Korean fashion tips: how to organize your Korean-style wardrobe?

korean fashion trends - Korean fashion tips: how to organize your Korean-style wardrobe?

When we think of Korean fashion, we focus only on the garments, accessories, footwear, textures, colors, and patterns that characterize this fashion with increasing popularity. However, rarely do we think about the way we organize our closets. Organizing our wardrobe is as important as thinking about what clothes will occupy it. Just think, how many times has it happened to us that we are in a hurry and can’t find the garment we wanted and end up wearing something else? Many, maybe. For that reason, to prevent you from wasting time looking for your Korean fashion outfits, today we will talk about some Korean fashion tips: how to organize your Korean-style wardrobe? In this opportunity, you will learn some tips to be more organized with your clothes and accessories. You always have everything in sight, and do not waste more time when it comes to getting ready. Are you ready? Let’s go!


6 keys to organizing your Korean-style closet


Once we adopt a fashion or clothing style, we fill our closets with clothes and accessories of that style. We buy so many items that it is easy to feel disoriented when it comes to locating that dress, top, or pants that we want to wear on a specific day. If you have doubts regarding this topic, then today is your lucky day. Today at Korean Fashion Trends, we tell you how to organize your Korean-style wardrobe. Pay attention to these tips to get a nice and tidy closet. That way, your clothes will not suffer the consequences of being poorly stored.




korean fashion trends - PERIODICALLY CLEAN YOUR CLOSET - korean-style wardrobeHow to organize your Korean-style wardrobe? The first of the tips, and the most important, is to keep your spaces clean. Not because you buy the same hooks or many organizers for all kinds of things means that it will always look tidy.


After a time of use, taking out and putting in clothes or accessories in your closet and organizers, they become disorganized. It may be that one day when you are in a hurry, you only hang your clothes where you saw space even though it was not in the area of ​​the corresponding color, or you put a watch with the bracelets, or you left some earrings out of the earring holder.


Little by little, it starts to get messy. It is necessary to dedicate at least one day a month to reorganize everything and clean what may be dusty, such as the shoe cabinet. Keeping the spaces clean will help you talk better about your clothes.




korean fashion trends - clothes and accesories - closetBut cleaning out the closet is just the first step. In this second key to organizing your Korean-style wardrobe, you must consider what you want to get rid of and what you want to keep. And the truth is that we always have clothes in our closets that we never wear. Either because it is small or large, we no longer like it, it has some detail, or it is simply no longer a trend.


At this point, you need to be honest with yourself. Why? Because that blouse you think you’ll wear when you’re skinny or the jeans you’ll be wearing when you go on a diet, you’ll stop liking it when you reach your ideal weight and you’ll reward yourself with new clothes. So get rid of all those clothes that only take up the necessary space in your closet. And after having said goodbye to all the clothes you will never wear, it’s time to organize what does stay.


At this point, we recommend you start organizing and thinking about the seasons. That is, what you use in spring-summer and what you use more in autumn-winter.




korean fashion trends - organize clothes by color - closetAnother tip to organize your Korean-style wardrobe is to do it by color. Do you have romantic Korean-style clothes in white color? But do you also have minimalist, classic, or urban-style clothes in neutral or dark colors? Organize them all by color!


It is much easier to choose what to wear or find the garment you have in mind if you have everything organized by color. Think of a rainbow and follow the same sequence on your clothes.


If you don’t like this shape, you can also do it for style. That is a long-sleeved, short-sleeved, sleeveless, button-down, thick fabric, or thin fabric.


This way, you can first arrive at the area with the type of garment you want to wear and then choose the color.




korean fashion trends - hooks for closet - korean-style wardrobeThis may be advised that you consider unnecessary, but it is not. If you want to organize your Korean-style wardrobe, you need to invest in hooks that do not mistreat your clothes.


It is a very unpleasant feeling not being able to wear the garment you wanted because the hook’s shape was marked on the shoulders, and now you have to iron it.


In addition to having friendly hooks with your clothes, a good tip to make it look tidy is to have all the same hooks facing the same side.


You know, just like you see in clothing stores. Buying hooks that don’t affect your clothes will be the best. You won’t want to say goodbye to your Korean fashion clothes.




korean fashion trends - use organizers - korean-style wardrobeDo you want to organize your Korean-style wardrobe? You must use organizers! Also, your room and closet will look neater if you use organizers.


There are all kinds of organizers, boxes, dividers, bags, shelves, labels, etc. Be creative and use your imagination to make your closet a sanctuary so organized you won’t want to move from its place.


Today you can find many helpers when organizing and decorating your home. Among them are the boxes and drawers, which you can use to store the clothes of the season that has passed.


If it is now summer, you can store the autumn outfits in the boxes.




korean fashion trends - space for your shoes - korean-style wardrobeAnd finally, in this list of keys to organize your Korean-style wardrobe, we recommend you find a space for your shoes.


Why? Because clothes and accessories are not the only ones that deserve to be organized.


It is important to have your shoes in order, especially if you usually have them in sight.


It will give your entire room a more organized look. It can be a shoe rack or an organizer to hang behind a door.


That way, you can also locate them more easily.


Korean fashion tips: how to organize your Korean-style wardrobe? First, you must clean your closet, get rid of the clothes you don’t wear, and continue to organize your clothes by color and in drawers. Also, don’t forget to organize your shoes and have clothes hooks that do not spoil your clothes. How do you organize your closet? Tell us in the comments. See you soon!


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