What to wear on cold days according to Korean fashion?

Korean Fashion Trends - What to wear on cold days according to Korean fashion

What to wear on cold days according to Korean fashion? Cold days come, and all we want to do is stay at home, in our beds, and between the sheets. However, that is not always possible. Although the cold days arrive, we still have to go out to work, study or fulfill any pending obligations. Have you ever wondered what to wear on cold days according to Korean fashion? In K-fashion, there are several options you can use to look fashionable while protecting yourself from the cold. To find out what to wear on cold days according to Korean fashion, read on!


What type of clothing is suitable for cold days?


Think no more that it is better to stay at home during the coldest days. You only need to protect yourself from the cold with the correct clothing. This, in addition to going out to fulfill your commitments, outdoor recreation will provide a special enjoyment. Practicing sports, walking around the city, shopping, or simply getting ready to take in the fresh air. During cold days, it is advisable to dress in layers. You already know that Korean fashion is adept at that. You can accompany your outfits for cold days with accessories such as scarves or wool sweaters, which are comfortable, helpful, and some designs fit any style. For that reason, you no longer need to ask yourself “what to wear on cold days according to Korean fashion?“ because there are many options available.


6 garments that will help you maintain a Korean style on cold days




We all know that cardigans are a favorite in Korean fashion. You can also wear cardigans on colder days. They are a garment that adds style to any outfit. They are available in many colors and designs. However, cardigans in neutral colors such as beige, brown, white, or black stand out in Korean fashion. You can combine them with blouses and baggy jeans for a sophisticated, comfortable but also casual style.




Who is not a lover of jackets when it becomes too cold? Denim, leather, or whatever material, jackets are comfortable and warm enough for the coldest days. In addition, they add a unique touch to any outfit. Don’t get caught on cold days with a good jacket to keep you warm and fashionable at the same time.




These are not exclusive to spring and summer. You can also wear them in winter! Use those with long sleeves and thick fabric, such as cotton or wool. Those fabrics do not fit so tight or too loose. And you can complement it with a coat.




Sweaters are a widely used garment during fall, which is the season when the coldest days of the year begin. Therefore, they are an ideal garment for the coldest days according to Korean fashion. Wear them with shirts, jeans, shoes like boots, and you will see that you get an authentic Korean look for cold days.


Cowboy boots


Cowboy boots are trends in Korean fashion, especially on colder days. Why? Because they are comfortable, warm and very fashionable. Add some cowboy boots to your outfits with jeans, skirts, or dresses, add a cardigan and other accessories of your choice for a perfect look. If you still don’t know which cowboy boots to wear, visit the Korean fashion trends blog, where we recommend several boots that you can integrate into your Korean outfits.




On cold days, you can enhance your style with accessories. These, more than adding something to your wardrobe, are very functional. Despite how gray the environment may be, you should have some sunglasses in your wallet to protect your eyesight when the sun rises. You could also add a scarf or a knitted hat.


What makeup can I wear on cold days?


The drop in temperatures makes us want less to get ready and leave the house. Don’t be lazy! Enjoy cold days and always show yourself perfectly made up. You know, in bad weather, good face. The best makeup you can use during cold days to accompany your outfits according to Korean fashion is cold-toned makeup. Wear blue, purple, and green in different shades. Shades in those colors will give perfect makeup for cold days. Here are some tips to help you perfect your makeup for cold days according to Korean fashion:


1. Prepare your skin


On cold days, our skin tends to dry out. For that reason, the idea is to use liquid and cream makeup bases since they contain oils that will give us healthy and hydrated skin. Please, do not forget to use a cream with a high sun protection factor before applying your makeup.


2. Use the right color


We know that on cold days, your skin is whiter than normal, but do not use darker colors, as you will get a very unnatural result. Get the makeup base that suits your skin tone and texture. If you want to raise the color a bit, give it a touch of sun powder afterward.


3. Apply long-lasting pigmented eyeshadows


If you want your eyeshadow to last longer, start applying a neutral shadow to act as a base. Then apply intensely pigmented shadows that last intact all day.


4. Use a waterproof mascara


If you think that waterproof mascara was just for summer, you are wrong. If you are going out on cold days, you should also show eyelashes that remain intact in the face of low temperatures, rain, or wind. Apply a layer of waterproof mascara, lift your lashes and show them perfect all day.


5. Show hydrated lips


A gloss that hydrates and adds color without a sticky finish. It provides color and shine with a single gesture and also keeps your lips always juicy. These lipsticks are perfect for your cold days in winter.


6. Set your makeup


And finally, fix your makeup with a makeup fixing spray. With that, you will be able to fix your look throughout the day and achieve 100% uniform, long-lasting and matte makeup. Don’t let rain or wind on cold days ruin your makeup.


What to wear on cold days according to Korean fashion? On cold days, you don’t have to put your style aside. You can still look amazing on cold days! With the basic pieces and others that protect you from the cold, you can achieve a Korean look on the coldest days. What do you think? Will you stay home during the colder days, or will you go out to show off your best Korean fashion outfit? Tell us in the comments! See you on the next Korean fashion trends blog!


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