5 Korean-style outfits with jeans for a night out

Korean Fashion Trends - 5 Korean-style outfits with jeans for a night out

If jeans didn’t exist, could you imagine the work we would suffer when we want to be practical and dress well? Jeans are the piece that many wear when they’re in a hurry, either because they decided to meet up with their friends at the last minute. Or because they just don’t have the brainpower to put together a look in such a short amount of time. Also, jeans can be part of a perfect evening outfit. Unlike the party season, during which we always want to wear sparkly outfits, we can achieve a perfect night out look during the summer. How can we achieve it? With jeans! That’s how it is. That’s why today, in Korean Fashion Trends, we present 5 Korean-style outfits with jeans for a night out! These looks confirm that jeans can adapt to any situation. Keep reading!




During the summer months, when dresses become an integral part of many girls’ aesthetics. Many of them wear fewer jeans during the day. However, they know that jeans can be a perfect garment for a night out. In these 5 Korean-style outfits with jeans for a night out, you can find perfect combinations for a summer night out. They are feminine, fresh, and comfortable combinations. Don’t be afraid to use them because you will be the center of attention thanks to your unique and unusual style. Not everyone is used to seeing evening outfits with jeans. By making a difference, all eyes will be on you. Meet these five Korean-style outfits with jeans for a night out!




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing wide-leg jeans and a crop topThe first look of these Korean-style outfits with jeans for a night out is perhaps the easiest to achieve. Many times we think that these looks are uninteresting. Also, for that reason, many people don’t acquire the basics because they consider that if they don’t wear garments without charm.


However, the truth is far from that. It is significant to have basic and timeless pieces. That way, creating outfits and any other combination will be easier.


For example, with jeans, you can achieve a lot. Wear classic high-waisted wide-leg jeans with a sleeveless black crop top. Add some black heels with rhinestone details and use a clutch bag. Perfect with accessories like earrings, necklaces, and rings.




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing a tank top and ripped jeans - Korean-style outfits with jeansThe second option among these Korean-style outfits with jeans for a night out is black jeans. Black jeans are a perfect option to create elegant and relaxed looks. You can opt for a black and white color combination.


A simple tank top or t-shirt paired with skinny or flared jeans in black is a perfect solution for everyone. Take your sets from day to night with the help of some statement jewelry and heels.


Black jeans are constantly present, both on the track and in the streets. So you can confidently wear them for a night out. You can combine them with a white long-sleeved blouse and add a bag with silver details. Your heels could also be in the same aesthetic as the bag.




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing black clothesWe continue with this list of Korean-style outfits with jeans for a night out with white jeans. But if you want to create elegant outfits with white jeans, you should consider some rules to achieve your look.


First, it is best to choose a cut that you always wear. Make sure they fit perfectly and look fabulous on you. Next, select a dress shirt because you want to create a classy outfit. Find a shirt in lace, chiffon, silk, or similar. Pair white jeans with a shirt that’s more dressy than casual.


However, if you don’t want to wear such a shirt, you can choose a black top and wear a black blazer on top as well. You can accompany it with heels or sneakers for greater comfort. The accessories are up to you. But big, round earrings and a few bangles will do the trick.




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing a ripped jeans and a blouse - Korean-style outfits with jeansThe fourth look in the Korean-style outfits with jeans for a night out includes ripped jeans. As you already know, jeans of this type are very casual. If you want a more sophisticated style, it is best to wear classic jeans. However, this time we want to achieve a casual look for going out at night. Also, ripped jeans are the denim trend that is still going in Korean fashion. There’s no need to save your beloved ripped jeans for days when you’re just hanging out around the house or heading out to a bar.


It’s possible to make ripped jeans look perfect for a night out. Try pairing your favorite ripped jeans with a flowy blouse and heels. Or add a blazer and ankle boots to your ripped jeans look. A leather jacket and sneakers are a proper way to wear your ripped jeans. The possibilities are endless! You can even wear them combined with a black-and-white checkered top. Make sure the heels have the same pattern. Combine with accessories such as a neutral-colored bag, earrings, and necklace.




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing a tailored blazer - Korean-style outfits with jeansAnd in the last option in the Korean-style outfits with jeans for a night out, we include two possibilities: one for summer and one for winter. To wear an outfit with jeans on a summer night, which is informal and at the same time has a touch of glamor, you must lift your jeans with an elegant blouse, with layers, lace appliqués, and some subtle transparencies.


On the other hand, for winter, to put together an evening outfit with jeans, you can accompany them with a simple blouse and emphasize the coat and accessories, such as a leather jacket, tailored or embroidered blazer. Or, if it is in a closed environment where it will not be too cold, you can opt for a shirt or blouse with ruffles, printed or embroidered with long sleeves.


You can wear classic wide-leg jeans with a black blouse and a white oversize blazer. Accompany with heels and accessories, as always, if you want to elevate your looks.


Korean-style outfits with jeans for a night out are perfect for those girls who want to try something different. When we want to go out at night, we always think of outfits with shiny dresses. And although it is not a bad option, it is good to try new proposals sometimes. A perfect option if you want something different is to try outfits with jeans, and these Korean style combinations expand the possibilities. Recreate the outfit you like the most and have fun! Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments. See you in the next blog!

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