Korean Fashion Trends for Fall 2022

korean fashion trends - Korean Fashion Trends for Fall 2022

September brings with it the first changes in autumn weather. However, it also brings with it new trends in Korean fashion. For this reason, today in Korean Fashion Trends, we will talk about the Korean Fashion Trends Fall 2022. It is not necessary to completely give up summer outfits for this season. We know that this time of year has many temperature changes, so you will need to wear more layers of clothing than in summer. But less than in winter. In addition, autumn trends are sober and include pastel colors, as well as simple and casual looks with which you feel comfy and elegant at the same time. You can add your garments in neutral colors and pastels. However, you will need a few more cups of clothing. Of course, as temperatures drop, you can wear warmer clothing. Let’s know the Korean Fashion Trends for Fall 2022!


3 Korean fashion tips to dress well in autumn 2022


But before knowing the Korean Fashion Trends for Fall 2022, we recommend you consider the following three Korean fashion tips to dress well in fall 2022. They will be helpful when thinking about and choosing clothes and outfits.




korean fashion trends - patterns - korean womanAs you know, in autumn there can be times when it is sunny, but then it can be cold or windy.


Therefore, it is better you wear layered outfits to protect yourself from these temperature changes.


You can wear skirts, dresses, tights, scarves, and coats.


You can combine them to get the right look you need.






korean fashion trends - colors that can't be missing in autumnNeutral and sober colors like brown, black, and gray are the all-time favorites for this season.


Dare to combine these colors with other more vivid ones like orange, fuchsia, yellow and green in your autumn outfits.


You can also add pastel colors.


Those color palettes always have a significant space in all seasons of Korean fashion trends.





korean fashion trends - dress in layers - korean womanThe neutral and pastel color garments are also a hit in the Korean Fashion Trends for Fall 2022.


However, you can’t dismiss the prints.


Checks, stripes, and polka dots are the protagonists in prints this season.


Don’t be afraid of prints, and dare to try new colors and styles to create unique and versatile outfits.



5 garments in Korean fashion trends for fall 2022


When September arrives, there are still sunny days, but the cold is felt in some hours of the day. We must consider that autumn is the season before winter, so you need to choose the right materials to use on these days of the year. You can still keep some of the summer trends. But you must add more layers of clothing on the first days of September. That way, you will not be a victim of low temperatures. To achieve it successfully and without leaving your Korean style aside, you must know these Korean Fashion Trends for Fall 2022! Take note, and don’t let autumn catch you off guard. Here we go!




korean fashion trends - fleece coats for fallWe start this list of Korean Fashion Trends for Fall 2022 with fleece coats. Although winter in Korea is often too cold for wool coats, these warm garments are famous during spring and fall. You will usually find these coats in black and white.


However, shades of brown such as camel and beige, can sometimes be seen on the streets of Seoul. These coats work well with any cute outfit. They are fashionable and practical. And while they can work well with other styles, they complement beautiful, romantic, and classic clothing well.


In addition, they are a great combination of pants and jeans, both skinny and not. The looks you do with the fleece coats combine very well with thick shoes, such as chunky shoes or even combat boots. This coat with beige pants is an excellent option if you want a cute look. Why? Because it is an outfit that strikes a good balance between chic and comfy style.




korean fashion trends - maxi and midi dressesWe continue with this list of Korean Fashion Trends for Fall 2022 with maxi and midi dresses.


The vaporous dresses have a lot of style and freshness. Pair them with ankle boots for an elegant yet casual look. Choose them in neutral colors, which you can easily combine if you have to add a blazer or sweater to your fall look.


Midi dresses are also ideal garments to wear in autumn. They have the perfect length for a warm, fresh, and comfortable garment. Midi dresses are a trend that is here to stay and that you can combine with other warmer clothes for the coldest hours.


For example, with a fleece coat or a denim jacket.


  1. JEANS


korean fashion trends - jeans - korean personThe third garment that is part of the Korean Fashion Trends for Fall 2022 is jeans.


Jeans are perfect for casual looks for fall, as their streamlined silhouette allows you to layer multiple items on top for added warmth.


In Korean fashion, baggy, mom, boyfriend, and wide-leg jeans are the ones that stand out the most lately.


You must have at least two of those models to achieve perfect Korean autumn looks.




korean fashion trends - athleisure clothing for autumnAthleisure ranks fourth in these Korean Fashion Trends for Fall 2022.


In recent years, athleisure has been a significant space in fashion. This trend is not limited to Korea. Also, athleisure is loved because it’s comfortable and easy to wear.


A pair of sweatpants and a loose-fitting top create an outfit with unrivaled comfort. These items are very affordable and can be added to your wardrobe easily.


In Korea, these pants are often paired with a slightly oversized crop top. It allows for a loose-feeling outfit that works great in almost all casual situations.




korean fashion trends - denim jacket for fall autumnWe end this list of Korean Fashion Trends for Fall 2022 with the denim Jacket. Denim jackets in Korea are absolutely on trend.


You can find many outfits with denim jackets if you walk the streets of Seoul in spring or autumn. Their popularity is because they combine very well with many looks. During the warmer months, they make a great pairing with summer outfits, including tennis skirts and crop tops. But if you want something more on the “street” side, jean jackets also go well with black pants and longer skirts.


Light blue jean jackets go well with spring and summer outfits. During those months, outfits tend to be more colorful as we welcome new life into the world around us. On the other hand, darker denim jackets work better in the fall and winter seasons. You can wear them with so many clothes. They even look good with dresses.


The Korean Fashion Trends for Fall 2022 are those clothes you need to have this coming fall if you want to stand out with your K-Fashion outfits in the following season too. Do you already have these clothes? What are your favorites? Tell us in the comments! See you soon.


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Dress well in autumn



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