Black Friday

Black Friday is a day of the year long-awaited by many. Although there is still some waiting for the arrival of this day, everyone prepares very early for the sales of Black Friday 2021. Many people organize what they plan to buy and where they will buy it. However, it is normal if you still do not know where to start, since sometimes the options are so many that you lose yourself among them. Because of that, we bring you a guide that will help you get oriented in the sales of Black Friday 2021. Keep reading to learn about this long-awaited day!

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the day that the Christmas shopping season begins in various parts of the world, with excellent discounts and rebates on products, by department stores and stores. It is on the fourth Friday of November, the day after Thanksgiving. Black Friday has become very popular in recent years because of the attractiveness of discounts on the sale prices of products offered by commercial establishments. Among the products most sought after by consumers are electronic items, white goods, and household appliances. Other items that users buy are clothing and footwear, toys, and beauty supplies.

It is a crazy day since users or consumers have been queuing at the doors of stores and shopping centers since the previous day to be the first to get products on sale before their existence runs out. Despite not being classified as a holiday, the vast majority of offices and companies give their employees a day off. The earnings obtained on this day may exceed those generated during the Christmas season.

How did Black Friday originate?

The idea of ​​the name of this day arose around the year 1961 in Philadelphia (United States), by police officers in charge of regularizing traffic. A public newsletter emerged due to the chaos generated by the high and unusual traffic of people and vehicles on public roads the day after Thanksgiving, caused by sales offered by retailers.

The commercial sector applied this strategy of discounts and rebates to increase its sales because of the low-profit figures obtained after the celebration of Thanksgiving Day. This unique denomination of Black Friday continued to become popular in the following years. The term “black” refers to the statements of account or cash flow of stores and businesses, as the figures went from red to black thanks to the vertiginous increases in profits that day.

Recommendations to take advantage of Black Friday 2021 safely

While it is true that Black Friday 2021 is an excellent option to get good prices and unmissable discounts, we must not forget that we are in times of a Covid-19 pandemic. That can generate mobility and capacity restrictions in physical stores due to the crowds caused by the multitude. That is why we must follow the stipulated indications and apply all the relevant biosafety measures. Next, we mention some of them for your protection and security against the possibility of contagion:

  • If your city or town is allowed to open stores on this day, follow all the indications of commercial establishments: use of masks, application of alcohol and disinfectants, prudent social distancing.
  • If you have children, try to leave them at home with a family member or someone you trust.
  • Make a list of the items you expect to buy, as well as the stores and shops where you could buy them. You can previously inquire on the internet to make specific and non-impulsive purchases without unnecessarily exceeding your expenses. This way you will avoid being away from home longer than necessary to do your shopping.
  • If you have free access to circulate on public roads, try to eat food and drink before going out to avoid having to remove your mask when you are outside.
  • When you get home, wash your hands well, disinfect your clothes and other items.
  • If it is not possible to leave the house, do not worry! You can check online if stores have online purchases, as well as the online discounts they offer.

Black Friday 2021 Best Selling in Korean Fashion and Beauty

Olive Young Global

The deals on Olive Young Global for Black Friday 2021 have short bursts of deals lasting 2-3 days until Black Friday. Olive Young is offering a coupon until November 29. You can save 10% on orders over $119 with the code BLACKFRIDAY10, and just like that, there are many more spots available. You have to become a member of the site to use the coupons.


The Black Friday 2021 sale has started on Stylevana, with discounts based on the order amount. On this site, you can find discounts on Korean makeup and skincare products. Enjoy Black Friday 2021 sales by shopping for Korean beauty products.


YesStyle’s Black Friday sales will also be available! Apart from the usual sale prices, you can also receive a 15% discount with the coupon code 2021BLACKFRI. This Black Friday 2021 sale on Korean beauty runs until November 28.


For Black Friday 2021 sales, Kmall24 will offer free shipping on K packages (country restrictions may apply) and up to a 90% discount for various brands. Among them, we can find brands such as Cosrx, Missha, and Innisfree. Most of the discounts seem to be around 30% off. The sale will also run until November 30.


Testerkorea will have a couple of great deals during its Black Friday 2021 sale on K-beauty products. Among them, you can find a 40% discount on most Innisfree products, a 45% discount on Missha, and a 35% discount on Peripera. You can not miss out on these deals on Black Friday 2021 sales! It is the best opportunity to buy the best Korean beauty products.


Now that Cosrx ships worldwide, this store may be a good destination for some Korean product deals. During their Black Friday 2021 sale, they will offer up to a 70% discount on many products. Take advantage of Black Friday sales. Stock your closet and makeup with Korean products.


You can find some good Black Friday deals at K-beauty at this US-based Korean beauty salon. For Black Friday 2021, this store offers a 20% discount on the entire site using the coupon code BFCM2020. At Ohlolly, you can find the Korean skincare products of your choice.

Peach & Lily

Although most of the Peach & Lily collection is not available from their Black Friday deals, this store has an impressive 30% off site-wide. As we said, it only excludes the Peach & Lily collection and gift cards. The available offers will run until November 30, 2021.

With Black Friday sales, take the opportunity to renew your closet and your beauty products. In that way, you do not lack the style in this next Black Friday 2021. Remember to save enough money to get to that day with a sufficient budget, you will not be left with the desire to buy something! Enjoy the Black Friday sales by buying products of your favorite fashion.