What to Wear in Korea in November?

Korean Fashion Trends - What to Wear in Korea in November?

Welcome back K-lovers! We are already in November, which means that it is almost time for the arrival of Christmas and the end of the year. So, we are about to say goodbye to some fashion trends to welcome others. However, it is still important to keep up with the most current trends in recent months. So, before we wrap up 2023 in style, we need to keep everyone on their toes. As we all know, winter is around the corner, and temperatures are dropping fast. Especially in Korea, where winters are harsh and windy. So, What to Wear in Korea in November? If you have a plan set to visit Korea this season, the KFT team has your back! If you are ready, let’s dive in!


What’s the Weather Like in November in Korea? 


Korean Fashion Trends - What to Wear in Korea in November? - Korean woman wearing vestLike in most countries, November marks the transition from autumn to winter in Korea. How cold is November in Korea? The scorching summer heat has long bid farewell, and the cool breeze of autumn continues to dominate the atmosphere.


Temperatures tend to drop as the month progresses, so be prepared for some chilly days and nights. Because Korea in November is cold, the weather temperatures are between 30°F to 50°F. So, to stay comfortable during your visit to Korea in November, pack layers.


Light sweaters, jackets, scarves, and a good pair of walking shoes will be your best companions. Also, don’t forget to have some warmer clothing ready for the cooler evenings.


Is November a Good Time to Visit Korea?


Korean Fashion Trends - What to Wear in Korea in November? - Korean woman wearing turtleneck and vestVisiting Korea at any time is a good idea! However, times and months can indeed improve your experience. If you are a person who enjoys the warm months, April, May, and June would be the ideal months to visit South Korea without being a victim of Korea’s freezing weather.


On the other hand, if cold weather is your thing, September, October, and November will be perfect. These are the months in which heat and cold are appreciated, as they don’t usually reach extremes. So, if you plan to visit Korea during the next few days of November or December, you should not only take into account What to Wear in Korea in November but also some of the plans you want to make. That way, you will not only wear looks suitable for the weather but also make sure your outfits will suit every occasion!


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What Are the Popular Fall Silhouettes in Korean Fashion This Season?


What to Wear in Korea in November? Many perfect pieces stand out in the fall-winter Korean fashion trends that you should consider adding to your closet.


Korean Fashion Trends - What to Wear in Korea in November? - Korean woman wearing turtleneck and jeansHowever, did you know that this season is not all about clothes? The fashion scene is going all out with silhouettes and experimenting with lines, which adds a deeper excitement to styling our favorite pieces. But, which silhouettes to opt for in this Fall/Winter season in Korean fashion? Let’s take a look:


Triangle Silhouette


Padded shoulders, broad shoulder blazers and jackets, and high-shoulders are all on top of our list to achieve the triangle silhouette. For this, leave behind baggy jeans and pants, and opt for skinny pants, leggings, or embrace the ‘’no-pant’’ look.


Hourglass Silhouette 


Korean Fashion Trends - What to Wear in Korea in November? - Korean woman wearing beltThe fashion world’s enduring fascination with the hourglass shape continues. This season, we’re accentuating the waist and emphasizing the hips through tailored blazers, skinny belts, and A-line skirts or dresses. You can take inspiration from the Miu Miu F/W 2023 runway to really craft the perfect fall outfit this season.


Slim Look


The Fall/Winter 2023 season offers a wide range of options to suit every size and shape! Choose flowy or draped dresses and one-pieces to attain a slender appearance that exudes a relaxed yet sophisticated style this season.


What Are the Star Colors of the Fall/Winter Season in Korean Fashion?


Korean Fashion Trends - What to Wear in Korea in November? - Korean woman wearing black and white sweaterIn addition to clothing and accessories, something else you should consider when deciding What to Wear in Korea in November is colors! So, consider including black and gray in your wardrobe this season.


These colors are not only staples, they also provide a simple yet elegant touch to any outfit. Furthermore, they are incredibly easy to combine with other colors.


For example, you can opt for an all-black or all-gray look with pops of colors. This season’s color points are red and butter yellow! So, include these two colors in accessories, bags, or shoes to make a statement this season.


How to Style the Perfect Fall Outfits in Korean Fashion? 


Here is a relevant question: What to Wear This Fall in Korean Fashion? We are all wondering and pondering on the ensembles we will create for the Fall/Winter season. Furthermore, November is typically a chilly month that demands extra layers and warmth that can only be achieved with the right clothing. But, if you also don’t want to compromise on your style this season, the KFT team analyzed what you should wear in November in Korea!




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing layersMaster the art of layering this season. Because, it’s one of the most fundamental style tips of the Fall/Winter season.


Start with a basic, well-fitted tee and pair with a hoodie, oversized cardigan, or a cozy knit sweater. You can opt for leggings, skinny pants, or mom jeans.


Top it off with a rider jacket. And finish off the look with biker boots and thick socks, or opt for a classic pair of chunky sneakers. Shop here now!




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing bootsCold season is the season of the boots! The boots are making a comeback. Yes, finally. Rider boots, knee-high boots, platform boots, and flat sole, lace up boots are all in this season. Combine your boots with denim, leather pants, maxi coats, crewnecks and more for a stylish touch. Shop here!




Who can say no to cozy knitwear? There is nothing more comfortable than the perfect knit that suits your personal style. Combine knit pants with oversized, off-the-shoulder knit sweaters, add knit cardigans on top of dresses, pair knit tops with leather pants, and finish off with stylish boots! You can never go wrong with a knit piece. So, shop here to find a cozy knit that you can pair with everything! Shop here now.


Maxi Coats


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing maxi coatsOpt for a neutral-toned coat this season to effortlessly mix and match it with various outfits. Maxi coats will not only keep you toasty warm in this cold season, but will also exude a simplistic charm. And they are also at the top of the fashion trends this year! Opt for a tailored or oversized look this season to complete your capsule wardrobe. Shop here!




We all know that denim is timeless and versatile. So, high-waisted skinny jeans, low waisted baggy jeans, and mom jeans matched with knits and layered pieces create a balanced and stylish ensemble for the Fall/Winter season. Shop here!


What Clothes to Wear in Korea in Autumn? 3 Ideal Outfits to Dress Well in Korea During November!


Whether you’re planning a trip to Korea during November or you simply want to stay in tune with Korean fashion during fall, knowing What to Wear in Korea in November can save the day for you! After going over some relevant questions, it’s time to take all the wardrobe essentials mentioned before and combine them into harmonious looks perfect for the chilly November weather in South Korea! So, let’s see:


Classic and Chic


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing mini skirtWhat to Wear in Korea in November For Ladies? This is an excellent question for any woman who is into Korean fashion. Luckily, there are many options available in K-fashion’s vast catalog of trends!


So, if you are looking for a classic but chic look at the same time,  consider creating layers by adding accessories that will elevate your outfit! For example, pair black leggings with a plaid mini skirt.


Combine with a white long-sleeved turtleneck sweater. And on top, throw on a beige coat! Finish off the look with black boots, a black crossbody bag, and a black beret! Shop here!


Cozy Athleisure


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing sporty lookAre you wondering What to Wear in Korea in November, and yours is more of a sporty style? Achieve this cozy athleisure outfit option by combining comfortable and stylish clothes!


Combine parachute pants with a simple white long-sleeved shirt, and add an oversized hoodie on top. You can replace the hoodie with a black puffer vest.


Combine with your best sneakers and add a beanie for more style. Also, this is a look that can work for street-wear lovers too. Shop here!


Elegant For Everyday


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing accessoriesWhat to Wear in Korea in November? If you still have to work during November or want to keep your elegant and sophisticated style, this option will be your best ally! Combine a wide-boot black jeans with a long-sleeved, white ribbed turtleneck sweater. And combine with a white coat. Moreover, if you want a pop of color, consider making a statement with accessories. For example, an orange or red bag will be perfect! You can wear this look with high-heeled boots or white sneakers. All up to you! Shop here!


What to Wear in Korea in November? Even though the winter cold has not yet fully arrived, there is a soft but very fresh wind, which can be very cold especially at night. Still, it’s not an obstacle when it comes to dressing well! Korean fashion trends prove that you can keep your iconic style even when the temperatures drop.


Take advantage of our recommendations and update your closet in time for November! Remember that if you haven’t done so yet, you still have time to subscribe to our newsletter to receive notifications of our updates. Also, follow us on X, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Spotify, TikTok, and Twitch if you want to join our community! See you soon! If you are looking for the ideal place to buy Korean fashion and beauty products, you will find the best offers and discounts on here for everything you need to rock a Korean style! Hurry up and shop here now!


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