What happened to TREASURE’s Jaehyuk?

Korean Fashion Trends - What happened to TREASURE's Jaehyuk?

What happened to TREASURE’s Jaehyuk? Our favorite idol news will always be the good news. However, sadly, this will not always be the case. What happened to TREASURE’s Jaehyuk? If you are a fan of the group and especially Jaehyuk, we recommend you to stay on Korean Fashion Trends. Keep reading, because today, we are talking about the accident the idol suffered on Sunday, April 2nd, 2023, in Bangkok. Do you want to know more? Scroll down!


What accident did TREASURE’s Jaehyuk suffer from?


Korean Fashion Trends - TREASURE's Jaehyuk accidentWhat happened to TREASURE’s Jaehyuk? Jaehyuk, a member of the group TREASURE, found himself in a dangerous situation during the group’s last concert in Bangkok, Thailand. On Sunday, the boys of TREASURE made their fourth stop in Bangkok as a part of their Asia tour: “2023 TREASURE Tour: HELLO.”


Here, the public witnessed a worrying and dangerous situation that member Yoon Jaehyuk experienced. During one of the group’s performances, one of the machines that periodically shoots fire as part of the show’s special effects ignited while Jaehyuk was nearby, and he was brushed by the flames.


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Is TREASURE’s Jaehyuk okay after the accident in Bangkok?


Korean Fashion Trends - TREASURE's JaehyukWhat happened to TREASURE’s Jaehyuk? After the accident, the idol and other members quickly checked to make sure that the fire hadn’t spread through his clothes.


Fortunately, he’s fine, and it didn’t get any worse. Also, the show went on as planned. However, Jaehyuk was seen with a bandage on his hand after the incident.


Due to this, the idol made a live broadcast on the Weverse platform to refer to the accident and reassure the fans, explaining that he is fine, that he put an ointment on his hand, that there is no problem, and that he only got a little scared. 


Did TREASURE’s Jaehyuk’s accident in Bangkok have consequences?


Korean Fashion Trends - TREASURE's Jaehyuk's accident - What happened to TREASURE's JaehyukWhat happened to TREASURE’s Jaehyuk? After the accident suffered by Jaehyuk from TREASURE in Bangkok, the danger of having this type of device in live shows is once again on the table, since it is not the first time an artist has been affected by the poor functioning of these machines. The severity of the situation left TREASURE fans enraged, who took to social media demanding that YG Entertainment and the concert organizers take responsibility for the situation. Currently, the cause of the prop’s malfunction is unknown. Neither the concert organizers nor the venue management has addressed the issue.


What happened to TREASURE’s Jaehyuk? We wish Jaehyuk and the TREASURE guys the best after this delicate moment. Luckily, the accident didn’t have any consequences, so we’re grateful that it wasn’t anything serious, and we hope that Jaehyuk’s minor injury heals properly. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive notifications of our updates on news and discounts on Korean fashion! And, don’t forget that you can follow us to keep up with K-news, K-Fashion, and K-Beauty on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, and Twitch. See you on the next blog!


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