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Korean Fashion Trends - The basics of Korean makeup: products, tips, and tricks

As lovers of Korean fashion and beauty, we know that Korean makeup is one of the most natural and discreet. In addition, K-Beauty brings out the potential of each person. When you do your makeup in the Korean style, it doesn’t look like you’re wearing makeup, and you’ll still look perfect. This type of makeup […]

Korean Fashion Trends - Korean beauty tips: how to get Korean-style eyebrows?

Korean beauty tips: how to get Korean-style eyebrows? The way we do makeup in the West is very different from what they do in Asia. If you like Korean fashion and beauty, you will know that Koreans have a particular way of caring for and beautifying their skin. They give more importance to skincare than […]

Korean Fashion Trends - Korean makeup for men and how to achieve it

Before starting this post, we must clarify that it is not for men with fragile masculinity. So if you are not a boy with prejudices and taboos and like Korean fashion and beauty, this blog is for you. Did you know that Korean cosmetics also offer the best Korean makeup for men? That’s how it […]


Many people (when they think of Korean fashion) tend to associate it with fashion for women. However, they forget that men also have a lot of influence, especially K-Pop idols, who are one of the main male faces of K-Fashion. Thanks to their looks and styles, K-Pop idols not only inspire the male audience. Many […]