Jennie’s New Show is Getting Backlash: What to Know About “The Idol?”

Korean Fashion Trends - Jennie’s new show the idol is getting backlash: what to know about “The Idol”?

Following Cannes, we finally gained insights into “The Idol,” a show co-created by Sam Levinson, renowned for the hit series “Euphoria.” Soon, the show unfolded before our eyes. But, post-airing reactions weren’t as positive as anticipated. Day by day, comments flooded in, quickly turning the matter viral. Jennie faced backlash for her performance of a […]

Who Are the Leading Actors in the Hong Sisters New K-Drama?

Korean Fashion Trends - Hong sisters’ new K-drama: who could be the leading actors?

Good news for fans of the Hong sisters stories! Hong sisters are known for K-dramas such as “My Girl,”  “You’re Beautiful,” “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho,” “The Greatest Love,” “Master’s Sun,” “Hotel Del Luna,” and many more. However, you will be excited to find out who the possible leading actors in this new K-Drama could […]

5 book-related K-Dramas you must watch if you like to read

korean fashion trends - 5 book-related K-Dramas you must watch if you like to read

5 book-related K-Dramas you must watch if you like to read. Do you like to read, and do you also like K-Dramas? If yes, then we recommend you to stay on Korean fashion trends. Why? Because today we will know the 5 Book-related K-Dramas you must watch if you like to read. These dramas are […]

Know these elegant outfits of female characters in K-Dramas

korean fashion trends - outfits of female characters from k-dramas - yoon hye jin hometown cha-cha-cha

One of the first references is idols when we want to look for inspiration to wear Korean fashion. However, idol looks are usually very casual and urban styles. Although that doesn’t mean that we can’t see them in more elegant styles, when it comes to sophisticated looks, one of the strongest inspirations you can find […]

8 K-Dramas premiering in April that you can’t miss


Like every month, in April, we will also be able to enjoy several premieres in K-Dramas. We know that you are most likely still trying to catch up with the ones released in the last few months. Or that you possibly have an endless list of K-Dramas. However, every drama fan knows that list will […]

Top 6 K-Dramas that show the reality of South Korea


All of us who love Korean culture are fans and lovers of K-Dramas. There are K-Dramas about love stories, but also about many other topics. Through K-Dramas, we can have an approach to Korean culture. However, many forget that it is just that, an approach. And that much of what we see there is fiction. […]

Top 10 saddest K-Dramas to cry


Top 10 saddest K-Dramas to cry. Sometimes, we feel on those blue days. So, we don’t have the best mood of all. That’s normal. Don’t blame yourself for it. We all have the right to feel sad sometimes. The important thing is to know how to drain that feeling. In that way, we can feel […]

Most romantic K-Dramas to watch on Valentine’s Day


Many couples have plans to enjoy Valentine’s Day. Whether it is a romantic date or a walk, these couples will spend the most romantic day of the year celebrating in the most classic style. A perfect idea is to stay home and watch the most romantic K-Dramas if you prefer a more homely plan. Even […]

5 K-Dramas you must watch if you are a Korean fashion lover.


Korean fashion lovers are always looking for new inspirations. If you love Korean fashion as much as we do, you know it is true. However, many think that we can only find that inspiration in idols. Although idols inspire us a lot with their outfits on and off stage, the truth is that there are […]

Know these 10 K-Dramas that are based on webtoons

korean fashion trends - k-dramas based on webtoons - itaewon class

South Korean productions never fail to impress us. They show us great stories and characters that end up enveloping us and causing many feelings and emotions throughout their episodes. But did you know that K-Dramas can be original or based on different webtoons? That is how it is! And each one offers such stunning stories […]