What jewelry is Korea known for?


What jewelry is Korea known for? Korea is a country full of a long story to tell. Their culture borrowed many elements from Chinese culture. For that reason, it is natural that the Confucian concept remains in Korea. Based on that concept, the history of the jewelry business in Korea differs from the Western tradition. In Korea, items made of precious metals serve a social identification function. They also symbolize the religious aspirations of Koreans. So you might wonder, what jewelry is Korea known for? The answer is jewelry made of gold and silver, with gems like amber, pearls, jade, and amethyst. The use of these jewels dates back many years. But to learn more about the jewelry that Korea is known for, we invite you to stay with us and keep reading!


Is jewelry cheaper in Korea?


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Is-jewelry-cheaper-in-Korea-(subtitulo)Did you know that one of the activities you cannot miss in Korea is shopping for jewelry? Buying gemstones or jewelry is something you need to do when you travel to South Korea.


Many tourists enjoy this activity and, because of that, there are several places to visit if you are a jewelry lover and would love to find something special from the country. Not only will you find unique and beautiful pieces, but they will always remind you of Korea.


And best of all, you can find them at an excellent price. While there are places where you will find jewelry at an expensive cost, there are many others where you can get beautiful jewelry without spending too much. So yes, in Korea, it is easy to buy jewelry because its prices are not that high.


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Where to buy jewelry in Korea?


If you travel to Korea, one thing you can buy easier will be jewelry. Here are some places you can visit if you are interested in buying gemstones:


Jong-no 3 sam-ga jewelry district


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Jong-no-3-sam-ga-jewelry-district-(subtitulo)The Jong-no 3 sam-ga jewelry district is a perfect option to do your Korean jewelry shopping.


There, jewels have an affordable price, and there are usually discounts of up to 40% off.


In addition, you will find many options. You can find anything! From earrings to necklaces.


However, the best way to get the most out of a visit to the jewelry district is to arrive early and start looking.



The Ssamziegil Complex



In this complex in Insadong, you will find more than 70 stores that specialize in accessories and many other cultural jewelry products.


You have to visit the Ssamziegil Complex if you are looking for something traditional in Korean culture. 






El Samho and Jewelry Fashion Town


Korean-Fashion-Trends-El-Samho-and-Jewelry-Fashion-Town- What jewelry is Korea known for?These places are in Namdaemun Market, which is the most popular shopping place in Korea.


Any jewelry lover would enjoy all the types of jewelry you can find there. Also, this is the best place if you are interested in buying in bulk! At Jewelry Fashion Town, you will find jewelry for any occasion.


There, you can get gemstones and metals created and molded to your specifications.


Many middle-aged shoppers frequent this place to buy jewelry, as they are also known for selling jade products and other gemstones.


Gangnam’s Precious Metals and Jewelry Complex


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Gangnam_s-Precious-Metals-and-Jewelry-Complex-(subtitulo)This complex is next to the Central Terminal of the City. It is very different from the stores in the Jewelry District.


It is an eight-story building that has jewelry stores with prices and designs ranging from quirky to affordable.


The Gangnam Precious Jewelry Complex has bigger shops, and the surroundings are cleaner.


There are many buyers here looking for great deals.


What jewelry brand does BTS wear?


Korean-Fashion-Trends-What-jewelry-brand-does-BTS-wear-(subtitulo)Because the boys of BTS are public figures and have worldwide fame, it is difficult to determine which brand of jewelry they wear. They use it a lot. However, in recent years, BTS has worn Bittersweet jewelry. It is a famous jewelry brand, thanks to its high-quality products. Their accessories have powerful and daring touches, which are distinctive elements of the brand. Bittersweet got its name from gender fluid-inspired origins, as Bitter refers to the masculine and Sweet refers to the feminine.


Park Jimin, the lead vocalist and leading dancer of BTS, is famous for his love and passion for accessories. From rings, necklaces to earrings, Jimin wears it all. Because of that, in 2020, Jimin wore a “Bittersweet” brand necklace and earrings. Realizing that he was wearing their accessories, the brand uploaded Jimin’s photo to his official Instagram account, along with the name of the clothes he wears in the photos. Of course, it caused a lot of sensation among fans. However, in addition to “Bittersweet”, BTS has recently collaborated with another jewelry brand which is “Stonehenge”. Jimin demonstrates the power of the brand, as the necklace he wore from the “Moment of Life” collection set the highest pre-sale record for two days in a row. The necklace is part of the BTS x Stonehenge collection.


Is Stonehenge a Korean Brand?


That’s right! Stonehenge is a Korean jewelry brand with a prestigious track record in the industry. Since entering the market in 2008, Stonehenge currently has 62 retail stores and 16 duty-free counters in South Korea. This South Korean jewelry brand has a full range of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and watches available. It is so famous in Korea and other Asian countries that celebrities like BTS have worn Stonehenge garments on more than one occasion. It is one of the brands you must try if you are interested in Korean jewelry.


What is BTS Stonehenge?


As we mentioned earlier, in 2020, BTS launched a collaboration with the Korean jewelry brand Stonehenge. BTS x Stonehenge is a collection that includes necklaces with different themes and names. The collection is called MOMENT OF LIGHT. It includes three different necklaces called ‘Birth, Destiny and Coexistence’.


The Birth necklace is a humble rock, sculpted but vividly shining in splendid gemstones. It takes inspiration from the way BTS debuted. On the other hand, the Destiny necklace reflects the moment when the hands approach when two lights are recorded as one. And finally, the Coexist necklace gives the image of a light connected through combined destinies, which turns into a dazzling moment in the end. Don’t you think the theme of the collection is incredible? Because we love it!


The images and predilections of Korean national jewelry find their expression concentrated in the state insignia, royal ritual adornments, and ceremonial attire of supreme dignitaries. Knowing what jewelry is Korea known for is significant if you want to get closer to Korean culture. Jade, amethyst, both, and pearls are among Korea’s characteristic jewels and gemstones. Did you like this blog? Let us know what you think about it! Visit Korean Fashion Trends every day to stay connected with your favorite fashion trends.


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