What to wear on a sunny day according to Korean fashion?

Korean Fashion Trends - What to wear on a sunny day according to Korean fashion

What to wear on a sunny day according to Korean fashion? Sunny days attract good energy, provide vitamin D and let your imagination run wild. But they also pose a challenge when it comes to dressing! Because sometimes, we do not know how to choose the right clothes that help us be fresh while looking incredible. Have you ever wondered what to wear on a sunny day according to Korean fashion? If you have, stay on Korean Fashion Trends. On this occasion, we have prepared for you a list of clothes that will be useful on sunny days. In that way, you can go out without being a victim of the sun and without leaving your style aside.


Which clothes are right for sunny days?


When sunny days turn into hot and humid days, it is normal that you want to go as light as possible with your clothes. On sunny days, you don’t necessarily have to dress in layers, as is it common to dress in Korean fashion. You will probably want as little clothing as possible. One of the favorite choices of Koreans these days is shirts with moisture-wicking technology and quick-drying capabilities. The same goes for pants, shorts, and skirts. However, this type of clothing is not always what we want to wear. For that reason, the outfits with fewer garments are the most suitable for sunny days. In addition, many times less is more, so you should not worry. With basic clothes, you can create incredible outfits.


6 garments that will help you maintain a Korean style on sunny days




If you choose shirts with basic designs and colors, that will be your best choice. These shirts look good with any other type of garment, so they are easy to combine and are available for any occasion. However, if you prefer patterned shirts, no problem. One of the favorite prints on sunny days in Korean fashion is flower prints. You can get flowery shirts, combine them with baggy jeans or a skirt, and you will achieve a perfect look for sunny days according to Korean fashion.




If you prefer to wear dresses, choose to wear the one that makes you feel most comfortable. There are tight dresses that you can wear with a cardigan. But there are also other looser options. Whatever your choice, you can wear a pair of tennis shoes, sandals, or stilettos. The advantage of dresses on a hot day is that you can complement them with a leather jacket or a denim jacket. You decide which one goes best with your outfit. A crossbody bag will get you out of trouble, so take it with you.




Jeans are a staple in Korean fashion. Commonly, you see many outfits where jeans are the star. Jeans are perfect for sunny days according to Korean fashion. Although in reality, depending on what clothes you combine them with, they are perfect in each season. Add a shirt of your choice, a light vest, or a cardigan, and recreate a simple but very fashionista outfit where your jeans are the focus of attention.




Wearing a skirt on sunny days is a good option. Especially when you go out with your friends. Or even for a special date! Thanks to the versatility of this garment, it looks good with any combination on top. But, according to Korean fashion, it is recommended that you resort to a white blouse or shirt, as it will add a stylish but casual touch at the same time. If the shirt is oversized, it is better.


Midi skirt


But traditional skirts are not the only ones you can wear on sunny days according to Korean fashion. You can also wear midi skirts. Whether pleated, denim, crossover, patterned, midi skirts are the summer dress you must have in your wardrobe. They go well with fitted tops, light cotton t-shirts, or even oversized blouses, as we already said before.




When we talk about accessories, in Korea, we come across the trend of small handbags. Most of all, those bags in pastel colors or with checkered patterns, stripes, and even animal print. Although it is a trend criticized for being comfortless, because it is not possible to carry many objects for your day, it is a trend that brings elegance and delicacy to your outfit.


On the other hand, when we focus on accessories (such as chains, earrings, and bracelets), we will find a combination of gold and silver colors this year. Usually, everyone wears accessories with only one shade. But this year, that custom has come to an end. Also, inspired by the 70s, the fashion returns for chain belts and challenge-type glasses with large frames with neutral tones. So, if your mom hasn’t thrown away any of these items yet, it’s time to bring them back to life. Some lenses of this type are perfect for sunny days!


What makeup can I wear on sunny days?


The right style does not only focus on clothes. If you like to wear makeup and want to wear it on sunny days, don’t worry. There are possibilities to wear makeup during those days! Just remember not to leave the house without sunscreen and take care that your makeup is as discreet as possible. Here we offer you 4 days of makeup for sunny days:


Green-toned makeup


Add lemon green shadows on upper lids, a fine black liner on upper lashes, a little white on tear ducts, and heavy mascara on lashes. You can complement your makeup with low-gloss red lips. This makeup look can go well with accessories and outfits that are colorful and ideal for the heat.


Pastel makeup


If you don’t want to wear a lot of makeup, pastel pink makeup is a perfect option on sunny days. Use slightly marked eyelashes and wear your lips with just a touch of pink lipstick. It is an easy and very feminine makeup idea.


White makeup


White makeup is the perfect definition of freshness. Take the eyes with fine black delineation on upper lids, add iridescent white shadows with diamond and mascara on your lashes. In addition, you can also add pink lips with gloss, a barely noticeable blush in a pink tone, and voila! You will have perfect makeup for sunny days and also for a special occasion.


Makeup no makeup


If you don’t know, the makeup no-makeup trend is one of the Korean favorites. And one of the favorites during sunny days! It is another great option for those days when you don’t want to put on so much makeup, but you don’t want to look washed out either. Line your upper eyelids with black pencil, use little mascara only on upper lashes, just a touch of blush, and lips lightly made up with a reddish tone. You will look more than presentable.


What to wear on sunny days according to Korean fashion? During those days, your best option will always be the basics combined with other garments to give them a special touch. In addition, you can complement any look with the ideal makeup. Are you ready to look amazing on sunny days? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget to visit us every day. This is your space to keep up to date with Korean fashion trends.


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