What is Korean Fashion Week?

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South Korea has become a fashion epicenter. And like any other fashion capital, it also has its fashion week. But what is Korean Fashion Week? Many people ask that question. If you are a lover of K-fashion trends, you must know what Korean fashion week is. Above all, if in the future you want to visit South Korea. Or if you pretend to enjoy fashion in its streets and on the catwalks. It is an event that will surely leave you fascinated because, in addition to knowing the latest trends in fashion, you will be able to surround yourself with significant personalities from South Korea. Let’s find out what it is about!


One of the most important weeks in Korea


Korean fashion week is a global fashion event held twice a year. People can celebrate this fashion week in the spring/summer and autumn/winter seasons, which corresponds to March and October. The event is marked by inclusion and diversity, combining haute couture with urban style. It takes place at the DONGDAEMUN DESIGN PLAZA, in Seoul, the capital of South Korea.


Korean Fashion Week is also a way to pay tribute to some of South Korea’s most recognizabledesigners. Now South Korea has put much of its focus on local talent. That talent is the center of attention not only for natives but also for foreigners.


How is Korean fashion week?


This event, also known as Seoul fashion week, is the main one that redefines the meaning of fashion that prevails in East Asia. This event showcases products, the history of Korean fashion, sexy socks, costumes, and much more. It is the most comprehensive fashion and apparel fair in South Korea. Fashion business owners look forward to this event because it sets market trends across Asia. Major industry stakeholders come in and forge business commitments. Korean fashion week is such a significant event that they put a lot of effort into its organization. The event has three divisions. Are you interested in knowing what they are?


The Seoul Collection, What is Korean Fashion Week?


The Seoul collection is among the most important in Korean fashion. This collection exhibits the latest trend designs that belong to the most recognized brands in the country. Because of that, it is a Korean high fashion event. Besides that, TV stars and even many idols attend the event. Every year, celebrities and fashionistas flock to the Seoul collection with the expectation of consuming the best of Korean fashion.


Next Generation, What is Korean Fashion Week?


It is a fashion design program for Korean designers. It focuses on beginning designers with less than five years of experience. This section of Korean Fashion Week emphasizes the unique look and creative thinking of designers. It is a program designed to give opportunities to new talents that allow theKorean fashion industry to grow.


The Seoul Fashion Fair, What is Korean Fashion Week?


It is an exhibition that shows all Korean fashion companies to the public. Its mission is to grow Korean fashion companies. It also helps create trade associations that can compete in the global fashion market. It is easy for companies to get a place at the fair. They need to think carefully about what they will show the public. The display must be attractive and captivating. However, being Korean fashion companies, most always marvel at their innovative and creative proposals.


4 reasons to go to Korean fashion week


A pleasant atmosphere


A Korean fashion week is a party! When you leave the subway station before arriving at DONGDAEMUN Plaza, you will be able to hear loud music as if you were at a concert. Besides that, you would be close to elegant people of all ages and professional photographers. All fashion shows are broadcast live on a giant screen, and you can participate in various shows and events. You can see children dancing and an elegant pop-up store that displays very refined and original clothes at very affordable prices. You can also meet the designers and even buy some unique items.


You can meet many Korean models


If you go to Korean fashion week, you will see Korean models everywhere. You will be able to see them between two shows or when a show ends. All the models hang out somewhere off the catwalks, and that’s when you get your chance to meet them. You can also meet professional photographers and designers.


You can be a model too!


If you want to stay a little longer after to enjoy the atmosphere, prepare for a surprise. Photographers will most likely treat you as a model. More so if your outfit is as fashionista as the models. Also, if you are a foreigner, that will reason enough for them to capture you with their cameras. They will consider your beauty as unique and will want to photograph it. This is also because Koreans take great pride in seeing foreigners being a part of their fashion events.


You can meet celebrities


It is not a fake. It is a reality. As we said before, Korean fashion week is an event awaited by all celebrities and fashionistas. If you go to Seoul Fashion Week, chances are you will meet more than one star from the art world. Before every big show, you can see K-pop singers, models, or K-drama actors get out of their car and walk on a red carpet. You can also see them in some shows that you can attend by buying tickets. Usually, when you go to these events, the chances of meeting a celebrity are high. If luck is on your side, maybe you can get a picture with them.


Although the Covid-19 pandemic does not allow this event to take place as usual, the Korean fashion week catwalks are also available on digital platforms. Thus, its reach is higher globally because people everywhere can enjoy the Korean clothing collection show. However, being such a special event for Koreans and an event that has a great artistic sense, many hope that in the future, the event will resume as it was before. Korean Fashion Week is undoubtedly one of the most fashionable celebrations of all. It shows that the attention should not only be on western fashion but also on Asian fashion. After all, K-fashion is becoming more famous by the day. Its trends enchant anyone with a keen sense of fashion. 


Now that you know what it’s all about, you no longer have to think about that question of what is Korean Fashion Week. To stay up-to-date on the latest Korean fashion news, visit our blog every day!


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