What is Korean street fashion?

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What is Korean street fashion? New fans are added to the Korean industry every day. K-pop, K-dramas, and K-fashion are part of South Korean culture that increases every day in recognition of other people in the world.


Korean fashion has specific characteristics. It is a fashion that in recent years has become increasingly popular. Its colors, shapes and the way it mixes the garments are some of the many aspects that make this fashion versatile, dynamic, and creative. One of the best-known styles within this fashion is Korean street fashion.


In Korean fashion, different styles suit the taste of everyone. K-fashion is full of possibilities and many things to discover. If you are a designer or just a fashionista, you should visit South Korea sometime. The inspiration found in South Korea has no limits, and it is the young people who have contributed to this. The South Korean youth is obsessed with the style. That is causing all eyes, cameras, and spotlights to fall on it.


Let us get closer to Korean street fashion


Rebelling against the restrictions of conformity and the constraints of many traditions, young Koreans are taking to the streets. They do it with their looks totally out of the ordinary. The streets of Korea are a real catwalk. For that reason, today we prepare this article for you. We explain what Korean street fashion is, some of its aspects, styles that you could try, and Korean brands recognized for their garments that are in this style. Scroll down and do not miss out on the latest in Korean street fashion!


But what is Korean street fashion?


Korean Fashion Trends- what is korean street fashion - Street fashion

Street fashion in Korea is full of avant-garde. It is a famous fashion because it seeks its own space, taking the streets to turn them into a fashion center.


The garments stand out in the everyday routine and the chaos of the city.


However, it manages to stick out very well and makes whoever wears this style stand out.


It is there, on the streets of Korea, where the trends are more noticeable.


What is the meaning of Korean street-style fashion?


The meaning of Korean street fashion is the same as that of Korean fashion in general: it is a fashion that is born from the streets and serves as a form of expression where the person who wears it can reflect their true self and creativity. Being a street fashion, it often goes against social standards. Thanks to this, in the streets of urban Korean fashion, we can see outfits that are out of the ordinary and add more suggestive garments and accessories. Anyway, Korean street fashion is one of the favorites of many Korean fashion lovers thanks to its versatility and way of mixing different elements of different styles.

What is Seoul fashion?


Korean Street Fashion has a significant presence on the streets of Seoul and Gangnam. If you visit South Korea, the South Korean streets will be a complete fashion show since you will not only see the most common styles but also the most avant-garde and risky, such as Korean street fashion. However, the term Seoul Fashion is also understood as Seoul Fashion Week. It is a global event that exposes the talent of many Korean designers to the entire world.

Don’t miss these 7 trends in Korean street fashion!


Street fashion and hip hop


Itaewon is one of the most popular districts in Seoul due to the cultural diversity that exists there. Every day, there is a presence of tourists who mix with the natives, causing an influx of new cultural signs. Hip-hop is closely related today to the style of street fashion. That is why boys and girls are seen on the streets wearing baggy sweaters, patched shirts, and jackets paired with ripped jeans and more.


Every day this style is more famous among young people. It has become so popular that it has even crossed the streets to reach television shows. An example of them is SHOW ME THE MONEY, a rap competition TV show where, in addition to showing their talents in music, they also present to the public the most attractive street outfits inspired by hip hop.


Hypersexualized street fashion


Korean fashion is full of oversized garments because many people, especially girls, enjoy hiding their body shapes. However, remember that the youth are revolutionizing these conservative traditions and are losing their fear and gaining more confidence in wearing more daring clothes. Street fashion has baggy clothes, but also small clothing.


While hip-hop fans wear baggy shirts with retro and unusual prints, some girls wear high heels, chokers, thigh-high boots, leggings, and mini skirts. But girls do not wear such clothes deliberately. They know that these clothes are a bit sexualized and that no one would attend classes like that. You see again the sense of wanting to break the schemes and go against the rules.


Logos and patterns


Before, Korea was a meager country. People were quite poor, so the generation born in those years was humbler. Today, that is different in South Korea. Young people reflect their social status even in their clothes. 


So no one hesitates to show logos and prints of famous fashion brands in their street outfits. Consumption surrounds the life of the new generation. They stick to fashion as an option to stand out, achieving this by wearing the most extravagant and expensive garments.


Punk and rock are also in street style


This fashion gathers influences from many other styles. Not only hip-hop is involved with Korean street fashion, but also punk and rock. The most famous garments are boots, leather jackets, and plaid mini skirts. As for accessories, piercings, dark makeup, chains, etc., are very popular. This style allows a trend also toward the Gothic. The garments often have the presence of skulls and crosses.


Unisex clothing


Individualized style fosters the change in accepted norms about gender. Now girls are not required to look feminine. If they want to go tomboyish or dress rougher, they do not need to think twice because they can take the liberty of looking however they want.


There are shaved heads, short hair, oversized shirts, and aggressive silhouettes. Everything is valid, and everything can be safely dressed. They achieve very creative styles and beautiful and attractive appearances. Same with boys. They are not afraid of makeup or dyeing their hair. Or clothes like a crop top. 


Tattoos and piercings


Seeing girls and boys tattooed in Korea becomes more common every day. And that, like the street style itself, reflects another tendency to go against the rules. For many years, body modifications in Korea gave the image of criminal gang activity and indecent behavior.


That is why tattoos and piercings are done clandestinely in Korea. When young people are with their parents or when celebrities must appear on television programs, they are obliged to hide their tattoos with makeup and patches. But when it comes to the streets, there is the freedom to be themselves. They proudly show off their piercings and tattoos like other accessories in their street style. A lot of people consider them as an act of rebellion. Many things in Korea are considered forbidden, but young people today find the courage and the voice to express themselves.

The retro and the vintage


It is probably the style that sums up all the others. The retro and vintage style of the street integrates both new and old garments. Take bold color patterns and cuts. An example is the garments and accessories that are part of Korean fashion in the 90s. That is the time when the Korean style began to take its first steps. It is common in the last few days. Idols like Lee Hyori copy this retro and vintage street style. Current Korean fashion has not shed its beginnings.


7 Korean Street Fashion Brands You Can’t-Miss



Korean Fashion Trends- what is korean street fashion - XIDOXU

It is a brand that has a well-known headquarter in Seoul. The themes of their collections for each season tend to be very poetic and inspiring.


But also very creative and eye-catching. Taking inspiration from the personalities of everyone. Its garments have surreal, strange, and very lyrical elements.


They send a message to the public and also express emotions. Their clothes are considered of quality and very attached to the street style.


The modernity of the city and the streets is noticeable in their clothes. 




Korean Fashion Trends- what is korean street fashion - D- ANTIDOTE

K-POP stars and fashion fans are the ones who have given this brand recognition. It is a brand that designs streetwear for men, but the clothing also has an ambiguous gender.


D-ANTIDOTE is the best option also for girls who dress in this style. The SEOULONDON motto is recurrent in the designs, in addition to mixing London and Korean themes.


This fact was born from the taste of the founder for these cities.


His work is between the limits of luxury and street fashion.




Korean Fashion Trends- what is korean street fashion - HYEIN SEO

Interest in this brand has grown not only in Korea but also in other parts of the world.


The founder became known to the world when she presented one of her collections at New York Fashion Week.


HYEIN SEO is primarily a women’s clothing brand. The clothes have a chic and relaxed style but also very luxurious.


Many girls who have a punk style wear the clothes of this prestigious brand on the streets. They have neutral colors and loose cuts. 




Korean Fashion Trends- what is korean street fashion - PERCENTIS

It is a local brand that little by little became popular. It attracts everyone thanks to the way he expresses himself in his creations.


It does through silhouettes and demonstrative images. The founder started out designing outfits for rock bands.


He took inspiration from other cities in Asia and different continents.


It is one of the brands that most integrate rock and punk styles into its designs. International artists have bought his designs, in addition to Korean celebrities, recognizing the brand as a potential in fashion.


5. 87MM


Korean Fashion Trends- what is korean street fashion - 87MM

The minimalist and the trends of the 80s appear in the designs of this prestigious urban brand.


It has two founders, and the dates of its birth inspired the name of the brand.


Its main headquarters are in Seoul, but it has others in different cities.


Besides, they also have a cafeteria. That is worth visiting because many people who wear this street style converge there. 87MM combines bold colors and graphic prints.




Korean Fashion Trends- what is korean street fashion - KIRIN

The founder is a renowned DJ. She took electronic music and integrated it into designs, thus creating something unique and innovative.


The clothing is vibrant, easy to combine with other pieces and mix the vinyl and the skin to the garments.


Korean mythology appears in this brand’s clothes, the Nightlife of the streets, and its details.


KIRIN is a brand that stands out in Korean fashion and leads in women’s streetwear.




Korean Fashion Trends- what is korean street fashion - PUSHBUTTON

In the beginning, the founder was interested in music. At the age of 19, he did a fashion course, but soon he left to dedicate himself to singing.


His musical career started, but in the middle of the release of his second album, he again felt the urge to resume his path in fashion.


From there, he created his clothing brand, but the music continued to inspire him. He took elements of the style of the 70s and 80s to integrate them into his designs.


He highlights the beauty in opposites to create contrast. It is a brand that already distributes its collections worldwide. K-pop fans are also fans of this brand.

A little more about Korean street fashion


Korean Fashion Trends- what is korean street fashion - A little more

The street style is one of the styles that stand out the most in recent days. South Korea is a country where conservatism is still maintained. The clothes reflect a lot of that and the traditions of society.


However, youth increasingly free themselves from the rules and begin to implement their own. The process of change may be slow, but it is insured. The streets are the scene of that change that is taking place in the new generation. 


If you are interested in knowing more about K-fashion and all its styles, you should continue visiting our blog. Here you can find information that will keep you connected with your favorite fashion!

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