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5 Korean-style outfits with jeans for a night out

If jeans didn’t exist, could you imagine the work we would suffer when we want to be practical and dress well? Jeans are the piece that many wear when they’re in a hurry, either because they decided to meet up with their friends at the last minute. Or because they just don’t have the brainpower […]

K-Pop idol style closet capsule

Previously on Korean Fashion Trends, we talked about the capsule closet you need if you want a Korean fashion look. However, until now, we haven’t talked about the capsule closet you need if you want a K-Pop idol style. Do you think there is no difference between one and the other? There is. While Korean […]

Let’s take a look at Korean idol Sunmi’s style

We have talked about great fashion icons in K-Pop. However, until now, we haven’t talked about one of K-Pop’s most iconic figures. This girl stands out thanks to her talent on stage. However, she also stands out thanks to her multifaceted style. Also, K-Pop fans know that the Korean fashion of K-Pop idols always wins […]

 Top 5 basic shoes to create Korean outfits

It is not about having a lot of shoes, even if that would not be bad at all. However, the important thing is to have the basics. That way, we don’t complicate our existence when we put together our outfits. We know that fashion lovers want to have all the pieces and fashion elements that […]

5 Korean outfits to combine with your best friend

We have talked about the Korean fashion trend of combining looks with your partner. However, many ignore this trend is also valid for those who want to dress the same with one, the family, etc. The trend of dressing alike is not exclusive to couples, even if its origin comes from there. Do you have […]