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What is Korean fashion? People’s interest in the Korean industry has only grown these last few years. Today, Korean style is gaining popularity thanks to its impeccable sense of fashion that draws inspiration from everyday life. All, or at least the majority, have a desire to get closer to South Korean culture. Many do it through K-pop, K-dramas, or simply because they are captivated by Korean fashion


However, one of the main questions among those who still do not fully know this acclaimed industry but want to get closer to it is: What is Korean Fashion


If you got this far, that’s because you have asked yourself that question more than once, and you need answers. So, here, we will explain what K-fashion is, what defines it, and some of its most common styles.


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Let us get to know Korean Style!


K-fashion is a trendy style that differs from Western fashion because it tends to be more discreet. It is also elegant or even cute. We know that the great fashion capitals are New York, Paris, Tokyo, Milan, and London. But the truth is that Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is not far from being integrated into the cities that serve as the most famous fashion stages. 


In keeping with their traditions, Korean designers have modernized the typical Korean costume: the hanbok. Korean nature, climate, and geography are what inspire the traditional costume. Those inspirations continue to this day. For that reason, it is a big part of the everyday culture of Korea. Even in today’s clothing, you can see how designers are inspired by its history and values, adapting the garments to the latest trends.

What makes Korean fashion unique?


Korean fashion is unique for many reasons, as we have now seen. However, some details stand out in K-fashion. They make it unique and different from the rest. A combination of avant-garde garments and accessories with elegant and sophisticated details. The presence of pastel but also neutral colors, and of course, the influence of K-pop fashion is also crucial in K-fashion. In our blog, you can learn about the styles of your favorite K-pop idols!

What is Korean fashion inspired by?


Korean fashion is inspired by many Western trends since the presence of major haute couture brands has a high status in the South Korean country. However, Korean fashion also integrates many elements that allow it to stand out and be appreciated by any fashion clothing lover. For example, dressing in layers and oversized garments is characteristic of Korean fashion.

What are the characteristics of Korean clothing?


Korean fashion: The comfy clothes


Usually, the Korean style always thinks about people’s comfort. For this reason, it is common to find oversized pieces. Also, women in Korea tend to wear this type of clothing because it allows them to hide their shape. In contradistinction to the West, Korean clothing has a marked tendency to hide the body’s shape. 


Thanks to that, we can see that their style is also conservative. However, like everything in life, that has evolved in recent years. It is increasingly common to see stores full of crop-top or off-shoulder blouses. Also, it’s common to see girls combine oversize with tight clothing.


Korean fashion: Out of the ordinary inside the casual


Even if there are many casual looks in Korean fashion, they do not stay in the ordinary. They dare to play with their clothes!   With the non-existent fear of mixing one piece with another, this trend has achieved popularity. Dresses over pants, shirts inside dresses, long socks, and jeans, everything is valid and beautiful!


Korean fashion: Inspired by everyday life


Casual outfits abound in K-fashion. One of the most recognized looks within this style is school clothes. Yes! In Korea, the uniform is not only used to go to school, but it has also become so popular that girls tend to dress that way in their day-to-day life.


On the other hand, Koreans often say that they are in love through clothing. Are you in a relationship? Do you want everyone on the street to know? You can say it with your clothes! It is common for couples to buy matching clothes, accessories, and even shoes.  Very romantic, don’t you think so?


Most common styles in Korean fashion




Pastel colors and white are the most used in this style. With the abundance of the latter, it is essential to note the curious fact that in Korea, the color white represents simplicity and innocence. Here again, we see the influence of their traditions. Within the cute style, short skirts, long coats, and small accessories go great. In this type of fashion style, garments with animated characters stand out.




Grunge is a style inspired by the 80s and 90s. This trend is of a particular aesthetic. It managed to be the form of expression of a disagreement against the established norms. The grunge stands out for mixing informal garments with a casual look. It is a bit rougher and tends towards stronger colors like red and black. Garments such as hats, shirts, and plaid skirts are worn.




It is a more comfortable style, but at the same time, it is also very striking.  The sport is one of the most common among idols. They popularized it for wearing it on their days off or when they must travel. For this reason, many also recognize this style as the airport style. Sport style includes many garments, such as shirts with numbers, caps, and tennis shoes.




The sophisticated style is the most used by those who work in offices. They make sure that simple and straightforward looks good. Women often accompany their sophisticated outfits with small and minimalist accessories. Men wear understated but elegant suits.


Street style


The street style is the most common style among young people. It’s a relaxed street style because it combines rock and hip-hop elements. It is a look that both men and women can wear. Men wear baggy pants, shorts, and shirts. Women wear dresses with shirts or any other garment. All of that allows them to achieve a dynamic and striking look. Street style is the easiest to buy in stores thanks to the great demand from young people in their twenties.




The tomboys are the women who have a boyish style, but there are also the girls who only take this style and integrate it into their day-to-day life. Although a masculine style is adopted, the truth is that through makeup or the way you wear your hair, you can make it feminine. The tomboy is not divorced from femininity. It is a comfortable and practical bet. They wear loose shirts, hats, and ripped jeans. 


Thanks to its characteristics and its different styles, we can say that Korean fashion is one of the most versatile that exists so far. The inspiration they take from people’s day-to-day lives and traditions has made it a fashion statement that cannot go unnoticed. Korean style has had a sense of community since the beginning of its history. Thanks to the fact that it has remained until today, current Korean fashion has become common within Korea. Most stores sell the same styles, but you will hardly see someone on the streets wearing the same as someone else.


Now everything is clear about what Korean fashion is!


The pluralism of K-fashion grows more every day, and every day it has a bigger influence on Western fashion. People are not hesitant to buy Korean clothes to change or modify their styles. It ranks first among the Asian giants for a reason. From the first opening of the fashion week in Seoul, it positioned itself as a reference.


But if you have not yet decided to try this trend, we recommend you keep reading our blog. We have different posts available that will help you get closer to Korean fashion. This fashion style is here to stay. After all, in addition to being quality, it is also creative and allows everyone to have a unique and different style.


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