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Did you know that Korean sunglasses trends are unmissable? If you were not aware of that yet, do not worry. In this opportunity, you will find out not only some Korean trends in sunglasses. You will also discover the Korean actresses sunglasses. Korean idols and celebrities are a great source of inspiration for Korean fashion. But they also make use of that fashion. They constantly set trends not only in Korea but also in other parts of the world. Do you want to know the Korean actresses sunglasses? Read on and discover the best in these sunglasses!


What is the most popular Korean sunglasses brand in Korea?


One of the most popular sunglasses brands in Korea is the Gentle Monster brand. Although many other brands are also well recognized and in the same way, we can see many actresses wearing their models, the most common is to see television stars wearing Gentle Monster models.


So that you know them better, Gentle Monster is a South Korean optical glasses and sunglasses brand founded by Hankook Kim in Seoul in 2011. As of November 2020, the company has 50 directly operated stores throughout the world. World, including South Korea, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and the United States.


Korean actresses and their sunglasses


When we look at the style of Korean celebrities, we do it from their dramatic red carpet dresses to their basic yet elegant airport fashions. Although we look at their clothes, it’s hard not to notice their accessories as well. Accessories, especially sunglasses, are the fashion heroes that we often forget. Sunglasses do more than protect our eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays that cause the signs of aging. They also serve as accent pieces that can elevate any look in any situation.


With the recent craze for the latest Korean dramas like Crash Landing On You, we spotted some great-looking sunglasses on our favorite K-drama celebrities. They certainly inspire us to wear the most fashionable outfits and accessories of all.


K-drama fashion inspires fans


Dressing in dramas can not only make characters look better, but they also make the experience of watching a drama that much more enjoyable and exciting. Fashion can have a brilliant influence on how others perceive us, and even on our mood. And the outfits we see in dramas can be a prime example of this. The best way to represent ourselves is through our clothing, so the personal style that each one possesses when choosing outfits can be an extension of our personality.


It is no wonder that lovers of K-dramas are also impressed and interested in the outfits they wear in these productions. And of course, some will feel identified with some styles and will try to recreate them with the clothes in their wardrobe. The role that fashion has in K-dramas as a starting point for new trends to emerge. In this way, followers can get inspiration to add a different touch to their daily clothes. If you watch a K-drama and enjoy the looks of your favorite actresses, do not forget to detail their clothes. But also their accessories! Their lenses can inspire you to add this accessory to your repertoire.


6 Korean actresses who shone wearing sunglasses


It’s okay to not be okay – Seo YeJi

Korean Fashion Trends - Korean actresses sunglasses - actresses

As if her stunning outfits were not enough, Moon Young’s accessories are exquisite. Her jewelry, sunglasses, and handbags are worthy of being called statement pieces, yet they are delicate enough not to look over the top.


Moon Young frames her face with long, elegant earrings in timeless finishes such as gold, pearl, and diamond.


When she is not mesmerizing us with her signature slightly sparkly eye makeup, Moon Young dons an oversized pair of sunglasses in some edgy geometric shapes.


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Her Private Life – Park Min-Young


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean actresses sunglasses - actresses

We love Sung Deok-mi (Park Min-Young) and Ryan Gold (Kim Jae-Wook) as a couple, but something that also stands out about them is their styles.


And we can not resist her one-off outfits! In this drama, Park Min-Young stands up for the versatility of black sunnies. That instantly increases the cool factor of any outfit she wore. Inspired by it, you can do it too.


For that reason, Park Mi Young’s glasses style in this drama is part of Korean actresses sunglasses.


Crash Landing on You-  Son Ye-Jin  


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean actresses sunglasses - actresses

It’s time to admit it. We all fell head over heels in love with Yoon Se-ri’s (played by Son Ye-Jin) brilliant looks in Crash Landing on You. We also love her sophisticated OOTD! Especially when she tops them off with cool sunnies like an oversized black pair.


Cat-eye frames are associated with a sense of empowered femininity, which suits Seo Ji-Hye’s character, Seo Dan. On one occasion in the drama, she paired a romantic blouse with stylish cat-eye sunglasses.


Those lenses can protect her skin from the sun’s rays, but they also give her a captivating style.


Itaewon Class – Kim Da-Mi 


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean actresses sunglasses - actresses

Yo Yi-Seo (played by Kim Da-Mi) from Itaewon Class complements her adorable hairstyle and her beloved look with a pair of round sunglasses in a classic black colorway.


She did not do it very often, but in a couple of chapters, we can enjoy the sunglasses of this Korean actress.


To achieve a look like hers in Itaewon Class, in addition to wearing dynamic and striking clothes, do not forget your sunglasses.


The King: Eternal Monarch – Kim Go-Eun 


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean actresses sunglasses - actresses

This Netflix drama starring Lee Min Ho and Kim Go-Eun makes everyone fall in love with the compelling story, but the fashions they show in each episode make us love it even more!


Kim Go-Eun looks powerful in fabulous cat-eye sunglasses with a metal frame.


Without a doubt, she is one of those that stands out in the Korean actresses sunglasses.



 Touch Your Heart – Yoo InNa 


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean actresses sunglasses - actresses

Actress Yoo InNa once again proved that she is a beauty icon! This drama tells the romance between the best actress in Korea who, like in a K-drama, ends up in a law firm where she meets a perfectionist lawyer. Best of all is that Yoo InNa takes on the role of one of the main actresses with total naturalness and mastery. Her fashion caught the attention of viewers. Not only because of her outfits but also because of her accessories. Especially for those sunglasses that she wore with style.


If you watched this drama, you know that you could not help but be curious about her sunglasses. Because she caused such a sensation with her sunglasses, she became one of the most searched keywords on the internet. Other keywords like Yoo InNa Fashion, Yoo InNa Earrings, and Yoo InNa Touch Your Heart Fashion are also trending. It is all because Yoo InNa wears sunglasses quite often and wears them very well. The actress, like many on this list, wears different models of the GENTLE MONSTER brand.


The list of fashionista characters in dramas is extensive, but some characters became memorable for their styles. They own those looks that we all want to recreate at least once in our lives. Like them, these actresses are remembered for their outfits, but also their sunglasses. Take inspiration from the Korean actresses sunglasses to wear the best accessories. Enjoy Korean fashion by drawing inspiration from your favorite celebrities. And remember to visit this blog every day! Here you will find daily information about the latest trends in Korean fashion.


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