What to do in Korea during fall 2023 and how to dress?

Korean Fashion Trends - What to do in Korea during fall 2022 and how to dress?

What to do in Korea during fall 2023 and how to dress? All Korean culture lovers know Korea is a beautiful country throughout the year. Above all, we can confirm it if, at some point, we have been lucky enough to travel to the South Korean country. However, there is indeed something extraordinary about the fall season. Why? Because the landscape changes and the colors that bathe the city are warm and beautiful. Do you want to witness the magic of falling leaves, cozy weather, and soft colors in Korea? So fall is the best season to visit South Korea. But what to do in Korea during fall 2022 and how to dress? Today, in Korean Fashion Trends, we tell you which places you can visit during this season and which clothes would be the most suitable for your fall walks in Seoul. The truth is that there is a lot to do in Korea during this season. From walks to delicious food, also city sights and festivals. Today we’ll give you our local tips on what to wear and what to visit to create memories you’ll treasure forever. Are you ready to enjoy this fall in Korea? Stay with us and keep reading! 


What is Korea like in the fall?


Korean Fashion Trends - What is Korea like in the fall?What to do in Korea during fall 2023 and how to dress? Before answering that question, we first want to tell you what Korea is like in the fall.


In Korea, autumn falls between September to November. Fall in this country offers stunning weather and beautiful fall scenery. You should consider doing it this season if you plan a trip to Korea. Why? Because fall in Korea is like welcoming another spring. Many say that each leaf looks like a flower.


Because of that, you can witness how perfectly shaped red maple leaves fall to the ground and join together, creating a blanket of yellow leaves. It covers the streets of Korea. Also, fall is when the entire Korean peninsula experiences cooler weather, or at least during the first days of fall.


What should I wear in fall in Korea?


Korean Fashion Trends - What should I wear in fall in Korea?What to do in Korea during fall 2023 and how to dress? Soon we will tell you everything you can do in autumn in Korea. We want to give you a general idea of ​​what you should wear during this season in Korea. Due to sudden weather changes in the fall, when it is warmer during the day and colder at night, you need several clothing options. You can wear a maxi dress with a coat and combat boots. Or you can also try wearing an oversized knit cardigan with a maxi skirt. Also, you can combine your favorite jeans with an oversized hoodie and sneakers. Consider the Korean fashion trends during the fall and plan your looks based on the clothes, colors, and accessories that are most popular in fall 2022 in South Korea.


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What should you visit in Korea during the fall?


The wait is over! It is time to know what to do in Korea during fall 2023 and how to dress. Take note of these three recommendations, and don’t miss the opportunity to discover the best places in Korea during the fall and our style proposals. Are you ready? Here we go!




Korean Fashion Trends - Nami IslandWhat to do in Korea during fall 2023 and how to dress? Our first option is to visit the cinema on Nami Island. Why? Because it is the stage for many lovers of K-dramas. If you love these series, you will know that K-Dramas are one of the most popular aspects of Korean media culture.


Many fans come every year to visit Nami Island. It is one of the main filming locations for shows like Winter Sonata. Although you can visit throughout the year, fall is the best time to come here. Why? Because the island looks fantastic covered in colorful leaves. For that reason, lovers of natural scenery and photographers love to walk along the paths lined with ginkgo and maple trees.


During the fall, they are at their brightest. You can wear a dress with a sweater and sneakers. If you are a boy, jeans, a loose white shirt, tennis shoes, and a hoodie will be your best option.




Korean Fashion Trends - Gangchon Rail ParkWhat to do in Korea during fall 2023 and how to dress? If you want to cycle through the fall leaves, you should take a ride at the Gangchon Rail Park. Also, in this park, you can cycle along the old Mugunghwa railway line. That will add more authenticity to your experience.


We are sure that fall in Korea is the best time for this trip because you will see many colors that will face you. You will also feel as if you have entered a fairy tale. What should you wear if you do this activity?


You should prepare yourself with a light jacket if you come from mid-October to the end of November. Add a jacket to your outfit that should be as warm as possible. You can dress in layers, for example, if you want a more Korean style.




Korean Fashion Trends - Seoraksan National ParkWhat to do in Korea during fall 2023 and how to dress? Our last proposal is to visit the Seoraksan National Park. What makes this park unique are the mountain streams and trails that explorers of all skill levels can enjoy.


Autumn is the ideal time to visit and watch the leaves fall in this park. Did you know that the highest peak in Seoraksan Park is Daecheongbong Peak? That’s how it is. It measures 1,708 meters. Due to the altitude, the park offers beautiful views ranging from cliffs to waterfalls and snow-capped peaks. You can enjoy an organized hike and the most amazing views with the daily Mt. Seorak tour.


For this visit, you will need comfortable clothes to walk in. But that is warm enough to protect you from the cold. Comfort pants, a shirt, a hoodie, a thick coat, and hiking boots will be your best option.




Korean Fashion Trends - IS IT GOOD TO VISIT KOREA IN OCTOBER?We already told you what to do in Korea during fall 2023 and how to dress. Now it’s time to find out why it’s good to visit Korea in October.


In addition to enjoying the autumn weather and scenery, you can enjoy some Halloween events in Korea.


Although Halloween is not a usual celebration in Korea, there are some events that you can enjoy if you like this holiday.


It is quite an experience worth living in a South Korean country. Here we go!




Korean Fashion Trends - LOTTE WORLD HORROR FESTIVALIf you want to enjoy Halloween in Korea but don’t want to go to parties in Itaewon or Hongdae, you can enjoy yourself at this popular amusement park.


There you can marvel at the stunning Halloween-themed places installed.


At Lotte World, they also organize a Halloween-themed parade.


There, they give sweets to children, so it is a perfect plan if you go with your children.





Korean Fashion Trends - zombie racing festivalAnother perfect plan to do in Korea during the fall and on Halloween is to enjoy the zombie racing festival. The first run was organized in 2019. Thanks to that, Halloween festivals like the Zombie Run Festival are popular activities to enjoy on Halloween. It is a modern-day Halloween festival that was first brought into action in the United States.


Hence the Koreans adopted it. Foreign influence is what allows Halloween to be celebrated in Korea as well. In Zombie Run, the participants are divided into two groups. One group consists of survivors. The other group, of course, is the zombies. The former must flee from the latter. They are played by professionals, with proper Zombie costumes and makeup. It is a festival you should not miss, especially if you liked the Korean drama ‘All of us are dead’ or the Korean movie ‘Train to Busan.’




Korean Fashion Trends - Everland Halloween ParadeAnd finally, visit the Everland Halloween Parade. This theme amusement park is one of the largest in South Korea.


In addition to having fun riding their great rides, Everland always has beautiful and spooky Halloween decorations. Thanks to that, the theme park looks stunning this season, even if it’s a little more cute than scary.


However, you can also find other Halloween-specific activities, such as “Everland Blood City.”


What to do in Korea during fall 2023 and how to dress? You can get to know Nami Island, Seoraksan National Park, and Gangchon Rail Park. Also, there are other Halloween activities that you can enjoy in October. You can get a lot out of your trip to South Korea with this guide about activities you can do during fall in Korea and how to dress. Would you like to travel to Korea during the fall? It is the best option! See you in the following Korean fashion trends blog.


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