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Every country has a different way of sizing clothes. South Korea is no exception. We know that Korean culture is unique. Its fashion has a charm that has attracted more and more people from all over the world. Korean fashion has a mix of modesty and glamour, minimalism, and extravagance. Because of that, everyone wants a Korean fashion piece in their closet. Achieving one of these garments is not hard, but the problem comes with sizes. How can you shop in K-fashion stores when the size of the clothes is very different from what you are used to? If you want to convert Korean clothing sizes but do not know how to do it, you have come to the right place!


Today, we bring you a guide, so you can discover the Korean clothing sizes and how to adjust them to your usual size. While you can use trial and error when shopping for clothes, the best thing you can do to have a good experience shopping for Korean clothes is to know the differences in sizes. Are you ready to discover Korean clothing sizes? Keep reading!


When shopping for Korean clothes, you should consider these tips


Buy clothes that are tasteful and appropriate for the season, Korean Clothing Sizes


It is natural that when entering the website of a Korean clothing store, we want to buy everything we see. Although this is a possibility for you, you have to remember that incorrectly thought purchases are not always the best. Because of that, we recommend you review your style preferences and clothing that fits the season of the year. In this way, you will be making a purchase that will make your closet and your pocket happy.


Make sure the clothes fit you, Korean Clothing Sizes


Lately, it is fashionable to wear clothes that are a bit loose. This, of course, is a matter of taste. Even in Korean fashion, there is a trend for oversized clothing. But we must take into account that we also have to take good care of those details, especially when we intend to buy tailored clothes, not oversized. Because of that, you should check the Korean clothing sizes and make sure you convert correctly. That way, you will be able to buy the perfect Korean clothes for yourself.


Is it hard to buy Korean clothes on the internet? Korean Clothing Sizes


Buying Korean clothes online has several advantages. Such as freedom of schedule, convenience and speed, the ability to easily compare prices and models, and secure payment options. However, one of the great doubts that most have is the lack of certainty about the size of the clothes. If you think that the clothing size in Korea is the same as in the United States or elsewhere in the West, you are wrong.


Size standards vary at all times. And Korean clothing sizes are no less confusing. If you find yourself shopping in Korea or one of their online stores, you will probably end up with a headache and not knowing what to do. Or worse yet, you run the risk of buying clothes that are too small. To prevent that, you should know that Korea has its size system. These variations are significant to consider when shopping at K-fashion stores. 


How is the size of Korean clothes?


Korean sizes tend to be smaller compared to US sizes. Sizes often vary by country, but the most common sizes in Korea are usually the smallest. Korean clothing has a simple numbering system. In Korea, a size 55 is the equivalent of a small US size. If a garment is a free size or one size fits all, please do not buy it. The garment will be a size 4 in the US.


Why is the Korean clothing size different from ours?


We know that in Korea, they have a different body constitution than in the West. Generally speaking, Koreans tend to be narrower, slimmer, and some are even shorter. Because of that, the clothing size is very different from ours. However, the reality is that sizes are completely different from country to country, not just in Korea. The sizes can vary according to the brand and even according to the body of the person. Despite that, it is still possible to have a general guide. 


What are the Korean clothing sizes?


To find out what the Korean clothing sizes are and how to make them fit for you, review these tables and locate your size and its corresponding Korean size. That way, you can buy in Korean stores without any problem. Let’s see what they are!




The standard clothing size for Korean women is size 55. This size is the most produced by Korean clothing brands, and it is also the most desired among South Korean women. Korean fashion brands do not manufacture sizes larger than 66 except for plus-size clothing brands.


Female Size


Korean-Fashion-Trends- Clothing Sizes - Women Top


Korean-Fashion-Trends- Clothing Sizes - Women Bottom


Male Size


Korean Fashion Trends - Clothing Sizes - Men Top


Korean Fashion Trends - Clothing Sizes - Mens Bottom




Footwear shouldn’t be a big problem, as it is customary to try them on before buying. However, when you are shopping online, doing that is not a possibility. If you thought that shoe sizes do not vary, you are wrong. Yes, they do. However, do not worry. Here are the Korean sizes and the one corresponding to your western size:


If you visit South Korea and buy from Korean shoe brands and your shoe size is not available, no problem. You can have them made to measure! Generally, it shouldn’t increase the price, but that will depend on the store. Also, you will have to wait a bit to get them. The wait will be worth it, but remember that this does not apply to athletic shoes. Only the most elegant shoes are the ones that you can get made to measure.


Women Size


Korean-Fashion-Trends- Clothing Sizes - Women Shoes


Men Size


Korean Fashion Trends - Clothing Sizes - Men Shoes




Underwear is possibly the most difficult to decipher regarding the size. Girls who have prominent breasts will have to take care of the difference in sizes since it is hard to find bras in large sizes. Few stores have large numbers, and the store with these types of bras will sell them much more expensive because they will be from imported brands. Check the difference in sizes and make sure you know yours well.


Women Size


Korean-Fashion-Trends- Clothing Sizes - Women Underwear Bra


Korean-Fashion-Trends- Clothing Sizes - Women Underwear Panties


Men Size


Korean-Fashion-Trends - Clothing Sizes -Men-Underwear


Children’s clothing


Most children’s clothing includes weight and height. They have this data instead of age, as is the case in other parts of the world. It is because children tend to grow differently regardless of age. In this way, it is easier to adapt to the actual size of the child.  


One size


The famous one size is “free size”. It means that it is supposed to be one size fits all. In traditional markets, online stores, and places like Dongdaemun, where there are no established brands, you can find many products with this free size. However, that size is misleading because it is usually a small size.


If you buy in Korean stores online, you should know that most stores will have a graph of the measurements of the clothes. In this way, the user will know if the product fits them. Of course, the measurements may vary. Because of that, always keep in mind that they will be equivalent measures between one size and another, but not exact measurements.


Now that you know Korean clothing sizes and their western size equivalent, you can do your Korean fashion shopping online. Wearing Korean clothes has never been easier with size references. Enjoy your online shopping and perfect your look with this fascinating fashion. Remember to visit us every day, so you do not miss anything about K-fashion trends. See you soon!


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