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How to style cargo pants according to Korean fashion?

Cargo pants are an example of how the military trend has influenced fashion. Get the typical green print out of your head because the evolution of these pants is impressive. Cargo pants are a masculine style garment that comes from military aesthetics. Around the 90s, this type of pants appeared linked to street style and […]

Minimalist Korean Fashion Trends for Fall 2022

What will be worn the most in fall 2022 according to Korean fashion? You have asked yourself that more than once. Among the most outstanding trends, we see how the minimal style is fully placed on the catwalks but also in street fashion. If you think that less is always more, you will like to […]

Colors in trend in fall 2022 according to Korean fashion

Colors in trend in fall 2022 according to Korean fashion. Do you want to start building your fall 2022 wardrobe with seasonal colors according to Korean fashion? Then this is your chance! Yes, in K-fashion, classic and neutral colors are the must of all seasons. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use other colors. Also, […]

Korean Fashion Capsule for Fall 2022

As in any other fashion, trends in Korean fashion also change according to the season. That doesn’t mean that some clothes, accessories, colors, and patterns are maintained throughout the year. Of course, some elements are classic. And that is why they are also basic in any closet, whether it is spring, summer, autumn, or winter. […]