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Korean Fashion Trends - What is aegyo sal

One of the achievements of makeup over the years has been to provide women with the alternative of correcting those defects that make them feel insecure. A clear example is a concealer to hide dark circles, that public enemy of people with a poor sleep routine or a busy lifestyle. However, one of the latest trends in the Korean beauty world is accenting dark circles. What is aegyo sal? It is precisely that. It’s going against the grain when it comes to covering dark circles. Why? Because one of the main elements to achieve an Asian-style look is to emphasize the area to give a “smiling” effect to the eyes. If you want to know more about this Korean beauty trend, stay here at Korean Fashion Trends and keep scrolling down!


What does Aegyo mean?


But before asking yourself “what is aegyo sal?“, it is better that you first ask yourself and know what the term Aegyo means. In that way, you can better understand the Aegyo salt trend. Aegyo (애교) is mainly a cute way of acting. It is popular in Korean culture, especially among K-Pop idols. It’s when a person acts cutely or childishly, despite not being a small child. So, the term Aegyo sal (애교살), where sal means fat referring to the skin, means cute or tender fat. For many Koreans, skin is not just about being well hydrated. Many also consider the accumulated lump on the lower eyelid beautiful. Many people think it is something cute and cheery.


Is aegyo sal eyebags?


No, it is not. The effect that this makeup creates is different from natural dark circles. But then, what is aegyo sal? This makeup trend, far from making you look tired, creates the illusion that you have doll-like eyes. It is a procedure that favors people with sunken, slanted, or small eyes, which is why it is such a popular makeup trend in Korea.


Is aegyo sal only smiling?


Yes, it’s just smiling. Aegyo sal is the line of skin just below the eyes that frame the lower lids. Many envy this detail visible in the eyes of many Koreans. But why? Because it makes the person look younger. Aegyo sal is also called smiley eyes. It is because the eyes appear larger. Therefore, it should not be confused with dark circles from lack of sleep. While the circles are dark, drooping, and extend about two inches down from the eyes, the aegyo sal is more of a line under the eyes that is accentuated by smiling and gives an appearance of happiness and tenderness.


How do you know if you have aegyo sal?


Knowing if you have aegyo sal naturally is not very difficult. Aegyo sal is produced by a natural movement of the muscle called the orbicular. This muscle is to close the eyelid. But some people get a more prominent twist when they smile. How does that happen? Thanks to a little extra fat under the eyes. However, although it is common in Korea, it is not just a Korean characteristic. How do you know if you have it? Smile in the mirror and see if your lower eyelid sticks out a bit, and that’s all. If it does, you have aegyo sal by nature. But whether you have it or not, you can achieve this style with a few simple tricks that will give you a more natural and youthful appearance.


Did you know that beauty trends have always revolved around staying young for as long as possible? That’s right, and aegyo sal is no exception. It is why people who still want to have a youthful appearance undergo plastic surgery to get the permanent aegyo sal. It is a simple surgery because it only requires small injections of hyaluronic acid gel. Or also an eye band implant or a fat filler.


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Does everyone have aegyo sal?


No, not all people have natural aegyo sal. As we mentioned before, many adults do not have the aegyo sal shape, so there are methods to achieve the look, such as the surgeries that we previously explained. However, if you don’t want to have surgery to get aegyo sal, there are ways to do it with makeup. Learn about the following technique to join the aegyo sal trend.


  1. The first thing you should do is smile. It will reveal the line under your eyes to create this Korean effect in the most natural way possible.
  2. Outline that area with a matte brown or light brown shadow.
  3. Next, fill the area with a shimmering shadow or highlighter.
  4. Finally, accentuate your eyes with eyeliner and dark eyeshadow. In this way, you can limit the upper and lower areas to create a natural effect. And it is ready! You will have an aegyo sal, thanks to the powerful makeup.


How to have aegyo sal naturally?


One of the ways to have natural aegyo sal is by smiling. However, some people have this effect more developed than others. For that reason, they often resort to cosmetic surgeries or makeup tricks, as mentioned above. But K-Beauty has different techniques in addition to makeup. You can try one of the techniques that we present below:


  • Tapes


These tapes are very similar to the tapes used to achieve double eyelids. It is a quick, easy and invisible solution. All you have to do is stretch it and place it under the lower eyelid, making sure that it creates a puffy look in that area, then trim the remaining tape, and voila! You will already have the aegyo sal effect, just like Korean idols. It is best to look directly at stores that sell K-Beauty products, so you will make sure you are buying quality tapes.


  • Facial exercises


Although there is no evidence that exercises guarantee a well pronounced aegyo sal, we do not rule out the option. Why? Because facial exercises can help your eyes draw a little more attention. However, you must be careful not to overload your eyes. These exercises are performed in a gentle and leisurely way to avoid wrinkles and sagging.


The first exercise consists of gently biting the tip of the tongue. Unconsciously, you will be using the muscles around the eyes. The second exercise is to try to look at the lower eyelids, which will create a movement that will enhance the look. And the last exercise is to place your index finger and middle finger on each corner of the lower eyelid and gently push up.


It is a Korean beauty trend that gives a youthful and happy appearance. It is achieved through the small fat deposits that are located immediately under the lower eyelashes. Do you like aegyo sal? Let us know if you have aegyo sal by nature or if you will do it with makeup. We want to know your experience in achieving this Korean beauty trend. See you on the next blog!


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