What is BlackPink’s airport fashion?


What is BlackPink’s airport fashion? The BlackPink girls are all fashion icons. They always dazzle us with their outfits, whether in their MVs, presentations, and even in airports. Thanks to its great popularity, this girl band has become an ambassador for clothing brands such as Celine, Yves Saint Laurent, Coco Chanel, and Christian Dior. In addition to wearing these exclusive garments to different social events, the BlackPink members also put together some outfits when they have to travel. Hence the question, what is BlackPink’s airport fashion like? If you want to know the best airport attendants these girls have dressed, we invite you to stay at Korean Fashion Trends. Today we bring you some of the best that will inspire you to put your own together.


Know the airport fashions of the BlackPink girls


Jennie: BLACKPINK’s Chanel girl


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Jennie-BLACKPINKs-Chanel-girl-(Subtitulo)What is BlackPink’s airport fashion? We’ll start with the rapper who has stolen our hearts with her sweetness and style to answer that question.


Jennie has been an ambassador for the Coco Chanel clothing brand since 2018, and just as she has used her best designs to appear in MVs, she has also shown them in airports.


The advantage of these outfits is that you can recreate them with clothes you have in your closet: denim jeans or dark pants, a sky blue crop top, a black coat, a long-sleeved white blouse.


And even if they are not from the prestigious Coco Chanel, we can all feel like idols!


Lisa: BlackPink’s rapper dazzles with her outfits


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Lisa-BlackPinks-rapper-dazzles-with-her-outfits-(Subtitulo)Who also dazzles us with her creativity when choosing an outfit is Lisa. And although she usually combines items from different brands such as Adidas, YSL, Balenciaga, Prada, and Celine, she always manages to catch the eye. Since 2020, she is the image of Celine worldwide. She is a fan of her bags!


If something characterizes the idol, it is that she always wears very comfortable clothes and that, of course, accompanied by her smile, makes her look incredible.


So trying an outfit in the style of Lisa is easy because you only need some jeans, shirts in a striking color that matches the shoes, and a coat. Simplicity and fashion go hand in hand when it comes to Lisa’s airport fashion.


Rosé: Yves Saint Laurent’s ambassador


Korean Fashion Trends  What is BlackPink's airport fashion? Rosé We’ve recently seen BLACKPINK lead vocalist Rosé in some Yves Saint Laurent outfits, as in 2020, she is their global ambassador because she fits their concept so well.


The style of this clothing brand is minimalist but very sensual, exploiting all the power that black color and delicate fabrics give. However, years ago, she also showed some other combinations that left us with our mouths open and feeling inspired by her.


To recreate these outfits, you also need some basics: dark jeans, black boots, blouses with long sleeves, and accessories. Also, pants and a crop top create a very comfortable look that you can enhance with a nice hairstyle like Rose.


Jisoo: between elegance and comfort


Korean-Fashion-Trends- Jisoo - What is BlackPink's airport fashion?We love that Jisoo always looks super stylish. However, she combines clothes that make her look cute and, above all, comfortable.


This BLACKPINK member has let us see her fashion sense with the outfits she chooses to get to an airport. That is why this year, the prestigious fashion house Christian Dior chose her as their ambassador.


You can recreate her airport outfits with short skirts, shorts, dresses with a simple pattern, and always comfortable shoes. What is BlackPink’s airport fashion? If you think of Jisoo, remember that elegance and comfort are good allies when traveling.


Does BlackPink wear revealing clothes?


YG Entertainment company does not allow BlackPink to wear revealing outfits. But now, the girls are popular in the US, and they are trying out new American styles. So yes: BlackPink wears revealing clothing. Maybe not always, but on many occasions. An example of that is Jennie, who loves to dress in clothes that break Korean beauty standards. Many fans have said that it seems Jennie is obsessed with showing off some skin, as her plunging necklines were the highlight of the past few years. 


As evidence, we have Jennie’s solo debut. She wore a dress that revealed her cleavage, which is a milestone for Korea. Why? Because there, showing the cleavage is not well seen. Jennie wore a blue sequin dress that perfectly suits her slender figure and gives a full view of her cleavage. She perfected her stunning look with eye makeup, which matches her beautiful outfit amazingly. Also, it hasn’t been the only time we’ve seen Jennie wear revealing clothes. From miniskirts, crop tops, and even bikinis, Jennie knows how to amaze an entire fandom thanks to her courage to wear what she wants.


Which BlackPink is most fashionable?


Although all the members of BlackPink are fashionable, many fans think that the one who stands out the most in fashion is Jennie. Maybe that is why many were surprised when Rosé was the first BlackPink girl to attend a Met Gala. Jennie, the stunning diva, is known as the most fashionable girl in the K-Pop music industry. Also, she is the global ambassador for her favorite French house, ‘Chanel’. She has the most stunning fashion sense among all the BlackPink girls because she has known how to show it on any occasion.


Be it on red carpets, front row fashion shows, or even on the streets, her style is almost unmatched and makes even Chanel look classy and casual at the same time. She has had more than a few fashion hits when it comes to street-style casual wear. Thanks to that, Jennie has been hired by many sponsorships throughout the year. We are all so used to seeing her dressed in formal designer clothes. From her stunning airport look to her street look, her fashion sense is enviable. Do you agree with that?


What brand does BlackPink wear?


Perhaps the correct question would be which brand DOESN’T BlackPink wear? Because thanks to their popularity and their beautiful faces, these girls are ambassadors for various luxury brands. Whether they are Korean or international, the girls of BlackPink put any fashion house high because the garments of these brands are a large part of their outfits both on and off stage. Some of the luxury brands that these girls represent and that they also wear are Channel, Dior, Celine, and YSL. They are avant-garde girls, but each one has her style when it comes to dressing. Jennie is cute but sexy, Jisoo is elegant and feminine, Rose takes inspiration from music and street styles, and Lisa is fierce, youthful, and witty. Without a doubt, we can also see the essence of these girls in their styles.


What is BlackPink’s airport fashion? They not only surprise us with good music and incredible performances, but with their outfits, they make a whole catwalk at the airport. Find out what the airport fashion of these girls is like and get inspired to recreate their looks. If you do, don’t forget to share your impressions and experience in the comments. We are waiting for you in the next Korean Fashion Trends blog!

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