Winter Korean Fashion With Red Velvet’s Irene!

Korean Fashion Trends - Winter Korean Fashion With Red Velvet's Irene!

As the winter chill sets in, we all seek inspiration to stay warm while rocking an impeccable style. So, who better to look up to than Red Velvet’s charismatic leader, Irene? With her simple fashion sense, Irene consistently wow with her winter fashion choices. So today, at Korean Fashion Trends, we will explore Korean Winter Fashion With Red Velvet’s Irene!


How Cold Is Korea In Winter?


Korean Fashion Trends - Winter Fashion With Red Velvet’s IreneLet’s first talk about winter in South Korea before diving into Korean Winter Fashion inspired by Red Velvet’s Irene. Just like the heat in the warm months, the cold in Korea is also harsh. Typically, the coldest month in South Korea is January.


During that month, the temperature is around -2.4 °C, and occasionally falls below -15 °C. However, you should wear warm and comfortable clothes to protect yourself from the cold during December and January.


Of course, that doesn’t mean saying goodbye to your style. You can dress chic even in winter! An example of this is K-pop idols. Therefore, Irene from Red Velvet is our winter fashion inspiration this time!


How Do Koreans Dress in Winter?


Korean Fashion Trends - Winter Fashion With Red Velvet’s IreneDue to low temperatures, Korean Winter Fashion usually consists of coats, jackets, and sweaters. In addition to being necessary, these clothes also complement other warm clothes.


For example, knitted coats, wool coats, turtlenecks, and long sleeves. Koreans usually dress in layers, especially during the winter months. Because it keeps them warm and chic to wear several pieces of clothing in an orderly and harmonious way! So they can protect themselves from the cold without compromising style. For example, you can wear a maxi dress with a cardigan and a top coat. And you can also combine jeans with a long-sleeved shirt, a knit vest, and a maxi coat.


What Is the Most Popular Winter Coat in Korea?


Korean Fashion Trends - Winter Fashion With Red Velvet’s IreneThis year, in Korean Winter Fashion trends, coats are the ultimate protagonists. For example, maxi coats take the center stage. However, the most popular winter coats in Korea are the padded coat and the puffer jacket. Why are they the most popular? Because they are the most functional. In addition, you can pair them with any style. They are the warmest options if you are looking for a coat for the winter. Shop your Korean-style padded coats here!


The Christmas holidays are coming! Enjoy them by taking your Korean style to another level by wearing the best of Korean Winter Fashion With Red Velvet’s Irene. You just have to click here to access YesStyle’s crazy prices on Korean fashion and beauty products. Take advantage of the discounts here now!


What Are Red Velvet Irene’s Winter Fashion Color Choices?


Korean Fashion Trends - Winter Fashion With Red Velvet’s IreneIf you are wondering what colors are Irene’s favorite this season, we will explore the roots of Irene’s choices! Irene often leans on classic neutral colors like black, white, and gray during the winter months. These timeless shades provide a versatile canvas for her outfits. Whether it’s a black coat, a white sweater, or a gray turtleneck, neutral tones form the foundation of her wardrobe. And as a member of Red Velvet, Irene knows the power of red. So she’s not afraid to add a bold pop of this vibrant color to her winter ensembles.


A red statement bag, a crimson scarf, or even a pair of red boots can instantly transform a winter outfit by adding a touch of energy and warmth. Also, she brings a touch of femininity to her winter wardrobe with soft pastel colors. Baby pink, lavender, and soft mint can be seen in her sweater and cardigan choices. And these shades offer a refreshing contrast to the usual dark and muted colors of winter, creating a whimsical effect.


What Are Red Velvet Irene’s Winter Wardrobe Essentials?


Enjoy Irene’s Korean Winter Fashion With Red Velvet by adding the essential clothes and accessories inspired by Irene to your winter wardrobe! Next, we will unveil what you need to dress in-style even when the temperatures are low. So, let’s take a look:


Wool Long Coats


Korean Fashion Trends - K-idol wearing wool long coatIrene is renowned for her stunning woolen coat collection. This winter, invest in a high-quality woolen coat in a classic color like black, camel, or deep navy. Irene’s choices often feature clean lines and a tailored fit, which is also very in-trend this year. Shop here!




To stay cozy and stylish like Irene this winter, layering is essential. So, start with a comfortable base layer, such as a fine-knit turtleneck or a lightweight sweater. Add a chunky cardigan or a stylish blazer, and finish the look with a statement wool coat. Just shop here!


Fuzzy Scarves 


Korean Fashion Trends - K-idol wearing fuzzy scarfIrene is well aware that accessories can make or break a winter outfit. That is why a beautifully woven scarf is her go-to accessory during the cold season. Furthermore, scarves not only keep her warm but also add a touch of elegance to her overall look. What are you waiting for? Shop here now!




Irene loves her boots, and they are a staple in her winter wardrobe. Whether it’s knee-high leather boots, ankle booties, or combat boots, she knows how to pick the right pair to complete her outfit. So, look for a good quality boot that you can pair with anything. Shop here!




Korean Fashion Trends - K-idol wearing denim jeansIrene knows denim is versatile and timeless no matter the season.


Moreover, she knows how to infuse the casual cool factor into her outfits with denim jeans or jackets.


A pair of well-fitted jeans can be effortlessly paired with a cozy sweater or a chic long coat. Irene often opts for denim in a deep indigo or black for a sleek and polished look, and she’s not afraid to mix denim with her more formal winter pieces. Show here now!




Korean Fashion Trends - K-idol wearing overallWinter fashion doesn’t always have to be about tailored coats and formal wear. Irene also knows how to introduce a playful and youthful element into her winter looks with overalls. She’s been spotted rocking denim overalls and corduroy overalls during the Fall/Winter season. Simply shop here!


Simple Jewelry


Minimalist jewelry has ascended to the forefront of Korean fashion trends, and Irene skillfully incorporates it into her style. She enhances her relaxed yet stylish ensembles with understated accessories, including sleek necklaces, simple rings, and elegant earrings. Shop here!


Korean Winter Clothes For Sale


Korean Fashion Trends - K-idol wearing jacket and jeansYou must have the necessary clothing and accessories to follow the Korean Winter Fashion trends and achieve winter looks inspired by Red Velvet’s Irene! Of course, after knowing the must-haves to recreate Irene’s style during winter, you need to know where to buy them.


As always, the Korean Fashion Trends team has the solution for you! And, of course, we have mentioned the enticing YesStyle offers.


And by clicking here, you can access the best sales in Korean Winter Fashion clothes! Check the YesStyle catalog carefully! Because you can get everything you need and more to dress in style this winter!


3 Korean Winter Outfit Ideas Inspired by Red Velvet’s Irene


Last but not least in our guide to Korean Winter Fashion and Korean winter outfit ideas inspired by Red Velvet’s Irene without offering three ideal outfits for the season! These options are comfortable, feminine, and very stylish. Are you ready to be the center of attention this winter with the help of Irene from Red Velvet? If so, then recreate one of the following look options!


Elegant And Chic


Korean Fashion Trends - K-idol wearing black turtleneckThe first option in the Korean Winter Outfit Ideas is elegant and chic. If you seek to take inspiration from one of the most beautiful idols in the industry, Red Velvet’s Irene, an outfit like this should be one of your main options. Combine black wide-boot pants with a white woven turtleneck shirt. Pair with black heeled booties and a black maxi coat. Shop here!


Female Cottage


Let’s continue with the Korean Winter Outfit Ideas inspired by Red Velvet’s Irene. On this occasion, achieve a feminine cottage look by pairing a maxi dress with a floral print on top of a white long-sleeved shirt with a turtleneck. Add a beige maxi coat on top. And finish off with warm tights and white sneakers. Shop here!


Sporty And Comfortable


Korean Fashion Trends - K-idol wearing sweatpantsIf you are looking for a more sporty and comfortable option, this combination in our guide to Korean Winter Outfits inspired by Red Velvet’s Irene is for you! Combine wide gray sports pants. Pair with a black long-sleeved shirt and a knit vest in the same tone as the pants. On top, add a gray maxi coat. And finish the look with black tennis shoes. Shop here now.


In order to stay warm during the winter without losing your fashion essence, you should dive into Korean Winter Fashion with Red Velvet’s Irene! This time, she is our ideal muse to achieve the chicest winter looks! Are you already subscribed to our newsletter? Don’t forget to do so to receive notifications of our daily updates! Also, remember that you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, X, Pinterest, YouTube, Spotify, TikTok, and Twitch if you want to be part of our community! See you soon!


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