What is happening with BlackPink?


We know that when a new K-pop group debuts, they have to get used to the bad of fame. Fame often comes full of many rumors and scandals. What is happening with BlackPink? That is a very recurring question. Above all, since the famous girl group debuted. The news about these beautiful Korean singers is always among all K-pop fans. Do you want to know the answers to some of your questions about BlackPink? Find out what is happening recently with this unstoppable group of Korean girls!


Who is the richest girl in BlackPink?


This question is hard to answer when the four girls are shining around the world. The difference in earnings is not large, but there is one that makes the most money. Look at this top of the four girls according to their earnings.


  • Lisa


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Lisa-(subtitulo)Do not be surprised that Lalisa Manoban is the most millionaire on BlackPink. Lisa comes from wealthy parents. Her father is a prestigious chef in Thailand.


Thanks to her background, she has earned income with Thai language advertising. She owns a video game, and she created her own YouTube channel with over 7 million subscribers.


Also, her Instagram account has over 50 million followers. Lisa’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million, making her the wealthiest on BlackPink and one of the richest idols in South Korea.


  • Jennie


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Jennie-(subtitulo)Aside from her earnings from being a singer and member of BlackPink.


Jennie earns income from her solo work.


She has been a model for Chanel, Hera, and other prestigious brands.


Her Instagram account has over 47 million followers.


Her fortune hovers around $9 million.





  • Jisoo


Jisoo is currently a model for many brands.


She has 43 million followers on Instagram, and her fortune is approximately $9 million.







  • Rosé



Rosé has income from being the main vocalist on BLACKPINK.


Her Instagram account has 42 million followers.


She has a fortune of approximately $9 million.





Who is the prettiest in BlackPink?


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Who-is-the-prettiest-in-BlackPink-(subtitulo)When thinking about this question, we can tell that the prettiest in BlackPink is Jisoo because she has the title of visual in the group (and because she is so beautiful).


However, choosing only one as the prettiest would be a sin. Here we consider each of them to be beautiful.


Each BlackPink idol has a distinct glow, plus, within the group, each one has a role: the main vocalist and lead dancer is Rosé, the group’s lead vocalist and visual is Jisoo. While Jennie is the lead rapper and Lisa is the lead dancer and lead rapper.


Many qualities are taken into account when creating a K-Pop group. The talent for singing and dancing is indispensable, but other characteristics cannot be lacking in a group like this girl group from YG Entertainment. One of them is charisma. That is something that idols show with their fans and also by visiting different radio or television shows. But what is no less important is the beauty of each artist. While a group may or may not determine who their visual is, all members are usually attractive, and proof of this happens with BlackPink.


So… Are all BlackPinks beautiful?


Korean-Fashion-Trends-So…-Are-all-BlackPinks-beautiful-(subtitulo)You are right! The Lovesick Girls performers come from different parts of the world. Each one has their own story and has traveled their path to becoming a music star.


Lisa, Jisoo, Rosé, and Jennie are now successful singers and have even shone in modeling. But when it comes to choosing the prettiest, who among them would triumph?


All of them, because determining that is a complicated decision. First, because they all have something that makes them unique and charming, but also because beauty is a subjective quality and everyone finds it in different places, people, or activities.


Here are some qualities that each of the BLACKPINK members possesses. Remember that this list is not in any particular order. It is not about listing idols but about highlighting what we admire about each of them, about their appearance.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-Rosé-(subtitulo)2The performer of Gone has already shown her skills as a soloist, but we cannot leave aside her physical charm that perfectly complements Rosé’s good personality.


This idol has an elegant appearance that adapts to different styles. Although she looks glamorous with the outfits in awards and gala events, her daily style is not far behind.


Rosé’s good looks lead her to turn anywhere on her runway.


She has a fresh and youthful look that perfectly fits the girl crush vibe of K-Pop.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-Lisa- BlackPinkThe Thai rapper also shines widely as a model. Lisa has many virtues in her favor.


The features of her face combine delicacy with a fresh vibe that is irresistible, but she is also not afraid to experiment with her look, so she presents different facets of her style that take our breath away.


Lisa is one of the tallest in this group.


She has long legs that make her one of the favorite idols to model in prestigious magazines.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-Jisoo- BlackPinkJisoo possesses a style of beauty that leads her to earn compliments wherever she goes. It is a visuality with a natural vibe that is often known as pure beauty.


Jisoo’s fresh look is an obvious example that sometimes less is more since it is a style where keeping everything as close to natural as possible is a great success.


Jisoo usually keeps her hair in discreet tones, and also her makeup in soft colors is so brilliant.


The idol does not need makeup to look fresh and beautiful because she has a unique image.



Korean-Fashion-Trends-Jennie- BlackPink


This girl is known as it girl, someone who is as beautiful as she is talented and influential, so almost no one can resist her charms.


One of Jennie’s great virtues is her duality because while she may be a rapper with whom we might not have the courage to meet, she also has a tender side that will steal your heart.





Does Lisa like Jungkook?


Speculation has emerged for several months that BTS’s Jungkook and BLACKPINK’s Lisa were much more than friends. But no, it is fake. And it is also not true that Lisa likes Jungkook and vice versa. As reported by IWMBuzz, Jungkook and Lisa are good friends and are not dating. Both artists are so famous and have so much love from fans around the world. Lisa and Jungkook are not in a relationship. But yet we can admire the friendship between them as just that, a friendship. Come on, just because a girl and a boy are good friends does not mean that they are dating. Let’s change that way of thinking and enjoy the friendship of these two young artists who conquer the world every day.


Dua Lipa’s reunion with BlackPink’s Jennie triggers rumors of a possible new collaboration


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Dua-Lipa-s-reunion-with-BlackPink-s-Jennie-triggers-rumors-of-a-possible-new-collaboration-(subtitulo)Who tests repeats. We have seen it with Ed Sheeran and BTS with their second collaboration, Permission to dance, and hopefully, we will see it again between Dua Lipa and BlackPink.


The first step has already been taken. Or at least we would like to think that after seeing the photograph of the meeting between the British soloist and Jennie, one member of the popular K-pop band.


“Peek into the week”, explained the London singer in her latest Instagram post, which has caused an earthquake in the foundations of music information. A collection of images accompanied this text, and one of them was a selfie with the BlackPink member.


Will there be a successor to Kiss and makeup? 


Well, in the minds of millions of followers of both the artist and the Korean group, there is no doubt whatsoever. At the moment, there is no official confirmation from any of the artists or their representatives. But the rumor has spread like wildfire. In less than an hour, it exceeded one million interactions on Instagram. These theories add to that half of BlackPink is in Los Angeles to continue working on creating music. YG Entertainment, their record company, confirmed it. In addition to seeing Dua Lipa, rumors also point to other artists such as Jaden Smith. And if we add to the rumors that after a few days we saw the British woman get into the recording studio to work on the compositions for DL3, anything is possible. Learn more about the subject by watching this Billboard video by clicking here!


BlackPink is the most famous Korean girl group in recent times. Because of that, we know it is essential for you as a fan to know all the news about this great K-pop. Do not stop asking yourself what is happening with BlackPink? Because something is always happening. The fame of the girls is unstoppable! To stay on top of all your favorite news, do not forget to visit Korean fashion trends every day!

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