What to do in Korea during Christmas?

Korean Fashion Trends - What to do in Korea during Christmas

With just a few days left until Christmas, many are happy because the most beautiful season of the year is here. The holidays are an opportunity to share and enjoy with our loved ones. And although many decide to spend Christmas at home, others want to travel. If you dream of visiting a beautiful place during Christmas, your best option is Korea. All Korean culture lovers would like to live that experience. When we think of Korea, we imagine an exotic and modern place. It is a country that is becoming more and more popular thanks to its food and the Korean wave. But is it a good idea to plan a trip to Seoul for Christmas? The answer is an absolute yes. However, if you have the question What to do in Korea during Christmas? Do not worry. Today at Korean Fashion Trends, we will answer your questions and help you decide to go to Korea during this season. Are you ready? Here we go!


What is there to do in Seoul during Christmas?


Enjoying December and Christmas in Korea is one of the best travel decisions you can make. Why? Because during this season, the landscapes of Korea have a beautiful blanket of snow. Also, during this season, there are many things to do in Korea. So if you are worried about what to do in Korea during Christmas, you can relax because there are many things to do. Here are the most popular activities in Korea during Christmas.


Skating and sledding


What is more Christmas-y than these activities? You can carry them out at Seoul Plaza. It is the most famous romantic place. There, you can enjoy winter in Seoul. And because it is romantic, it is also one of the favorite places for couples during Christmas. As this celebration looks like a second Valentine’s Day, many couples flock to Seoul Plaza to go skating or sledding together. If you are interested in learning more about Christmas customs in Korea, click here.


Visit Lotte World Park


The Christmas atmosphere turns magical in Korea. People smile and sing Christmas choirs in Korean during the Christmas season. It is why many decide to visit Lotte World amusement park. The festivities in this park begin in mid-November until the end of December. You can also go to an ice rink while listening to music there. In addition, going out to know these places also allows you to dress in your best Korean Christmas outfits. If you still don’t know what to wear, you can click here, and you will discover many clothing options for these December dates.


Ice skating rink on Nodeul Island


But Seoul Plaza and Lotte World aren’t the only places available for skating. Luckily, Seoul has another special place. It is the outdoor skating rink on Nodeul Island. This site is reminiscent of an Ice Kingdom fairy tale because it has a natural ecological forest, trees surrounding the skating rink, and white snowflake-shaped lighting. The atmosphere that surrounds it is festive and every Christmas. That is why it could not be missing from the list of what to do in Korea during Christmas.


Everland amusement park


This park is famous during Christmas, so its presence on this list of what to do in Korea during Christmas is necessary. It is the largest amusement park in Korea. It is also the best place to go to see winter parades and experience the December festivities. The fun starts in mid-November until the end of December, similar to Lotte World. The winter parade and Christmas decorations are worth noting.


Visit tea houses


Many of these places in Korea are open throughout the year. But as the weather the temperature drops, thanks to the winter season, the need for a hot drink increases. So everyone is rushing to find cozy places to have hot drinks and savor freshly prepared tasty Korean dishes. For that reason, a perfect option to visit is the tea houses. They are places where you can find tea of ​​all kinds. In addition, there you can also find a cup of hot tea along with sweets and delicious rice cakes. These tea houses are a significant part of Korean culture. You can easily find some old and traditional tea houses in the city. If you travel to Seoul at Christmas, don’t miss the opportunity to visit these tea houses. You will surely need more than one hot drink.


Visit themed cafes


But if you don’t like tea, there is always another option you can turn to. On this occasion, they are themed cafes. There you can enjoy a specially designed cafe decorated with a particular theme. That is why they are called themed cafes. They do it to attract customers. These coffee shops are very popular with the younger generation. Because of that, you will most likely find one on any street in Korea. At Christmas, all these sites dress for the season. Some themed cafes are The Hello Kitty Café, Café Stylenanda Pink Pool, and Café Yeonnamdong.


Go to the Garden of Morning Calm


This garden has beautiful lights and Christmas decorations starting in early December. The night is best at the Garden of Morning Calm, as you can also visit a nearby small French town called Petite France. Not to name this garden on this list of what to do in Korea during Christmas would be a complete mistake. If you travel to Korea in December, don’t forget to visit it.


Enjoy Korean street food


It is an activity that you can do at any time of the year. However, during Christmas, many menus change to add seasonal dishes. Korean street food becomes much tastier during cold nights when you can walk the streets and sample freshly cooked food. Some of the dishes you can eat are Gyeran-ppang, which is egg bread with delicious toppings. Also, Bungeo-ppang, a fish-shaped cake stuffed with sweetened red bean paste, and Hotteok, a variety of Korean pancakes. We recommend that if you go to Namdaemun Market, you get one of the best Hotteok in Seoul. Although in reality, you can find all these dishes there with no problem.


Is Christmas a big deal in Korea?


If we compare Christmas with Chuseok, no: Christmas is not a big deal in Korea. However, little by little, the country also adopted decorative traditions. And as there are more Catholics, the holiday is not overlooked. For that reason, going to Korea during Christmas is a good option. There are many things to do and, above all, the decorated streets and snowy landscapes will give you the most beautiful Christmas scenes. Because of that, during Christmas, the city dresses up.


In Korea, especially in Seoul, they do not skimp when it comes to decorating the city for Christmas! They even go so far as to compare it to New York. In addition, the purchase of gifts is also not absent. Although many prefer to give money as gifts, stores are still full of people looking for the perfect gifts. It is a spectacle to walk through neighborhoods like Insadong, Gangnam, or Myeongdong, see the shops decorated to the brim, and enjoy the Christmas offers. Thus, although it is not such an important celebration, it is still celebrated in a big way in many parts of the country. Even K-Pop Idols hold music festivals at Christmas, gathering viewers from many places.


What to do in Korea during Christmas? Korea is a perfect tourist destination during this season. You can visit amusement parks, theme cafes and enjoy Korean winter street food. There are many activities to do in Korea during Christmas. Therefore, do not hesitate to travel to South Korean country to enjoy a bright white Christmas. And if you had the opportunity to do so, tell us in the comments about your experience. See you on the next Korean Fashion Trends blog!

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