Valentine’s Day

We know that there are still a few days left before the arrival of Valentine’s Day. However, here at Korean Fashion Trends, we believe it is better to prepare now so that the date doesn’t catch us off guard. You shouldn’t overlook these special days, although every day is an opportunity to give something to your partner. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to give. Maybe there are so many options that you feel overwhelmed. But don’t worry about that. Today, in addition to talking a little about how Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Korea, we will tell you a little about Valentine’s Day sales so that you can think about what to give your partner on February 14 from now on. Keep reading!

Does Korea celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Yes, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Korea. However, they don’t celebrate it in the same way as in the rest of the world. During Valentine’s Day, we see that in South Korea, there is a significant difference in what South Korean couples do compared to the rest of the others in the world. It is because, on February 14, women are the protagonists since they are the ones who give things to men, in general, cards and chocolates. Men on this date should only accept the gift from their girlfriend, although if they are not in a relationship, they can accept the gift from the girl they like. Something that can be seen a lot during this day is how boys receive various gifts anonymously from girls who have a crush on them. But there is also White Day, which is celebrated every March 14. On that day, men must give things to their girlfriends or wives. Or to the girl they like. This tradition began with the purpose that men can compensate the women who gave them something the previous month with another treat or other gift.

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What sells the most during Valentine’s Day?

Are you wondering what to give on Valentine’s Day according to Korea? Since we know you like Korean culture, maybe you can take advantage of some gift ideas you get in Korea during Valentine’s Day or White Day. In that way, you can make the most of the sales of Valentine’s Day 2024. In Korea, the most bought gifts on Valentine’s Day and White Day are white candies, chocolates, or marshmallows. However, more expensive gifts such as jewelry, designer bags, and clothing are also bought. In any case, we also present other gift options so that you have a large repertoire of ideas. So you will enjoy it to the fullest next February 14.

Candies, chocolates, and marshmallows

As in any other part of the world, sweets are also part of Valentine’s Day sales in South Korea. For this reason, on February 14, you can resort to the most traditional gifts like these. They are always a good idea. In addition, they can make your partner smile, especially if the person is a sweets lover. On February 14, you can find offers on sweets, chocolates, etc., anywhere. Take advantage of the opportunity and buy a box of your partner’s favorite chocolates and give them on the next Valentine’s Day.

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And although the most classic gifts such as sweets are not lacking in Korea, more expensive and elaborate gifts are also made. For example, giving away jewelry is a great idea to buy during Valentine’s Day sales. Some Korean fashion platforms like Kooding sell jewelry. The website probably has some sales for February 14. You could take the opportunity to buy your partner’s favorite accessories.

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But YesStyle doesn’t just offer accessories. They are the leaders in Korean fashion sales. Therefore, if this February 14 you want to give your partner something to renew their closet, a Korean fashion piece would be a good option. If the webshop offers discounts on Valentine’s Day, you should take advantage of them! However, YesStyle’s prices are generally affordable, so you can easily shop there any time of year. You can also take advantage of the date to give a couple of clothes. You already know how popular they are in Korea, so you too can give this trend a try.

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Designer handbags

February 14 is not only about love. It is also the day of friendship. Therefore, if you have a partner or a friend who enjoys having designer bags, you can take the opportunity to give them one. In addition, by giving away a valuable and fashionable accessory, you would also be giving away a very useful and quality accessory.

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An evening out

What more romantic option than a dinner with your partner? Any! For this reason, among Valentine’s gift options, you can choose this option that is as classic as it is beautiful. Take your partner to eat at their favorite restaurant and celebrate with them an evening where you can share a delicious dinner or lunch. Going out to eat is a plan that never goes out of style since it is one of the most relaxed and, at the same time, fun outings that a couple can do. If you take your partner out to eat, you can have a perfect talk while sharing a meal.

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Flowers are probably one of the most common gifts that men give to women. But we are already in the year 2024, now you can give flowers to whoever you want, even if it is a girl who gives flowers to her partner. For this reason, we include flowers among the gifts that you can give your partner. During Valentine’s Day sales, flowers and roses are some of the safest gifts. That does not mean that it is a boring gift. Thanks to the tradition, it is a gift quite reminiscent of the day of love and friendship.

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A gift card

But if you think that none of the above options is the best to give your partner on Valentine’s Day 2024, then you can resort to the safest option of all: give a gift card. And it is that this gift is as helpful as it is perfect. If you give a gift card, the other person can spend it buying whatever they want. With the gift card, you facilitate the gift because you will not wonder all the time if it will be to your liking. This gift is also perfect when you can’t decide what to buy your partner because you want to buy everything. Why not let that person decide? You can spend the gift card as you like best.

Valentine’s Day is a special day for all lovers and friends. Therefore, you should not miss the opportunity to remind your loved ones how much you love them. What better to do with a gift on February 14? You can be inspired by Korean customs to make your gift, or you can follow your heart and give what you think is best. Still, we hope our gift ideas are helpful to you. Tell us later what you gave your partner on Valentine’s Day! See you in an upcoming Korean Fashion Trends blog.

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