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Sunscreen is an important product in skincare, especially in Korean skincare. Since it is necessary for Koreans to keep their skin clear, soft, and smooth, they use sunscreen every day. And that is how everyone has to use sunscreen. It is necessary to use it every day, even regardless of whether we leave the house […]


Do you like K-Beauty, but have tanned skin and don’t know how to put on makeup in the best Korean style? It happens to many people with tanned skin. Many people think Korean makeup is not available for darker skin as they are used to seeing Korean idols and celebrities with skin as white as […]

korean fashion trends - discover all about jelly nails

Korean beauty trends are not limited to makeup or skincare. It also involves other aspects of beauty, such as nails. In Korea, there are many nail art trends to choose from. Korean nail styles are usually short, well-groomed nails and have neutral enamels. However, that is the most classic and elegant trend. There are other […]

korean fashion trends - Korean body masks

All K-Beauty fans and lovers know that Korean face masks are a hit. Also, wearing face masks is almost a practice that everyone wants to do after seeing some K-Drama where the characters wear them or after seeing their idols doing skincare. That’s how inspiring Korean celebrities can be. However, beyond being a trend, skincare […]