Spring in South Korea: what to do and wear during spring in Korea?

korean fashion trends - what to do and wear during spring in Korea

The natural landscapes of South Korea are a real spectacle at any time of the year. However, with the arrival of spring, Koreans seem to be happier because it means seeing the trees full of flowers again and enjoying the warm weather of the season. If you have never traveled to South Korea during spring, today we tell you that it is a good travel plan and that you should consider it as your next spring vacation destination. With the intention that you can enjoy this season in South Korea, today we will talk about Spring in South Korea: what to do and wear during spring in Korea? We will get to know a list of places you can visit in South Korea during spring and how to dress for each occasion. Get ready and stay at Korean Fashion Trends! Why? Because after today, you will want to travel to Korea and see its best spring scenes. Let’s get started!


5 must-see places in South Korea in spring and what to wear when you visit them


The beautiful and colorful flowers that begin to bloom mark the arrival of spring in Korea. Korea in spring is a place that you should know. This season is enjoyed throughout South Korea, both in big cities and small towns, in the countryside and in the mountains. Families, couples, or friends take the opportunity to have picnics in the open air or walk on a Sunday afternoon. So, what to do and wear during spring in Korea? Today Korean Fashion Trends recommends the most popular places to enjoy the bloom in all its splendor in the capital, Seoul, and its surroundings. Also, we added some style recommendations so you can visit these places wearing the best looks.




To start this list of what to do and wear during spring in Korea, we have Yeouiseo-ro. It is one of the best cherry blossom viewing destinations in Seoul. Yunjung-ro is the street behind the National Assembly building and is lined with cherry trees whose blossoms are the top attraction. During the Yeouido Spring Flower Festival, the street is restricted to traffic so that visitors can enjoy the flowers. You can visit this place in the company of your friends, family or partner. A good outfit for the occasion is a white dress or any other neutral color with a chic and feminine touch that fits so well during spring. Or, if you want, you can also use floral garments to match the landscape. Add the accessories of your choice. If you are a boy, you can opt for a casual style with an athleisure style.


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There is the Changgyeonggung Palace on this list of what to do and wear during spring in Korea. It is especially famous for its native flowers and plants. In April, the flowering reaches its fullness, creating a fantastic and paradisiacal landscape with the flowers of cherry, plum, sansuyu, apricot tree, and cheoljjuk azaleas. If you are lucky, you can see the white rain of flowers on the Okcheonggyo bridge, typical of Korean dramas or manhwas. An outfit you can use to visit this palace is a dress over a shirt. The dress can be simple, long and flowery, or in the color of your choice. Try for the shirt to be white. Add a matching jacket or hoodie if you prefer. For guys, an oversized style is also a good choice. You can pair sweatpants with oversized hoodies. It is a comfortable outfit for the occasion.




Mount Namsan Park could not be missing from the options of what to do and wear during spring in Korea. Why? Because the paths from Namsan Library to Namsan Palgakjeong Pavilion (and from the pavilion to the National Theater of Korea) offer a scenic route lined with forsythia, azaleas, and cherry blossoms. Namsan Mountain is an easily accessible place in downtown Seoul. A perfect look to visit this park is comfortable. But remember that in Korean fashion, comfort is not at odds with style. Then you could combine cool pieces like jeans, tops, loose dresses with accessories like sunglasses and bucket hats.




Every year around Lake Seokchon, which embraces Lotte World, the Cherry Blossom Festival takes place. Lake Seokchon is part of the options of what to do and wear during spring in Korea. The lake is surrounded by cherry trees. It becomes a special place to take a pleasant walk, enjoying the blooming both on a walk and from the lake by boat. During this time, you can fully enjoy the spring season. And also have fun with the wide variety of events, which is reason enough to attract the attention of tourists who visit Lotte World. To visit Lake Seokchon, you can wear a casual yet sophisticated outfit. You can combine jeans and a shirt with a blazer. Or you can wear a blazer dress with some tennis shoes showing off your socks. However, you can also wear a tennis skirt, sneakers, and a hoodie or top. For boys, baggy pants with oversized shirts are a combination that works very well on this occasion.




Icheon’s Sansuyu Village is the last tourist stop on this list of what to do and wear during spring in Korea. The city of Icheon in Gyeonggi-do province is home to several sansuyu trees or better known as the Korean dogwood. These wild-growing trees (many of them over 100 years old) dress the city in all shades of yellow during March and April. It has a perfect and peaceful path lined with traditional Korean houses, a small stream, and beautiful sansuyu flowers as a backdrop during the celebration of the Sansuyu Baeksa Flower Festival in Icheon. It is a beautiful place that you need to know. And to look perfect in your photos, whether you are a man or a woman, you can wear monochrome looks where neutral colors are the protagonists. Why? Because that way, you will achieve a contrast between your look and the colors of the landscape. It will be something beautiful and full of style. The clothes can be the ones you prefer the most, but make sure they are fresh and comfortable.


Spring in South Korea: what to do and wear during spring in Korea? Visiting Yeouiseo-ro, Changgyeonggung Palace, and Mount Namsan Park are some activities you can do in Korea in spring while wearing your best outfits. Remember that the most important thing is to enjoy, and for that, it is necessary to be comfortable even with the clothes we wear. Do you know other places we could add to the list? Tell us in the comments! See you in the next Korean Fashion Trends blog.


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