How to style a midi skirt according to Korean fashion?

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Today in our section on how to style a garment according to Korean fashion, we have midi skirts. These skirts are a must-have during fall and winter. However, it is also possible to wear it during spring and summer thanks to the fact that it is not very difficult to combine them into more summery looks. While the midi skirt may be the most elegant piece of clothing you can find in any woman’s wardrobe, you can combine it with casual outfits, and it will add a sophisticated touch. However, some still do not dare with them. Maybe it is because they believe it will not suit them because of their body type. Or because they are not very clear about how to combine it. So how to style a midi skirt according to Korean fashion? If you still don’t know how to mix it to get the most out of it, here, at Korean Fashion Trends, we tell you how to do it. Let’s get started!


5 ways to wear a midi skirt according to Korean fashion


How to style a midi skirt according to Korean fashion? Just like we said before, midi skirts are elegant by nature. But there are many ways to wear them to give them a new and casual character. The possibilities are endless. And the most important thing is that you see favor with the one you choose. Remember that in Korean fashion, a lot is about creativity. When you wear a midi skirt, creativity is one of the most important accessories. So when you wear a midi skirt, your creativity can come out to help you take that skirt to another level with your look. Let’s get to know these five ways to wear a midi skirt according to Korean fashion. 




We start this list of options to style a midi skirt according to Korean fashion with sweaters and ankle boots. It is one of the favorite combinations for the cold months. It looks great because it is warm but also very fashionable. You can mix an oversized sweater with a midi skirt fitted at the waist. If you wear a tighter sweater, you can wear skirts with more flight. The first look is ideal if you have a few curves. The second is perfect if you have wide hips and a thin waist. You can add accessories to these looks, such as berets or even a bucket hat. A crossbody bag would also work well with these combinations.




We all know that blazers are a big hit in Korean fashion. They are even present in the most casual looks. Therefore, it is possible to combine them with almost any garment and, for that reason, in this second option to style a midi skirt according to Korean fashion, we have a blazer. You can also use midi skirts with blazers. However, there is a problem: the risk of blurring the figure if you choose an oversize model. Therefore, the best is to wear a tailored blazer with a midi skirt and an integrated belt. This combination is a success that will come in handy whether you have few curves or many. You can accompany this look with ankle boots, heels, or even sneakers to make it more casual.


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This third option to style a midi skirt according to Korean fashion is perfect for lovers of monochromatic looks. In addition, if what you are looking for is to stylize your silhouette to the fullest, you have to resort to the total look. You can do it by repeating the same print on the top as on the skirt or with a solid color, which is almost the best option. Above all, if you bet on a total look in white or black. The outfits in neutral colors are one of the favorites of Korean fashion. Although you can also use this look with pastel colors or combine pastel colors with floral prints. You need to know how to combine the patterns with the colors. Add the accessories of your choice and elevate your style with a midi skirt is a total outfit.




We have tops or crop-tops and platform shoes to continue with the options to style a midi skirt according to Korean fashion. It is a perfect look for girls with curves and short ones. To achieve it correctly, the waist of the midi skirt has to be high, thus elongating the silhouette. The top is a key that is tucked inside to enhance this effect. Or if you prefer, you can also use a crop top. It will fit quite well. Add some platform shoes to spice up the look. They can be the shoes of your choice: converse, sneakers, chunky shoes, or combat boots. The truth is that thanks to the versatility of midi skirts, you can wear almost any type of footwear with them. The best thing is that you take advantage of the look and elevate it by adding accessories. Jewelry, hats, belts, and other details are significant to enrich the looks. To this look, you can also add a trench coat or the coat that you prefer, and you will see how you take it to the next level.




Did you know that cardigans are another safe bet in Korean fashion? For that reason, you may need a cardigan to style a midi skirt according to Korean fashion. Why? Because cardigans, just like blazers, can go quite well with almost any look. However, by combining cardigans with a midi skirt, we can put a few years on ourselves, whatever our body is like. So that this doesn’t happen, wear cardigans with midi skirts with modern and sophisticated designs. Also, add accessories that show you are not a lady and have the Korean celebrity style. Since they are popular in Korea, there are cardigans of all kinds. Short, long, medium, oversizes, fabrics, etc. While they are all beautiful, you must pick the right one when pairing it with a midi skirt. Combining textures is a good idea, but it can lead to bad results if you don’t do it right. Anyway, you can also add a top and the sneakers of your choice to this look if you don’t want to wear heels or ankle boots.


How to style a midi skirt according to Korean fashion? You can take advantage of these skirts with blazers, cardigans, sweaters, and other clothes and accessories. The important thing is that you do not put aside your creativity. It will help you bring to life the looks with a midi skirt that maybe you have not known how to wear most fashionably. Luckily, Korean fashion always knows how to make the most of clothes, and they always take it to another level. It is not for nothing that the streets of Korea look like authentic catwalks. And you, how do you plan to wear your midi skirt? You can tell us in the comments. See you in the next entry!


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