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Korean women’s accessories. Women who are lovers of Korean fashion are constantly looking for ideas and new clothes to renew their closet. However, although clothes are the main part of an outfit, they are not the only thing important here.


What’s key here is to complement the looks with eye-catching and pretty accessories. For that reason, within your repertoire of Korean fashion ideas, you should include these pieces that will perfect your style. Korean women’s accessories are a necessary complement.


Do not worry if you still don’t have a clear idea about what accessories you can include in your closet. The truth is that there are several accessories available to add the finishing touch to your outfits. You have to read on to find out everything Korean fashion has available in Korean women’s accessories.


10 Korean women’s accessory ideas


1. Sunglasses (without the sun)


Korean Fashion Trends - korean women accesories you can't miss - sunglasses

Don’t worry about what others might think, and wear your best sunglasses, even if it is not sunny outside.


Lately, and especially in Korean fashion, there is a trend of wearing sunglasses at any time. They are an essential accessory for many Koreans.


If you are wearing a casual, elegant, or grunge style, sunglasses are always a perfect choice.


They will give you an intriguing and eye-catching look. Best of all, there are sunglasses in all shapes and sizes. It is all a matter of choosing your favorite to achieve an attractive look.


2. Korean women’s accessories: Caps, berets, bucket hats


Korean Fashion Trends - korean women accesories you can't miss - Caps

These accessories are associated with hot weather, but the truth is that you can use them at any time of the year. Hats, berets, buckets, and any type of hat are ideal to perfect almost any look.


The hats add a more vintage touch and others a more urban touch, while the bucket hats have quite summery vibes.


You can wear loose jeans, a blouse, a jacket with a pair of tennis shoes, or accompany your outfit with the hat that best suits your tastes. You will see that in this way you will achieve an appearance not only casual and comfortable but also very chic and fashionista. 


3. Jewelry


Korean Fashion Trends - korean women accesories you can't miss - Jewerly

In K-fashion, especially Korean women’s accessories, jewelry is one of everyone’s favorite accessories. For instance, rings, bracelets, earrings, chains, chokers, and watches.


In Korea, many brands design luxury jewelry. But you can also find good quality jewelry at lower prices in small shops in the city.


For example, those found in popular places like Hongdae or the Ewha University areas. Also, what woman has not fallen under the charms of a beautiful jewel at least once in her life? Whether it is something simple or more extravagant, it does not matter. Choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs and decorate your outfits with these accessories that never go out of style.


4. Korean women’s accessories: Hair Accessories


Korean Fashion Trends - korean women accesories you can't miss - hair

The curious thing about hair accessories is that one moment they are a trend, but not the next. However, many people see it as a type of stationary accessory in fashion.


We consider that depending on the type you use, they can always accompany your looks.


From clips to scrunchies, all hair accessories lately in Korea are very adorable and feminine. Many have decorations with pearls, glitters, or details in litmus.


Do not be afraid to bring your inner child back. These accessories are very girly and can also go with any style.


5. Stockings, pantyhose, tights


Stockings can be the best accessory of all if you put your mind to it. It would be best to discard the conventional ideas that you have to hide your stockings. Or that your stockings should be smooth and flawless. The truth is, if you want to achieve a more casual, grunge, and urban style, a good idea is to wear slightly ripped pantyhose or tights.


There are also knee-high stockings. You can generally wear it when wearing skirts and an oversized blouse or sweater. Do not hide your stockings, be they long or short. Showing them with the right looks will always be a nice way to add originality to your outfits.


6. Korean women’s accessories: Handbags

Korean Fashion Trends - korean women accesories you can't miss - Handbags

In Korea, bags are a must-have accessory. Big or small, these will always enhance your outfit. Many Korean brands make beautiful and quality bags.


They are haute couture bags, and many even become luxury accessories. Also, lately in Korea, mini bags are becoming very famous.


It does not matter if you can only save one lipstick inside because what matters is that it matches our garments.


However, there are still many collections of practical bags that are also beautiful. It all depends on what you want to choose. But handbags dominate Korean women’s accessories!


7. Belts


The classics in black or brown are the favorite of everyone. But there are many designs on belts. In addition to being helpful, the belts add a vintage style. They look good with high-waisted pants and oversized or fitted tops, also with skirts or shorts. Belts are a top Korean women’s accessories!


8. Korean women’s accessories: Cell phone cases


Korean Fashion Trends - korean women accesories you can't miss - Casses

We have to accept it: cell phones are also one more accessory. And one of the most helpful tech products out there.


Cell phones accompany us everywhere and, because of that, there are many trendy designs in cell phone cases. Some are original from fashion brands, and others have designs of characters, animals, and anything else you can imagine.


There is also a trend in Korea to combine cell phone cases with clothing items. It is an unconventional accessory, but it is also considered in this list thanks to how creative and popular they are.


9. Piercings 


The topic of piercings is still a bit controversial in Korea, but many people have decided to show off their bodies with these trendy accessories. It is so common among celebrities, especially those who have a grunge or urban style. However, it is an accessory that fits any style. There are more delicate and feminine piercings and others more extravagant.


10. Korean women’s accessories: The makeup


Korean Fashion Trends - korean women accesories you can't miss - Makeup

Makeup is a complement that has a long history, and it will never cease to be a trend. Some girls prefer not to wear makeup, and others prefer to wear a lot. There are options for everyone. However, makeup in Korea is usually simple and sometimes even goes unnoticed. If you want to try a Korean makeup look, it is best to try the simplest trends. They bring a glamorous and unique touch to any style.


Every woman should know that Korean women’s accessories can complete a look. But they can also achieve an original, unique, and attractive style. Korean fashion accessories are more than a simple decoration since these ornamental elements allow us to identify and distinguish ourselves from the rest.


They reflect your personality and at the same time add more details to it. Feel free to put into practice what you have learned today about Korean women’s accessories. Integrate them into your looks and captivate everyone with your style. If you liked this post, do not forget to visit us every day. In this blog, you can read a lot of information about K-fashion’s trends.



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