Who is Jung Ho Yeon?


Who is Jung Ho Yeon? If you’ve already watched the Korean Netflix series that’s stealing everyone’s attention, you’ve probably noticed the beauty of one of its main characters. That’s right! We are talking about participant number 067 in the game! If you have wondered “who is Jung Ho Yeon?”, we have the answer. She is the model who jumped from the catwalk to television screens to take over the entire world thanks to her remarkable performance in Squid Game. In addition to being a Korean model, she is also an actress whose debut made many fall in love with her. Thanks to that, she is currently a Korean fashion icon that you must know. If you want to discover everything about this young model and actress, stay with us, and keep reading!


Why is Squid Game so famous?


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Why-is-Squid-Game-so-famous-(subtitulo)Until a month ago, the squid game was simply a children’s pastime that you probably would not have heard of since it was fashionable in some Asian countries during the ‘70s.


However, since last September 17, it has already become the most successful series in the history of Netflix. Everyone is talking about this South Korean dystopian fiction. It is about 456 people with financial problems who fight in an extreme game of survival. The game has a millionaire prize that would change the lives of them and their families.


As always, when the streaming giant launches a worldwide production, the protagonists have seen their lives turned upside down. Their popularity has grown like foam. Something that is reflected in the data on their social profiles. An example of that is the never-ending question “who is Jung Ho Yeon?”. Thanks to the series, the model fulfilled her dream of becoming an actress, making it through the big door and achieving unparalleled success. Although the actress took her first steps in modeling, everything seems to paint that television will become her favorite setting.


How did Jung Ho Yeon get into fashion?


Korean-Fashion-Trends-How-did-Jung-Ho-Yeon-get-into-fashion-(subtitulo)Did you know that her international debut was as an exclusive model for Louis Vuitton in 2016? She has walked the runways of numerous luxury brands since then!


She also appeared on the covers of Vogue Japan and Korea. In her early days as a model, Jung Ho Yeon was known for her fiery red hair and tenacity, the latter being a trait that she shares with her on-screen character.


In this way, Jung Ho Yeon became a South Korean model and actress. Vogue has dubbed her as “Korea’s Next Top Model”, and she appeared in the fourth season of the eponymous show. She was one of the “Top 50” Fashion Models by models.com. Three years later, the fashion show took place with Louis Vuitton, and just a few months later, she got a nomination for ‘model of the year’ by the models.com platform. In 2019, she won the Asian Star Award at the Asian Model Awards.


How did Jung Ho Yeon start acting?


Korean-Fashion-Trends-How-did-Jung-Ho-Yeon-start-acting-(subtitulo)Far from the glamor of Haute Couture designs, spectacular jewelry, elaborate beauty looks, and signature bags, she has taken a radical turn in her life by stepping into the skin of 067.


Squid Game contestant number 067 is a North Korean defector who decides to play the game to help her family, still trapped in North Korea. Jung Ho Yeon has been looking to try her hand at acting for a few years. The truth is that she has made it through the big door by participating in unprecedented global success.


Before the premiere of Squid Game, she accumulated about 400,000 followers in her profile, a high number for a runway model. But today, she already has more than 16 million. This success (added to the recent statements in which she claims to be more than excited about her new professional career) indicates that her future is far from the catwalks, although nobody ever knows.


Know These 4 Things You Didn’t Know About Jung Ho Yeon


Jung Ho Yeon’s audition clip for ‘Squid Game’ was filmed during New York Fashion Week


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Jung-Ho-Yeon_s-audition-clip-for-_Squid-Game_-was-filmed-during-New-York-Fashion-Week-(subtitulo)She joined the agency Saram Entertainment in early 2020. At the time, Jung Ho Yeon was recently established in Korea as an actress while she maintained her modeling career.


With the support of her agency, she decided to audition for Squid Game by submitting a self-recorded video from New York around the time of fashion week.


“I remember how I spent all my time reading the script, except when I ate. I sent the video, and the director contacted me and asked me to meet in person. So I dropped everything and flew right away,” she mentioned in W Korea.


No one was more surprised than her to discover that she had landed the role of player 067, her first acting role. Who would say that this would be the beginning of her fame, causing thousands of people to wonder “who is Jung Ho Yeon?” and becoming the most followed Korean actress on Instagram in just weeks.


Jennie from BlackPink is one of her best friends


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Jennie-from-BlackPink-is-one-of-her-best-friends-(subtitulo)Did you know that Korea’s top model turned actress is friends with a BlackPink member?


If you follow Jung Ho Yeon on Instagram, you are probably already aware of that.


But if you haven’t looked hard enough yet, in a recent Instagram post on her account, we got to see Jung hanging out with BlackPink’s Jennie on the set of Squid Game.


Lee Jung-Jae confirmed that Jennie had also sent a coffee truck to show her support for her close friend. That earned Jennie a mention in the end credits of Squid Game.


She is dating actor Lee Dong-Hwi


Jung Ho Yeon and actor Lee Dong-hwi, who is well-known for his role in the K-Drama Reply 1988, have been a couple since 2016. It was confirmed by Lee’s brand, who stated that the actor did not want to lie about their relationships. He is also a singer. He made his solo debut with his recent song ‘Keep Your Head Up’. And he is also a member of the R&B project group called ‘MSG Wannabe’ alongside Simon D and Kim Jung-min. Lee Dong Hwi and Jung Ho Yeon have been a solid couple for several years.


Jung Ho Yeon was selected as the new global ambassador for luxury brand Louis Vuitton


As we mentioned earlier, before her debut as an actress, model Jung Ho Yeon walked the runway for Louis Vuitton’s spring-summer 2017 collection. She also participated in the campaign for the brand’s pre-fall 2017 collection. Now, she begins a new chapter with Louis Vuitton as an actress and brand ambassador. It is another big step in her career as a model and as a Korean actress.


In this regard, Jung Ho Yeon commented that it is an honor to mark her beginning as an actress with Louis Vuitton after working with them as a model. She looks forward to every moment that she will live with Louis Vuitton as her global ambassador. Similarly, Nicolas Ghesquière, creative director of Louis Vuitton’s women’s collections, shared that he remembers when he fell in love with Ho Yeon’s exceptional talents and fantastic personality. He said, too, that he feels excited for the new chapter of her journey with Louis Vuitton. We think the same! It will be great to continue watching Jung Ho Yeon grow up in the Korean fashion industry.


Now, when someone asks you “who is Jung Ho Yeon?”, you can answer without fear of being wrong, showing that you know more about the model and actress who dazzled everyone with her role as contestant number 067. This rising Korean fashion icon has a long and successful career ahead of her. We hope to hear more news from her soon! And you, what do you think about Jung Ho Yeon? Tell us in the comments. See you on the next Korean fashion trends blog!

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