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korean fashion trends - korean denim trends

Denim garments dominate the wardrobe and have been considered the number one base garment for several decades. And how could they not be? If they have managed to prevail over time, overcoming any season. In addition, they have influenced the most representative styles. That includes many Korean styles. In Korean fashion, denim garments are undoubtedly […]

korean fashion trends - Korean BL dramas

Are you a K-Drama lover but feel like you want to try something different? Then Korean BLs are for you! Although the popularity of these dramas has grown thanks to Thai BLs, Korea is not far behind in the captivating and beautiful stories that it brings to the public through BLs. However, you are probably […]

korean fashion trends - k-dramas based on webtoons - itaewon class

South Korean productions never fail to impress us. They show us great stories and characters that end up enveloping us and causing many feelings and emotions throughout their episodes. But did you know that K-Dramas can be original or based on different webtoons? That is how it is! And each one offers such stunning stories […]

Korean Fashion Trends - 90s trends - still a big thing for 2022 in Korea

Fashion trends tend to be cyclical so that from time to time, several patterns and silhouettes characteristic of an era reign. This 2022 is no exception. The 90s style is still a big thing, with its carefree style and that contemporary air that the stars of that time wore. That decade was a fashion statement […]