle of everyday life may not be the most appropriate or comfortable. Thus, in recent years, young designers started working hard to make the hanbok more comfortable to wear and with characteristics typical of current fashion.

Without breaking the traditional appearance of this garment, Korean designers began to modify the hanbok, producing a reinvention of it with modern designs to achieve a modern and clean appearance with the clear objective of providing as much comfort as possible when wearing them. Thus arises the “Saenghwal hanbok” or daily hanbok

Modern hanboks for women that you cannot miss

Jaegori hanboks

The jeogori is a top garment of the hanbok, a traditional Korean garment worn by men and women. Men generally wear the jeogori with a baji or pants, while women wear the jeogori with chima or skirts. There are many jaegori that you can have, and best of all, they all have beautiful and fresh designs. If you are interested, you can visit the Korean fashion trends page and look at the jaegori that you can get! They are beautiful, and they are also quite casual clothes.

Hanbok skirt

Chima is the term used to refer to the hanbok skirt. It is a type of skirt that is worn with jeogori, or a short jacket in hanbok, which is traditional Korean clothing. It is also known as sang or gun in Hanja in the Korean language. You can use the skirt and the jeogori independently of each other. However, if you combine them, you can wear the completely modern hanbok. These skirts go unnoticed if you compare them with a long skirt. The difference is that these are skirts with unusual and different designs. Wearing them will give you a unique look. To learn a little more about this skirt, visit Korean fashion trends by clicking here and see a list of options to buy!

Modern hanboks for women are sold in various colors, from pastel tones to more striking and darker tones, with prints, buttons, pockets, closures, etc. Although it is for daily use, there are also modern designs for parties, weddings, etc. Do you want to try wearing modern hanboks? Do not stay with the desire and take the opportunity! Buy a modern hanbok online and experience Korea at home! Also, don’t forget to visit us every day. This is your space to stay informed about everything that happens in Korean fashion trends.