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Korean Fashion Trends - Big Buckle Belt Point: The Return of the Statement Belt in Korean Fashion!

As we all know, fashion is a dynamic realm, with trends constantly ebbing and flowing. One trend that has recently made a noteworthy comeback in Korean fashion is big buckle belts. We know that minimalism rules in Korean fashion. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t embark on new and avant-garde trends. This is why […]

Korean Fashion Trends - Silver Stardom: Silver Items Become the Protagonist of Korean Idol Outfits!

In 2023, silver outshone gold. While both colors catch the eye and enhance any look with an extra touch, silver became the favorite for a good reason. It marked a fresh trend following the prominence of brighter, more saturated colors. Consequently, in K-pop fashion, Korean idols have a strong hold and influence on the trends […]

Korean Fashion Trends - Jewelry Euphoria! 2023 Jewelry Trends Loved by Korean Idols

Fashion and trends encompass more than just the garments we select to define our style; they also encompass the accessories and jewelry we incorporate. That is to levate our outfits to a higher echelon. Hence, accessories hold equal significance to shirts, pants, jackets, or shoes within our ensembles. Accessories possess the ability to transform an […]

Korean Fashion Trends - 2024 Fashion Forecast: Bandanas comeback in Korean Fashion

Do you have bandanas stored in your closet? What would you think if we told you that it is time to take them out and take advantage of them? Because bandanas make a comeback in Korean Fashion! While we get closer and closer to the end of summer and the beginning of fall, fashion enthusiasts […]