Is Korean fashion expensive?

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Is Korean fashion expensive? Many people think that living in South Korea is very expensive. And because of that, all products of Korean origin are costly. Surely more than once, you have wondered if Korean fashion is expensive.


The truth is that this is a very subjective issue. Some clothing brands are more luxurious than others. Although some focus on a more affluent public audience, many others offer clothing and accessories at different prices. And often, it’s accessible to many.


Versatility is a keyword that really defines Korean clothing, and we can even see it in their prices. In addition to brands that have clothing available at different prices, many places in South Korea offer great bargains on clothes, bags, and accessories.


It is a fashion that doesn’t discriminate against anyone. So, if your pocket is a bit tight, but you dream of wearing Korean-style clothes, don’t worry, you can do it. In this entry, you will find some luxury clothing brands. But also some places you can visit in Seoul to buy clothes at lower prices.


How much does Korean fashion cost?


Natives and foreigners who have had the opportunity to travel and get to know South Korea have similar opinions when asked this question. Some agree that yes, it’s expensive, but that there are options for everyone. Others say that compared to foreign clothing brands, Korean fashion is cheaper. Also, many people say all you need to do is visit wallet-friendly shopping venues.


However, when we talk about fashion in general, we are already in the realm of luxury. In the end, fashion is an art, and art is not always cheap. But because Korean fashion doesn’t discriminate against anyone, there are possibilities for everyone.


In Korea, as in many other countries, it tends to be more difficult to buy clothes in department stores. Here is where prices skyrocket the most. But there are shopping alternatives that allow you not only to buy beautiful but also quality clothes. It is about knowing how to find what suits our finances. 


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Why are Korean clothes so expensive?


Many people wonder why clothing in South Korea is expensive, and the truth is that the answer is easy. In Korea, you can get clothes at affordable prices and others at much higher prices (as in any other country). But generally, the most expensive clothes in Korea are clothes from very famous high fashion brands or clothes from abroad. The latter, in particular, is so expensive because of taxes and shipping. Also, the clothes that they sell in department stores like Shinsegae and Lotte (or any brand-name clothing store) are the most expensive. On the other hand, if you look at more popular places, the prices are more affordable. The clothes that you can find in the underground malls are much cheaper. 


When wondering why Korean clothes are expensive, remember that Seoul has places where you can find expensive clothes and places where you get cheaper options. And fortunately, the economic side of Seoul is brilliant. It is a city with many markets, fashionable shopping streets, fashionable districts, flea markets, and underground shopping arcades that offer great deals on clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, and cosmetics.


6 luxurious Korean clothing brands


1. GOEN. J


Korean Fashion Trends - Is Korean fashion expensive - brands

The founder of this brand spent time studying in France. There, she obtained her bachelor’s degree in fashion design. She later returned to Korea, and in 2012, she founded GOEN. J. The designer Goen Jong is a specialist in lingerie design. 


For her designs, she creates patterns with delicate structures.  Her reputation has allowed her to reach beyond the Korean audience.


International celebrities like Michelle Pfeiffer and national artists like Han Ye-ri have worn her designs. It is a luxurious and expensive clothing brand.


2. LIE SANG BONG, Is Korean fashion expensive?


Korean Fashion Trends - Is Korean fashion expensive - brands

We can’t forget LIE SANG BONG when it comes to luxury brands in Korean clothing. This brand is highly recognized in Korea and abroad as well. If we want to imagine how famous this brand is, it is only necessary to say that it has dressed artists like Lady Gaga and Beyoncé.


The collections of this brand take inspiration from the artistic, cultural, and literary history of Korea.


It is also common to see cubist details in their designs. Many of the garments of this brand are subjected to technological processes, like digital printing. 


However, they also stay true to their roots with more traditional techniques such as embroidery. 


LG and LIE SANG BONG designed a limited edition Cyon Shine phone. It is a brand that even has a noticeable influence on Korean culture. It debuted at Paris Fashion Week in 2014. As you can see, there are many reasons why this Korean fashion brand is luxurious.




Eujung Jang founded this brand in 2013 and presented his first collection in Paris in the same year. The designer studied music and learned a little about architecture from the firm owned by her parents. Hence, she took inspiration to create colorful and structural designs on her handbags. The collections are metallic bags, primary colors, and pastel colors. Korean history and culture also inspire the famous designs of this brand.


4. CRES E. DIM, Is Korean fashion expensive?


This brand stands out thanks to its cuts and overlapping layers. In addition to clothing, it also designs high-heeled shoes. CRES E. DIM has been in the industry for several years. In 2009 this brand was founded, and since then, it has not stopped the production that amazes and delights everyone. It takes traditional pieces and adapts them to more modern pieces.




Korean Fashion Trends - Is Korean fashion expensive - brands

This brand stands out thanks to its elegant and sophisticated garments.


It has collections of clothing available for women and men. Designs range from jackets and shirts to jeans.


Its products are Haute fashion clothing pieces.


Despite the simplicity of many of their garments, the prices are considerably high. But all of his designs are of high quality.


6. WNDERKAMMER, Is Korean fashion expensive?


The pieces from this clothing brand are remarkable, timeless, and haute couture. Their designs are generally basic, simple, and minimalist. They are not extravagant, but they are quality pieces and quite well-planned. The designer, Hye Young Shin, takes inspiration from photographer Ryan McGinley, because she believes that his work reflects freedom. That is an element that she embodies in her luxurious designs.


Where can you buy cheap clothes in Korea?


After learning about the most luxurious brands in Korean fashion, you wanted to buy some of their clothes. Getting them is not impossible. But most likely you need a good amount of money to buy a shirt or pants. If that does not suit your possibilities, calm down.


There are alternatives that you can try and that will leave you very satisfied and happy. To illustrate, take a look at these 6 places in Korea where you can get clothes for between 5,000 won ($ 4.50) and 20,000 won ($ 17.50). They are popular sites that offer affordable prices and products that are worth buying. If we think that all Korean fashion is expensive, these places tell us the opposite.




Korean Fashion Trends - Is Korean fashion expensive - brands

This area is next to Hongsik University.


It is a territory full of young college students and fashionistas looking for offers and products that fit their pockets.


In the Hongdae area, you can find fascinating, high-quality, and fashionable clothes.


Although you can also buy many other things, such as traditional handicrafts, the clothes sold here attract a lot of the public.


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INSADONG, Is Korean fashion expensive?


It is a commercial area, so it is a fairly busy area. At Insadong, the possibilities are endless. There are stores available that sell everything. From clothes to crafts and food.

Everything that’s sold there is worth at least a look. It’s almost certain that you will be surprised by the things you can get there and the friendly prices.




Korean Fashion Trends - Is Korean fashion expensive - brands

This part of Seoul is ideal for people who want to buy clothes or beauty products.


As for makeup stores, many offer you free samples.


The prices are fair and friendly. The clothing that you can find there offers versatility for men and women.


There are national and international clothing stores. Many stores give away coupons to invite the public to visit Myeongdong more often.


ITAEWOON, Is Korean fashion expensive?


This district is a tourist attraction that serves as a meeting point for many foreigners. It is a commercial area full of bars, clubs, and shops of all kinds. There are even stores that design and make quality clothing tailored to the customer.


Itaewoon is a popular area full of surprises. If you watched the popular K-drama Itaewoon Class, you surely wanted to visit this area of ​​Seoul. And yes, this destination should be one of the main ones you should go to when traveling to Korea. Do your shopping in Itaewoon and enjoy its streets full of color and life.


EWHA shopping area


The Ewha shopping area is the one surrounding the EWHA Women’s University. It is a popular area full of shops. Here you can find thousands of storage options for cheaper clothing. Stores like Fashion Hong and Nana offer pretty clothes that you can wear to recreate the best outfits in Korean fashion. Besides clothing, it is also a popular area for selling shoes. In the Ewha area, you can find sassy and cute items that will help you renovate your closet.


DONGDAEMUN MARKET, Is Korean fashion expensive?


This place is the best for finding top-of-the-line clothing. There are all kinds of storesSome of them offer higher prices and others are surely within your budget. It’s a vast market not only because of all the stores available to the public but also because it is an area of ​​the textile industry. You can buy fabrics to make your looks, which is why it is so common for fashion wholesalers to visit the Dongdaemun market.


As you can see, Korean fashion is available to everyone. There is nothing that prevents you from buying something that fits this fashion. Although there are clothing brands with high prices, there are also brands and stores with affordable clothes. And you can have a great shopping experience without burning your budget.


When traveling to South Korea, you can buy clothes that surely fit your possibilities. Do not wonder if Korean fashion is expensive because the truth is that not all of it is. Also, Seoul is an excellent tourist destination.


Shopping there is an experience that everyone should have. Although you may have a budget that is surely big enough for you to buy in the city’s department stores, we recommend visiting the popular commercial areas. They are energetic and fun places where you can have a pleasant time. Also, you may even find a nice hidden treasure. If you wanna see more interesting Koran trends, remember to visit our blog. And do not miss the updates of a fashion style that is taking over the world.


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