What to do in Korea during Valentine’s Day?

korean fashion trends - what to do in korea during valentine's day

If you enjoyed our Christmas blogs last year, you already know that Christmas is like another kind of Valentine’s Day in Korea. Why? Because couples take the opportunity to go out and thus fill the streets with love during December. However, that is not to say that Korea doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day as we all know it. Although there are some noticeable differences, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in South Korea. So what to do in Korea during Valentine’s Day? Today in Korean Fashion Trends, we will discover what activities you can do on Valentine’s Day in Korea, how they celebrate this holiday in the South Korean country, and more.


Do people in South Korea celebrate Valentine’s Day?


Yes! People in Korea celebrate Valentine’s Day. However, the celebration is a bit different from what we in the West are used to. In much of the world, February 14, or ‘Valentine’s Day’ is a date to celebrate love. That day love is celebrated as a couple, but there is also room for friendship. In some Asian countries, such as South Korea, the celebration focuses on romantic love, but with certain particularities.


During this day, it is women who must give or surprise their partners. Or it is also given as an opportunity for them to confess their feelings to that special person. It is quite a popular event. Weeks before February 14, the stores prepare large displays full of chocolates and even baskets of sweets to give away, although the former is the most common gift.


5 Activities You Can Do in Korea on Valentine’s Day


What to do in Korea during Valentine’s Day? After knowing these five activities that you can do in Korea during the most romantic day of the year, you will not have any doubts about where to go, what to visit, or what to do on Valentine’s Day if you are in South Korea.


Visit Lotte World


Lotte World is a magical place come true! It is one of the best places to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Korea. Why? Because there you can enjoy not only the outdoor theme park. You can also enjoy other attractions such as the indoor theme park, the ice rink, the Lotte World Tower, and the aquarium. They are all romantic and beautiful settings. This stunning Valentine’s day spot is at Jamsil station. You can spend a lovely day at Lotte World in the morning tonight. That will leave you and your loved one with unforgettable memories.


Visit N Seoul Tower


But Lotte World isn’t the only place in Korea that dresses up in love on Valentine’s Day. In addition to the spectacular night view of the entire city from the observatory, N Seoul Tower is very popular with lovers. And it is famous not only on Valentine’s Day but throughout the year. This tower has become particularly popular for its “Locks of Love”. Seoul’s romantics put thousands of padlocks on the fence. In that way, their love will last a lifetime. Among the plans about what to do in Korea during Valentine’s Day, this is one of everyone’s favorites.


You can DIY activities for couples


In addition to places to visit, there is also a creative activity that you can do in Korea during Valentine’s Day. In Korea, wearing couple rings is one of the ways that couples express love. Because of that, DIY activities are a great option. But what about making your couple rings if you and your lover are considering buying a pair of them? Don’t worry! You can choose the size and design you like best and make them yourself. Do them at least to create memories together. 


You can also visit Samcheongdong-Gil 


Do you want to visit a historical place during Valentine’s Day? You can do it! Take a step back in time with your lover by visiting Samcheongdong-Gil. This street is famous for its mix between tradition and modernity. Additionally, Samcheongdong-Gil has revamped the function of hanoks. They work now as cozy cafes, galleries, and restaurants. In addition, there you can also rent a hanbok and take photos. On Samcheongdong-Gil, you can experience a different and beautiful Valentine’s Day.


Seoul Land is also a good option


And last but not least, the Seoul Land amusement park is also a good option when you ask “what to do in Korea during Valentine’s Day?“. Seoul Land is perfect for couples to spend the most romantic Valentine’s Day. Also, in Seoul Land, you can not only enjoy dynamic rides. You can also practice ice skating and snow sledding for free in winter. In Seoul Land, you can experience the coldest and most romantic Valentine’s Day ever!


Is Valentine’s Day important in Korea?


After knowing what to do in Korea during Valentine’s Day, we can talk about how they celebrate Valentine’s Day in Korea. Is Valentine’s Day important in Korea? We could say yes. However, Valentine’s Day in South Korea is not celebrated the same as in the rest of the world where couples do things or give each other gifts. There is something different about celebrating Valentine’s Day. In South Korea, it is women who give men chocolate. This chocolate is a token of their affection and love.


Did you know that traditionally, men who receive chocolate on this day must give another gift just one month later, on White Day, March 14? That’s how it is! However, in recent years, things have been changing (due to shops and the idea of ​​selling more). And now both men and women receive their chocolates and gifts on both days. Or at least that’s how it happens depending on the couples, whether they are more traditional or not. So, in South Korea, Valentine’s Day is a day for couples rather than a day for romantic getaways like in Europe or the United States.


How many Valentine’s days are there in Korea?


Maybe there will be more than one Valentine’s Day in Korea. On February 14, March 14, and April 14. On February 14, Valentine’s Day is celebrated when women give chocolates to men. March 14 celebrates White Day. This day has been celebrated for more than 35 years in Japan and South Korea, and it is the man’s turn to show their affection with the sweet to the woman, just one month after Valentine’s Day. The difference on this day is that both gifts, sweets, and chocolates must be white. Both women and men must wear white underwear. And the men who give this day are in response to the gift they received the previous month from the woman.


April 14 is Black Day. This day is dedicated to singles because they also deserve to have love. Singles who did not get any gifts on Valentine’s Day or White Day eat black noodles (also known as Jajangmyeon) with other friends who are also single on this day. People who have a partner are excluded from this activity. On this date in South Korea, the weather is good, and summer is near, so you don’t need a reason to go out. Although it is traditionally known as a sad day because you do not have a partner, today, young people know that having a partner or not having one is not significant of being more or less happy. 


What is Kiss Day in Korea?


And if you thought those were the only love days in Korea, you’re wrong. In addition to Valentine’s Day, White Day, and Black Day, Korea also celebrates Kiss Day (and actually, many other holidays celebrate love). This festivity takes place on June 14. As its name suggests, June 14 is the day of the kiss. Couples celebrate the day by kissing. Because of that, it is considered the perfect day to fall in love. Many companies take advantage of the occasion to launch new lipsticks or breath products.


What are the 12 love days in Korea?


Surely, you heard about Japanese Valentine’s Day, but did you know that in South Korea love is celebrated up to 12 times a year? We knew that South Korean society was competitive, but with this they outdid themselves. In South Korea, there is a celebration in the name of love on the 14th of every month. What to do in Korea during Valentine’s Day? Know the 12 days of love in Korea to expand your options!


January 14: Diary Day


White newspapers are given away between the couple or friends wishing them a good start to the year.


February 14: Valentine’s Day


As in Japan, on February 14, it is women who give cards or chocolates to their partners. Chocolate is a token of affection and love.


March 14: White Day


For more than 35 years in Japan and South Korea, the famous White Day has been celebrated, where men give sweets or chocolates as a response to the previous month, but on the condition that it has to be white!


April 14: Black Day


Singles Day is celebrated on April 14. A bit depressing day because, as a general rule, in South Korea not having a partner is embarrassing. Fortunately, this is changing, and many are those who have become the occasion to celebrate their singleness by eating jjanjangmyeon or Korean black noodles. 


May 14: Yellow Day


On this day, couples dress in yellow and go to cafes and restaurants. It is also customary to give yellow roses to partners or close relatives. Single people also celebrate this day by getting together to eat curry.


June 14: Kiss Day


As its name indicates, June 14 is the day of the kiss. Couples celebrate the day by kissing it is considered to be the ideal day to fall in love.


July 14: Silver Day


This day is celebrated as a commitment ceremony where couples exchange silver rings and plan for future marriage.


August 14: Green Day


On August 14, single people celebrate the day by drinking soju. While couples go to the countryside to enjoy nature.


September 14: Photography Day


A day when couples take selfies or even go to photography studios. A way to immortalize the love of South Korean couples.


October 14: Wine Day


It is a special day for the most exquisite drinkers. Couples meet to drink in fancy bars or restaurants, while single women can only drink their sorrows.


November 14: Movie Day – (November 11: Pepero Day)


November 11 is a special date, and it is the day on which we “return” to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Pepero is one of the most popular snacks in South Korea. Pepero’s Day arose in 1994 when two girls exchanged this sweet with the aim of becoming taller and thinner. Many people believe that the number 11 resembles candy itself.  And on the other hand, November 14 is the day of the movies. A day when couples fill the theaters. It is said to be one of the favorite celebrations for South Korean couples.


December 14: Hug Day


And to end the year in the best way, couples, family members, friends, and singles hug each other for no special reason. On this day, quizzes abound among fans about which celebrity they would most like to hug or be hugged.


What to do in Korea on Valentine’s Day? If you are a romantic person and love to celebrate the day of love and friendship in a big way, these places will help you enjoy Valentine’s Day if you are in Korea. You can visit Lotte World, Seoul Land, and even DIY with your partner! The activities you can try during this holiday are full of romance. Without a doubt, you will be able to create the most beautiful memories with your partner. And you, what do you do during Valentine’s Day? Tell us in the comments! See you soon.


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