YesStyle Halloween Picks: Outfits, Costumes, Makeup and More!

Korean Fashion Trends - YesStyle Halloween Picks: Outfits, Costumes, Makeup and More!

Are you ready for the spookiest season of the year? It’s time to start planning your perfect costume, makeup, and outfits. Whether you’re going for a frightful, funny, or fabulous look, or looking for a couples costume idea, the KFT team is here to help you get the perfect look to suit your personality! Today, at Korean Fashion Trends, we’ll take you through some of the hottest Halloween picks available on YesStyle! Take note of the following YesStyle Halloween Picks if you want to take your style and costume to the next level this year! Any opportunity is the right one to show your fashion sense. Get the best Halloween ensembles with us. Let’s begin!


What Should You Keep In Mind When Making Your Yesstyle Halloween Picks?


But first things first: what do you need to consider when making your YesStyle Halloween picks? It is a very valid question when it comes to not only buying your Halloween costume but also when buying online! To fully enjoy the YesStyle Halloween experience, there are a few things you need to consider:


  1. Korean Fashion Trends - YesStyle Halloween Picks - Gothic mini dressFirst, you must set a budget. Whether it’s a tight one or not, you should set a budget for your online shopping. As a result, you won’t just buy clothes and accessories for the sake of shopping, but for what you need or want.
  2. Next, you should carefully review the YesStyle catalog. Consider several options for what you want to buy, as there may be a garment or product that is more suitable.
  3. You must pay attention to discounts. YesStyle usually always has discounts available, especially seasonal discounts. You can take advantage of the sales not only to buy your Halloween costume but also to update your fall closet.
  4. Once you have taken your time shopping and are sure of what you will add to the bag, you can review everything you will buy once again to make sure that nothing is missing or that nothing is extra.
  5. Finally, complete the purchase and wait the required days for them to arrive at your door! If you still don’t know what costume to wear, click here to discover our Halloween costume proposals to celebrate the Halloween holidays in style this year!


Are You Looking For Costume Inspiration? Discover Unique Halloween Costume Ideas!


Korean Fashion Trends - YesStyle Halloween Picks - Skeleton headbandHalloween enthusiasts, get ready to unleash your creativity and have a blast! But, oh boy, the costume decision-making process can be a real challenge with the multitude of options available. Are you torn between DIY and store-bought costumes? Debating whether to go cute or embrace the spookiness? Well, there’s one golden rule – your costume should make you feel like you!


Fear not, because the KFT team has got you covered with a treasure trove of the best Halloween costume ideas to explore. From K-Drama character transformations to channeling your inner Korean pop star, we’ve curated an array of options to help you craft the magical Halloween costume of your dreams! Dive into our blogs by clicking here! And discover the inspiration you need to make this Halloween unforgettable! You don’t need to look for a Halloween store near you, YesStyle will make the costume purchasing process a lot easier! Stay tuned in Korean Fashion Trends to catch all the seasonal deals on YesStyle!


Should You Use Accessories in Your Halloween Ensembles?


Korean Fashion Trends - YesStyle Halloween Picks - Halloween headbandAs we said at the beginning, any opportunity is the right one to show off your fashion sense! The same dedication you put into your daily Korean-style looks should be applied to your Halloween costume looks.


Because you’re an expert fashionista thanks to Korean Fashion Trends, you already know that an outfit is not complete without accessories. Accessories are essential if you want to take your look to another level.


Included in Halloween costumes, accessories can be the perfect magical touch! So it is possible to wear a great costume, but without accessories, it may cease to make an impact. Below, we unveiled the YesStyle Halloween picks in accessories and costumes for Halloween 2023! Let’s dive in!


Sailor Moon Inspiration


Korean Fashion Trends - YesStyle Halloween Picks - sailor moon costumeDo you like anime? Then wear a Sailor Moon costume! This first option in our YesStyle Halloween picks is ideal for those who enjoy anime and treasure among their favorites one of the most classic, Sailor Moon! Shop here.


Infallible Classic: Police Costume!


Just like a little black dress or a white shirt, the classic police costume is a good choice for a Halloween costume! Therefore, consider it a favorite among the YesStyle Halloween Picks. Enjoy the YesStyle Halloween experience by purchasing this costume here!


Angelic Halloween


Korean Fashion Trends - YesStyle Halloween Picks - Halloween angelYour Halloween costume doesn’t have to be spooky to be perfect! If you like the cute options, check out this option in our YesStyle Halloween picks! Be a black or white angel this Halloween by clicking here!


Squid Game


This one is for the K-Drama lovers! Click here to see our costumes inspired by K-drama characters, where you will find the costume option inspired by Squid Game! If you liked this drama and want to dress up as one of the characters, don’t miss this YesStyle Halloween pick! Shop here!


Vampiric Harness


Korean Fashion Trends - YesStyle Halloween Picks - Vampiric harnesThe vampire costume is another classic that never goes out of style! With this YesStyle Halloween pick, you can achieve a unique and unusual vampire costume! Because it is a leather harness with bat wings. It is the perfect accessory to achieve a brand new vampire look! Shop here.


Elf’s Ears


You can’t pull off an elf costume without the ears! Do you understand why accessories are essential for any occasion now? We think so! Get your fantasy costume ready with the right ears! Shop here.


Cat Ears


Korean Fashion Trends - Cat earsAnother classic option among our YesStyle Halloween picks is the cat costume. To achieve this, you need the right cat ears. And you can get the cutest cat ears to complete your Halloween costume here!


Halloween Witch Hat


In our previous blog about how to make your own Halloween costume, we explained that you can make a great and budget-friendly Halloween costume by picking the right clothes from your closet. If you want to use that option, wear a total black look and add a black witch hat to have an improvised but perfect costume for Halloween! Shop here.


Magic Touch: The Wig


Korean Fashion Trends - Magic touch wigAn essential accessory in almost any costume is a wig!


You can demonstrate your commitment to your Halloween look no matter what costume you wear by pairing it with a wig. Take advantage of YesStyle Halloween with this YesStyle Halloween pick. Shop your wig here!


Take advantage of YesStyle discounts by clicking here! Remember that, in addition to costumes, you can buy clothing, accessories, and Korean fashion and beauty products. Don’t miss this gift opportunity and buy here now!


How Can You Put Together a Trendy Yet Affordable Halloween Costume?


So, it’s time to get your costume game on point. But how can you create a trendy and budget-friendly Halloween ensemble without breaking the bank? Korean Fashion Trends has got you covered with some practical tips to assemble a budget-friendly Halloween outfit that will have you looking spooktacular this year! So, let’s dive into the tips and tricks to put-together your dream Halloween costume!


Do a Deep Dive Into Your Closet First


Korean Fashion Trends - Evil costumeBefore you hit the stores, raid your own closet for potential costume elements. That old dress, a forgotten accessory, or even a statement piece can serve as the foundation of your dream Halloween costume.


Go Thrifting 


Thrift shops are great for finding unique costume items at a fraction of the cost. You can unearth vintage clothes and quirky accessories that can be the core of your Halloween look this year!


Sales and Discounts


Korean Fashion Trends - Devil costumeKeep an eye out for Halloween-themed sales and discounts! Many stores offer special promotions leading up to the big day. Achieve the Halloween spirit on a tight-budget! YesStyle has many costume options you can choose from! Make this Halloween affordable and save the big bucks for Christmas!


Accessories and Details


Sometimes, all it takes is a few well-chosen accessories to complete your costume. Statement jewelry, hats, wigs, or even colored contact lenses can add a unique touch to your easy Halloween look without emptying your wallet.


Can You Find Halloween Pieces That You Can Incorporate Into Your Everyday Wardrobe?


The answer is yes! Easily! Take into account the aforementioned tips and tricks to make this happen! Also, you can click here to get ideas from your favorite Korean idol’s looks that you can easily create with clothes that you already have!


Which Makeup Products Can Enhance Your Halloween Look?


Korean Fashion Trends - Colorful eyeshadowsHalloween is the perfect time to transform yourself into someone or something entirely different, and makeup plays a pivotal role in achieving that. So, whether you’re aiming for a terrifying zombie, a mystical creature, or a glamorous K-pop star, the right makeup products can take your costume to the next level.


Colorful Eyeshadows


Dramatic eyeshadows in bold colors can add depth and intensity to your eyes. Create smoky, otherworldly, or alluring looks with a well-chosen eyeshadow palette! Shop Korean makeup products to create a dazzling look by clicking here!




Korean Fashion Trends - EyelinerElevate your eye makeup by incorporating black eyeliner for creating spider legs, crafting intriguing creatures, or achieving captivating siren eyes! You’d be amazed at the endless possibilities that a single eyeliner can unlock. Trust us; there’s so much you can accomplish with this versatile product. Shop here for an eyeliner that will stay on all night long!


Lipstick and Lip Liner


Choose lipstick shades that complement your costume or character. Bold reds, dark purples, or metallic lip colors can add a touch of drama to your Halloween costume! Shop here.


Glitters and Sequins


Korean Fashion Trends - K-beauty glitterFor a touch of enchantment, consider using glitters and sequins to add sparkle and glamor to your Halloween look. These can be applied to your face or body for a shimmering effect. And you can also get creative and mix glitter with fake blood, or create a whole new character by adding glitter to fake wounds and scars! Who are you? No one ever heard of a glitter zombie, that’s for sure! Shop here.


Our YesStyle Halloween Picks are the perfect options to find your dream Halloween costume! If you want to wear the ideal costume or  want beauty products for your Halloween makeup, you can make the most of them and stand out this Halloween as a lover of the spooky season with these YesStyle picks! What will you be this Halloween? Tell us in the comments! And subscribe to the Korean Fashion Trends newsletter so you don’t miss our updates, especially if you want to continue enjoying our Halloween content! Also, follow us on Facebook, X, Instagram, Pinterest, Spotify, Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch! See you on our upcoming blog! October is not only the month of Halloween but also the month of autumn! Buy your Korean-style autumn outfits here! In addition to clothing and accessories, you will also get Korean beauty products. Take advantage of YesStyle discounts to stay on trend and shop here now!


Peak-a-boo! Spooky Season Style Is Here


Acrylic & Alloy Halloween Bracelet 1 Pc – Acrylic & Alloy Halloween Bracelet – One Size – $11.00


Halloween Pointed Faux Nail Tips JP844 – Halloween – One Size – $6.70


Halloween Drop Earring / Bat Layered Necklace – $4.50


Halloween Bat Hair Clip (various designs) – $4.70


Halloween Bat Wing Hair Clip – $5.10


Halloween Alloy Spider Ring – $4.00


Halloween Pendant Velvet Choker (various designs) – $9.20


Halloween Acrylic Headband / Hair Clip / Set (Various Designs) – $7.90


Halloween Heart Alloy Alloy Choker 5368 – Black – One Size – $4.40


Halloween Headpiece Alloy Hair Clip – $4.90


Halloween Party Cuff Earring / Headband / Hair Clip / Magic Wand (various designs) – $4.40


Halloween Necklace / Headband / Hair Clip (various designs) – $4.00


Halloween Ghost Asymmetrical Sterling Silver Earring 1 Pair – Silver – One Size – $4.60


Halloween Ghost Asymmetrical Lettering Earring – $4.10


Halloween Cat Eye Open Ring Silver – One Size – $3.92


Halloween Hair Clip – $4.30


Halloween Bat Wings Hair Clip / Headband – $5.70


Halloween Skeleton Palm Hair Clip (various designs) – $6.00


Halloween Ghost Cartoon Earring – $4.60


Halloween Spider / Bat / Witch Hat Choker – $7.40


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