Top 5 big yes for Spring 2022 regarding Korean fashion

korean fashion trends . top big yes for spring 2022

We can finally say goodbye to the warm outfits we used to wear for the cold with the arrival of spring. It’s not that we don’t like them, but we’re happy to greet a new season and the trends that come with it. As a lover of K-Fashion, you may be wondering what will be in this spring 2022. For that reason, today in Korean Fashion Trends, we will know the top 5 big yes for Spring 2022 regarding Korean fashion that you can release today. Just follow these looks for inspiration while still taking each piece to your turf by putting your stamp on it. Also, remember that Korean fashion always tries to innovate without neglecting the usual clothes and styles. So don’t worry, you’ll probably find yourself with well-known clothes in this top 5 big yes for Spring 2022 regarding Korean fashion. Are you ready? Let’s start!


5 elements that can’t be missing in your closet this spring 2022 according to Korean fashion


If you want to achieve a perfect style in line with the latest spring trends in K-Fashion, add these garments that are part of the top 5 big yes for Spring 2022 regarding Korean fashion. In this way, you can achieve a style worthy of attention and perfect for the arrival of the highest temperatures. Remember that you can also consider the color palette according to Korean fashion. There you will find 6 colors that should not be missing in your combinations, especially in spring and summer. Know the next 5 clothes you should wear in spring 2022!




There is no spring without a blazer, the quintessential mid-season jacket. Por leads this top 5 big yes for Spring 2022 regarding Korean fashion. This year, the blazer reinvents its codes. Why? Because it is worn in XL format and with very marked shoulders. They exist in a dress version and combined with suit pants or jeans, look excellent. However, one of the blazers that is a complete trend this spring is the short-sleeved blazer. Thanks to the fact that versatility is one of the qualities of this fabulous garment, short sleeves give a sensation of freshness and comfort that you need in the warmer seasons. You can also mix this blazer with jeans or shorts according to your preference. Add some sneakers and accessories like bucket hats to take this style to another level. Don’t miss the blazer in your closet if you want to wear the best Korean fashion in spring.




Have you experienced a spring where jeans are not part of the garments? Probably not. For that reason, baggy jeans are the second to make it to this top 5 big yes for Spring 2022 regarding Korean fashion. But why the baggy jeans? Although you can wear other jeans of your choice, such as mom or wide-leg jeans, and achieve a perfect outfit too, baggy jeans are the star of this spring thanks to their comfort and the feeling they bring to the style. These jeans add freshness and a certain dynamism to the look. They are the perfect ally because they also fit well with almost everything. You can wear baggy jeans with oversized tops or shirts. That will be a must in your style. Also, these jeans never really go out of the K-Fashion spotlight. If K- Fashion dominates your way of dressing, you can incorporate them into your closet. If you prefer, you can wear ripped jeans. But for a slightly less casual style, we recommend wearing the classic style baggy jeans. Sneakers or combat boots are perfect shoes when wearing baggy jeans.




Puff sleeve tops are the third garment of the big yes for Spring 2022 regarding Korean fashion. Tops, in general, are an excellent option that you cannot miss this season. They are clothes with a lot of styles and quite comfortable and fresh. You can use the top of your preference. Either will be a safe bet and a wise decision. However, if you decide to wear a top with puff sleeves, it will help you recreate a perfect spring outfit according to K-Fashion. These tops can be flowery, in the season colors, or neutral colors such as black, white, or nude. It all depends on your preferences. In addition to wearing these tops with jeans, you can opt for a high-cut skirt or shorts. Although the tops of this style are perfect for casual outfits, they also have a touch of elegance that could work in a sophisticated outfit. When you wear this top, be sure to add accessories like jewelry, especially a cute necklace or choker. Also, don’t forget to wear a nice bag and the shoes that best fit your style intentions.




Yes, it’s true. Oversize is a recurring trend in Korean fashion. Is that a hassle? Not at all! On the contrary, we are happy to know that Korean fashion has this style as one of its favorites. In addition to being comfortable garments, they provide an exquisite style to both casual and formal outfits. For that reason, oversize blouses with prints are part of the big yes for Spring 2022 regarding Korean fashion. These types of blouses are popular, especially in Korean street fashion. However, depending on how they are worn, they can fit nicely into almost any style. If you want a carefree but chic outfit, wear an oversize printed blouse or not with jeans or shorts. Wear this shirt with a jean skirt if you want a sophisticated yet casual look.




Dresses will always be a must during spring and also during summer! Because of that, we close this list of big yes for Spring 2022 regarding Korean fashion with the midi dresses. These dresses are a great bet! Whether they are plain, with floral prints, short or long sleeves, etc., many enjoy wearing them with sneakers, which creates a casual outfit. But if what you want is a slightly more sophisticated outfit, you can wear it with heels. Do you see how an accessory can change an entire look? Add a midi dress to your closet if you want to look perfect and radiant during spring.


Knowing the top 5 big yes for Spring 2022 regarding Korean fashion is the perfect help to know what garments we should not miss during this season. We all want to look stunning in all seasons of the year. For this reason and to keep up with the latest trends, make sure that these elements are never missing from your closet. Are you ready for spring? We hope so! See you in the next Korean Fashion Trends blog.

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