The Hate Wagon: Why Jennie Faced Backlash After Her Injury?

Korean Fashion Trends - Why Jennie Faced Backlash After Her Injury?

We all know that Jennie is the member that gets most of the hate in BlackPink.  Unfortunately, Jennie from BlackPink has been facing a barrage of hate on her social media platforms. From dating rumors with Taehyung to the release of The Idol, she has been the target of criticism. Additionally, she had to leave the stage abruptly in one of BlackPink’s concerts. And all these events led to Jennie receiving a lot of hate. So, why Jennie faced backlash after her injury? Do you want to know what happened? Scroll down and keep reading!


Why Jennie Faced Backlash After Her Injury?


Korean Fashion Trends - Why Jennie Faced Backlash After Her Injury? - JennieWhy Jennie Faced Backlash After Her Injury? Unfortunately, fame isn’t always rosy, and the members of BlackPink know that too well. They are famous and well-loved and admired for their artistic talents and personalities. However, they have many haters for the same reasons. Jennie has been in the eye of the hurricane repeatedly in recent times for various reasons. For example, the dating rumors between her and Taehyung from BTS. Also, her controversial participation in The Idol. And, when she left one of the world tour concerts due to health problems. The reality can be harsh at times.


However, the string of controversies surrounding Jennie doesn’t end there. On a different occasion during one of the world tour concerts in Hong Kong, Jennie appeared on stage wearing shorts.


Unfortunately, when she knelt down, the attire revealed a sensitive area around her hips. The situation escalated as Jennie incorporated sexy movements into her performance, and the entire act was projected onto the big screen. K-pop fans heavily criticized her because she was crossing the line of appropriateness, especially because most of her fans are Asian.


Why Do Chinese BLINKS Hate Jennie?


Korean Fashion Trends - Why Jennie Faced Backlash After Her Injury? - JennieWhy Jennie Faced Backlash After Her Injury? But, that wasn’t the first time Jennie has been criticized. During another performance, the BLACKPINK member started twerking on stage in a sexy outfit that didn’t fit her well-known innocent look.


In addition, Chinese fans expressed their discontent, asserting that Jennie displayed a negative attitude during her concert appearance.


Contrary to a positive demeanor, they perceived her attitude as “poor.” According to Chinese netizens, Jennie was not there for them 100%, as she usually is on the stage of other concerts.


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What Happened on the Melbourne Stage of BlackPink’s World Tour ‘’Born Pink?’’


Korean Fashion Trends - Why Jennie Faced Backlash After Her Injury? - Jennie and blackpinkWhy Jennie Faced Backlash After Her Injury? As we said, one of the reasons that BlackPink’s Jennie has received so much hate lately was her interrupted performance in Melbourne, Australia during a Born Pink world tour concert. But, what exactly happened? The group had a concert at the Rod Laver Arena, in Melbourne, Australia. Thousands of fans who attended became concerned after Jennie unexpectedly left the stage while singing “Lovesick Girls” due to health problems.


The Ambassador of Chanel could not continue with the show, so the concert continued with Lisa, Rosé, and Jisoo. YG Entertainment informed fans about Jennie’s health status right after her abrupt exit from the concert. It is worth mentioning that the BLACKPINK member could not be at the soundcheck either. Rosé told the BLINK’s that her friend wasn’t feeling quite right and she was saving energy for the performance.


YG Entertainment’s Statement on Jennie’s Condition


Korean Fashion Trends - korean idolBlackPink has been going around the world, jumping from stage to stage since last year for their Born Pink world tour. The Born Pink world tour started on October 15, 2022 and will be ending soon on August 26, 2023.


Despite their packed schedule involving concerts, solo endeavors, and numerous other commitments, the members of BlackPink, including Jennie, have been working tirelessly.


Amidst this busyness, Jennie’s involvement in her new TV show “The Idol,” which garnered substantial backlash, added to her load. Consequently, her jam-packed agenda contributed to a decline in her health. And on the day of their Melbourne concert, she seemed especially out of it.


Fans could tell she was tired and needed a rest, on top of that, she jumped on the stage with an IV drip on her arm, but she couldn’t finish the performance and left the stage in a hurry in the middle of the performance. While fans supported her decision of leaving the stage, netizens lashed out at Jennie, calling her lazy. Reports after the concert stated that Jennie was seen dining at Haidilao after the Melbourne concert, which only added to the fury of the netizens. Following the incident, YG ENTERTAINMENT issued a dedicated statement detailing the events.


YG’s Statement:


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean idol“We would like to extend our sincerest apologies to all the fans who have shown their support for BLACKPINK and those who attended the event.


We kindly ask for your understanding in this situation,” the statement read.


“Jennie expressed her strong determination to carry on with the performance until the end. However, following medical advice on site, we immediately took measures to ensure she receives ample rest and stability.


Jennie has conveyed her regrets for not being able to stay with the fans until the end, and assures that she will recover as soon as possible.”


Jennie Addressed Concert Absence on Instagram:


“Dear Melbourne Blinks. I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to finish the show on Sunday,” she wrote. “I’m doing my best to recover atm. Your understanding and support [mean] the world to me. Thank you to everyone who came to our Melbourne show. Love you, guys.”


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean idolWhy Jennie faced backlash after her injury? When our favorite idols get sick or hurt, they expect understanding from their fans.


However, stars are exposed to all kinds of treatment in the entertainment world. And unfortunately, Jennie from BlackPink has been getting a lot of hate through her social media.


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