Rising Star Alert: Why Everyone’s Talking About BOYNEXTDOOR?

Korean Fashion Trends - Why Everyone's Talking About BOYNEXTDOOR

In the vast landscape of the Korean music industry, new stars are constantly emerging, capturing the hearts of diligent Korean music listeners. One such rising star who has been creating waves and generating a buzz is BOYNEXTDOOR. With an enigmatic blend of talent, charisma, and a unique musical approach, BOYNEXTDOOR is swiftly creating a solid place for themselves in the music industry. Do you also have the boys from BOYNEXTDOOR under your radar? If you want to know more about them, join us in this blog that we dedicate to one of the most promising emerging K-Pop groups! Are you ready? Let’s get started!




Korean Fashion Trends - Why Everyone's Talking About BOYNEXTDOORBOYNEXTDOOR is the fresh new sound of Korean music. Since their debut on May 30, 2023, the members of BOYNEXTDOOR managed to steal the hearts of many with their individual charm, talent, and fresh looks. BOYNEXTDOOR debuted under HYBE Entertainment, with a lineup of 6 members. The members Sungho, Riwoo, Jaehyun, Taesan, Leehan, and Woonhak showcased their ability and great talents with their debut single ‘’WHO!’’ And a trio of compelling title tracks called “One and Only”,”But I Like You”, and “Serenade”, which served as a captivating introduction to their artistry.


It is also reported that BOYNEXTDOOR is gearing up to make their first ever comeback in September. So, there is really no time for us K-lovers to get to know them a little bit more before their anticipated comeback.


Their dedication and hard work are evident, and the attention they’re receiving is well-deserved. It is utterly obvious that these boys are doing something right as everyone is rightfully talking about them!


What Makes BOYNEXTDOOR Different?


Korean Fashion Trends - Why Everyone's Talking About BOYNEXTDOOREven in their rookie status, BOYNEXTDOOR has managed to shine brightly in a crowded musical landscape. What sets them apart is not just their collective talent, but the remarkable individuality and authenticity each member brings to the table. As we look ahead, the trajectory of BOYNEXTDOOR’s musical journey remains a mystery, leaving us intrigued about the directions they will explore. However, one thing remains crystal clear: their music exudes a refreshing positivity, complemented by a fusion of exquisite style that resonates deeply with listeners. It’s this unique combination that cements their place as a rising force to be reckoned with in the Korean music industry. In addition, the boys’ style is striking, so it is captivating for any fashion lover. Especially for those who are passionate about urban, youthful, and grunge trends.


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BOYNEXTDOOR Unveils Impeccable Fashion Taste


As Korean Fashion Trends, we couldn’t skip the opportunity to mention BOYNEXTDOOR’s impeccable taste of fashion. As we prepare to explore their fashion choices in greater detail in our upcoming blogs, let’s begin by examining the key elements that define their distinctive look. This preliminary glimpse will pave the way for a deeper understanding of their fashion journey! Keep reading and discover the key style elements of BOYNEXTDOOR‘s fashion!


Fresh and Youthful


Korean Fashion Trends - Why Everyone's Talking About BOYNEXTDOOR - JeansBOYNEXTDOOR not only has a fresh and youthful sound, but their fashion sense reflects this greatly with their chic ensembles that leans toward a blend of hip-hop and indie. The group adeptly combines patchwork, ripped, and graphic print jeans with vibrant sweaters featuring a range of prints. Shop here!


Sound and Style: The Perfect Match


BOYNEXTDOOR members know how to have fun with their looks without compromising on style. Flannels, graphic shirts, tweed pieces, and oversized zip-ups further underscore their fashion prowess. Further showcasing a harmonious match between their music and style. Thanks to that, we can see a strong relationship between their music and their style. Which tells us a lot about the boys as it shows their artistic skills also reach the fashion world! Shop here.


Say YES to Accessories!


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing capAs a fashion enthusiast, you should know that accessories can’t be missing from your closet. BOYNEXTDOOR members show that a look becomes complete when you dare to experiment with accessories.


Also, it’s evident that BOYNEXTDOOR members pay meticulous attention to detail, as seen in their accessorizing game.


Caps, shoulder bags, and thick chains add a touch of flair, while bold rings, earrings, watches, and belts contribute to the ensemble’s overall charm. The ensembles are skillfully rounded off with colorful sneakers, further accentuating the group’s cohesive and tasteful fashion narrative. And the result is a fashion statement! Shop here.


3 Looks Inspired by the Members of BOYNEXTDOOR!


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean Woman wearing sweaterTake everything learned so far, and don’t forget it! Knowing more about the boys of BOYNEXTDOOR will help you achieve their fashion style more easily. And now that you know the key pieces of their outfits, you can acquire what you need to recreate it! Meet the three looks inspired by BOYNEXTDOOR!


Cool and Comfortable


Take inspiration from Riwoo for this look! One way to recreate a BOYNEXTDOOR-inspired look is to pair wide-leg jeans with an oversized white knit sweater. The trick to this look is to add some statement shoes. And make them the focal point of the outfit. For that, you can pair this look with platform tennis shoes. Shop here!


Youthful With Preppy Vibes


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean man wearing vestThis time, we take Woonhak as inspiration! BOYNEXTDOOR’s style can be so versatile that among their looks, you can even find looks with a preppy flair. Combine dark jeans with an oversized white shirt and add a white cardigan or knitted vest. Add some black shoes, such as loafers or platform tennis shoes. Shop here!


Urban and Casual


Finally, if you like streetwear and clothing that looks casual but very stylish, Jaehyun should be your inspiration! You can combine a pair of jeans that have different shades of blue (or that are made from pieces of different jeans) with a hockey, hip-hop, or oversized shirt. Add some Converse and the accessories of your choice. A shiny chain would be the perfect complement. Shop here!


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing sporty shirtWhy Everyone is Talking About BOYNEXTDOOR? Because they have many qualities worthy of admiration! In addition to winning everyone’s hearts thanks to their stage appearance, they also have a versatile and novel fashion style that makes them stand out easily.


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