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Velvet Fabric: How to Elevate Your Korean Style with Velvet?

Velvet has long been associated with royalty and luxury all throughout history. The reason? Velvet evokes feelings of elegance and sophistication, making the fabric a favorite among renowned designers. Despite its luxurious flair, it is also possible to integrate this fabric into daily outfits. In today’s blog post, you will be able to discover the […]

Is the Pantless Trend Successful in Korean Fashion?

Recently, wearing no-pants has been the talk of the town. As all fashion aficionados already know, fashion trends are ever-changing. However, the pantless trend confirms one fact: almost nothing is forbidden in the realm of fashion. So, is the pantless trend successful in Korean Fashion? Today, we are going to dive into the impact that […]

Top 5 Korean Makeup Brands to Try in 2024

Are you bored of your usual looks and want to start experimenting with new Korean makeup brands? A new year and a new us! It’s time to start changing routines to add excitement to our lives. That’s why today, at Korean Fashion Trends, we will unveil the Top 5 Korean Makeup Brands to Try in […]

How to Make a Statement with Loungewear in Korean Fashion?

Sometimes, it feels too hard to swap your comfy clothes with daily rigid fabrics, denim, and constricting clothing. It’s totally understandable! That’s why loungewear and two-piece sets exist! It brings a high level of comfort to everyday activities, allowing for free movement and a stylish – but socially acceptable outfit. Today at Korean Fashion Trends, […]

Achieve Korean Weight Standards With These 5 Tips

Achieving Korean weight standards can be a challenging yet rewarding journey for those who aspire to achieve that slim and elegant look Korean idols and actresses are known for. While it’s essential to prioritize health over appearance, we will unveil some valuable tips that can help you get closer to your weight and fitness goals. […]