Korean fashion designers in London

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Korean fashion is taking over the whole world. We know that since we see how the Korean wave gains more and more strength. K-fashion, like many other things related to South Korea, is an unusual style of fashion. Korean fashion is full of beautiful and innovative designs that everyone easily falls in love with. However, […]

Korean American fashion designers

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Korean designers are a significant part of the creative engine of not only Korean but also international fashion. However, in recent years, it’s not just about Korean designers anymore. Now some Korean American fashion designers are particularly integral to the industry. Some seep into the ranks of Haute fashion, and some are born out of […]

15 famous Korean fashion designers

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What would K-fashion be without fashion designers? Exactly, nothing! Designers are the most significant piece in fashion. Without them, those garments and accessories that so many of us like would not exist. In Korea, there are many designers with a remarkable trajectory in the world of fashion. Thanks to them, both celebrities and fashionistas get […]