Where to buy Korean fashion in Singapore?

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Korean fashion is available to everyone, and all the possibilities that exist to buy Korean clothes prove it. You can find many websites where you can buy Korean fashion products, skincare, and more. If you are from Singapore and want to renew your closet with Korean fashion garments, surely you have wondered where to buy Korean fashion in Singapore? As a spoiler, we will tell you that there are many websites that you can visit to do your Korean fashion shopping.


Korean fashion and beauty trends have greatly inspired Singapore and its fashion market. In this country, there are many fans of K-pop and K-dramas not only because they love their idols or because they enjoy Korean series, but also because they love the closet of their celebrities. In fact, the influence of the South Korean country is so exceptional that even if you are not a fan of K-pop or Dramas, you will know that the elements of Korean fashion are versatile, and you can adjust them to any style. Do you want to discover where to buy Korean fashion in Singapore? Keep reading this post!


8 online Korean fashion stores


Maybe your possibilities of traveling to Korea are limited. However, don’t stress it. You can do your shopping from the comfort of your home. You only need a device that connects you to the internet. Then, visit one of the online stores that you will see below. The stores are in Korea, but they ship to many parts of the world, including Singapore. Now, get ready to buy Korean clothes!


CHUU, Where to buy Korean fashion in Singapore


Korean Fashion Trends-Where to buy Korean Fashion in Singapore - CHUU

If you are a lover of adorable and feminine clothes, you are interested in knowing everything that CHUU has available for you.


It is a famous Korean brand thanks to its girly and often cute designs. They have collections of all kinds of clothes.


For example, blouses, tops, sweaters, jeans, skirts, and dresses.


It has a variety of colors, shapes, and designs. They also design other types of accessories. So, CHUU can help you give life to your outfits.


MAYBE NENA, Where to buy Korean fashion in Singapore


Classic and basic garments identify this brand. You can change your entire closet if you buy clothes from this brand. The clothes that are set here are available for any occasion. You can have different outfits to go to work, go out with friends, or go to school. All the variety in shirts, blouses, skirts, pants, and dresses is unbelievable. If you enter their website and feel that you do not know where to start, we recommend searching by category. It has different sections like winter clothes, summer clothes, etc. Maybe that last category is probably the one you want to see first, thanks to Singapore’s hot weather!


BLACK UP, Where to buy Korean fashion in Singapore


Korean Fashion Trends-Where to buy Korean Fashion in Singapore - BLACK UP

If you have a grunge, street, sophisticated or casual style, it doesn’t matter! This store has many garments available to suit each style.


And if you are one of those types of persons who need to read a little more about the stores you want to buy from, the reviews section will help you a lot.


But in general, you will find very positive comments that will help you decide to buy BLACK-UP clothes. In that same section, you can leave your doubts about the articles and more.


The truth is that it is a pleasant experience visiting the website of this brand.




This brand, in addition to having a clothing line, also has a line of beauty products. If you are interested in buying varied products such as makeup or skincare and not just clothes, you can visit their website. The clothes that this brand sells fit very well with Korean trends. There, you can find dresses with floral prints, pants, accessories, cardigans, tops, and more! You have to take your time when reviewing everything, and you will be surprised with all the things you can buy.





Their designs are so diverse. On the website of this brand, you can find casual clothes, or others a little more sexy or elegant.MIXXMIX clothing, like many other Korean clothing brands, fits everyone’s taste. They sell ​​beautiful and quality products. You can’t visit their website without wanting to buy something. In addition, MIXXMIX has other sub-brands. They also offer you many other fashion and beauty products.  




This brand offers Korean fashion with a more sophisticated and feminine style. WONLOG has designs that scream Korean fashion. Neutral colors, relaxed cuts, and oversized garments are a hallmark of this fashion. Here you can buy any garment if your tastes are more elegant and girly.




Korean Fashion Trends-Where to buy Korean Fashion in Singapore - DARKVICTORY

Its name alone says a lot about this brand. DARKVICTORY not only focuses on colorful and adorable-looking clothes but also more street style and grunge clothes.


Its aesthetic is very avant-garde and modern.


Do you want to feel that your dress will impress the people in Hongdae? Then you have to buy clothes from this store.


Visit their website, and you can buy basic Korean fashion clothes, but you can also buy more street and wild clothes. With DARKVICTORY, the options are endless.




Korean Fashion Trends-Where to buy Korean Fashion in Singapore - KOODING

This brand is another option if you want to buy K-beauty and K-fashion products at the same time.


Their website is an excellent option for shopping for Korean clothes in Singapore. When visiting KOODING, you can find clothes and accessories, but also makeup and skincare products


. There is so much to see and so much to explore in this store. You can also find modern hanbok collections.


Do you want to try wearing Korean traditional clothes? Then visit KOODING right now!


3 Korean fashion stores in Singapore


If online shopping is not your thing, this section will interest you. Do you want to know where to buy Korean fashion in Singapore? Then, you still have plenty of options left! There are Korean fashion stores in Singapore that you can visit. Where you can try on and buy all the clothes you want. So, check out these three options we have for you, and get ready to buy Korean clothes in Singapore!


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Korean Fashion Trends-Where to buy Korean Fashion in Singapore - ZALORA SINGAPORE

This store offers clothes of Singaporean origin, but also Korean clothing.


The products you can find in these stores come directly from Korea.


Also, other products are inspired by Korean fashion trends. In this place, you can buy blouses, dresses, pants, and even Korean accessories.


Visit the ZALORA stores and renew your closet with Korean garments.




Korean Fashion Trends-Where to buy Korean Fashion in Singapore - H - CONNECT

This store has a global presence. They have stores in Korea, but also in China, Taiwan, and of course Singapore!


If you want to buy 100% Korean clothes, this store is your best option. Its name indicates that it is the Korean version of H&M, and that is so true.


The store houses a variety of garments such as dresses, blouses, skirts, and jeans. At H: CONNECT, you can fulfill your dream of wearing Korean fashion in Singapore.




Korean Fashion Trends-Where to buy Korean Fashion in Singapore - H - TWEE

This Korean brand has not been in Singapore for a long time. But even with that, its popularity is growing thanks to all the products they bring to Singapore.


TWEE has Korean fashion and beauty products available to all audiences. In the store, you can buy clothes for women, men and even for children! And their collections and designs are updated every month. You will have many purchase options each month. If you want to have Korean skincare products or buy new clothes or accessories, visit TWEE stores.


We know that, as fans of Korean fashion, you want to include Korean fashion items in your style. Traveling to Korea is not always easy, especially in the middle of a pandemic. However, thanks to the internet, we can find solutions that allow us to fulfill our dreams. You can visit the websites of the stores that we recommended today, or if you prefer to buy directly in stores from Singapore, you can also do it. When it comes to K-fashion, borders don’t exist.


Because of that, you can wear the best of Korean fashion in Singapore without complications! If you liked this blog, you have to visit us every day to discover more about K-fashion!  


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