Korean BL dramas: what are some of them?


Are you a K-Drama lover but feel like you want to try something different? Then Korean BLs are for you! Although the popularity of these dramas has grown thanks to Thai BLs, Korea is not far behind in the captivating and beautiful stories that it brings to the public through BLs. However, you are probably new to this, and maybe you want to know what BL means. Today in Korean Fashion Trends, we will talk about Korean BL dramas: what are some of them? We will answer your questions, and in that way, you will also have several Korean BL options to enjoy this coming weekend. Are you ready? Here we go!


What is Korean BL drama?


Korean-Fashion-Trends-What-is-BL-drama-KoreanBL dramas tell the love story of two boys. They will try to overcome all the barriers in their lives with the impulse of their emotions. BL means Boys Love.


This phenomenon of Asian dramas originated from Yaoi, a Japanese term used to refer to the manga story depicting homoerotic romances between men. The genre became famous in 1980, created primarily for an audience of teenage girls.


However, the term has since evolved to refer to any fictional medium depicting romantic relationships between men. From fan fiction, webtoons, and anime, to Boy Love dramas.


BLs are very popular with a diverse audience around the world. Thailand and Taiwan are the main producers of these films. They release more than 80 BL every year.


Are there any BL Korean dramas?


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Are-there-any-BL-Korean-dramasYes, there are. And this comes as a surprise since Korea is a society that still does not openly accept same-sex relationships.


Despite that, there are plenty of Korean BL dramas out there that will leave you mesmerized with their romance stories.


So, Korean BL dramas: what are some of them?


Today you will have the opportunity to find out what they are because, although unlike other countries in the nearby regions, the Korean BL series has only aroused interest and gained strength in recent years- These series are liked by many people.


What is the best Korean BL?


Korean BL Dramas: What are some of them? Let’s solve that question! If you like this genre of dramas, or if you want to start watching something completely different, here is a list of Korean BL dramas that you must watch:


1. You Make Me Dance


Korean-Fashion-Trends-1-You-Make-Me-Dance - Korean BL dramasThis Korean BL tells the story of Song Shi On, who is a 22-year-old college student specializing in contemporary dance. He meets Jin Hong Seok, who is a 28-year-old debt collector for a loan company.


Their stories intersect when Shi On accepts to share an apartment with Hong Seok to save on rent money. From then on, they both unexpectedly find something they have in common: their love for dance.


They also face Korean social pressure as the couple develops a closer relationship. And best of all, it’s a mistake if you thought this Korean BL would be a stereotypical “soft guy” vs. “bad guy” romance.


In addition, you will be surprised by how complete each character is and the depth of their stories. In this Korean BL, destiny hides behind the mask of unexpected encounters and behind inevitable conflicts. It reminds your viewers that everything happens for a reason.


2. Color Rush


Korean-Fashion-Trends-2-Color-RushIn this Korean BL, we immerse ourselves in the story of Yeon Woo, a boy with neurological blindness. He sees the world in gray until he meets Yoo Han. Yeon Woo sees bursts of color that he has never experienced before Yoo Han walks into the room.


However, before the two can figure out what this means, they are faced with another problem: the search for Yeon Woo’s mother. The boy couple begin to unravel the irresistible attraction they have for each other as they delve into the untold stories surrounding the disappearance of Yeon Woo’s mother.


If you think Color Rush is the typical romance of finding your soulmate on a spring or summer day, you are wrong. In this Korean BL, you will discover the perfect combination of romance and emotion as the plot unfolds. Fans of this drama have commented that Color Rush is one of the most special K-Dramas they have ever seen since it deals with such a stunning and unusual topic.


3. Wish You: Your Melody From My Heart


Korean-Fashion-Trends-3-Wish-You-Your-Melody-From-My-Heart - Korean BL dramasIn the Korean BL drama Wish You, we learn the story of Kang In Soo. He is a free-spirited soul who breathes, eats, and lives music. Although he must reduce his love for music to a simple hobby, In-Soo does not stop singing on the street to spread his love.


One day, an encounter on YouTube leads Yoon Sang Yi to fall in love with In Soo’s music. Hence his idea of recommending the young artist to join the rookie discovery project of his record company. The two soon begin to live and work together. Because of this, love grows between them. But before long, the couple faces countless differences and conflicts, both personal and professional. 


This Korean BL is a perfect combination of handsome boys and K-Pop. It is a compelling story! Being members of boy groups MYNAME and IMFACT, respectively, Kang In-Soo and Lee Sang lent their beautiful voices to the drama’s OST. Which, by the way, is beautiful, and thanks to that, it came to position itself on the music charts. Also, this realistic romance story isn’t afraid to show everyone’s flaws and beautifully portrays how true love embraces those flaws.


4. Mr. Heart


Korean-Fashion-Trends-4-Mr-HeartIn the Korean BL Mr. Heart, we meet Sang Ha, who is a sprinter who never loses his smile even when things are not going well. Unlike him, Jin Won is an ice-cold marathoner who doesn’t care about anything or anyone else but running his next race. So it’s no wonder that when Jin Won’s trainer introduces Sang-Ha to become his new pacemaker, Jin Won doesn’t take it easy.


The two don’t get along at first due to Jin Won’s attitude. But their relationship begins to blossom as they share a deeper and more genuine connection on the slopes. Their passion, running, brings them much closer.


At the same time, however, fears mount that they may both lose what they’ve worked so hard for if their romance develops further.


Once you know the story of these guys, you realize that this BL drama is perfect for binge-watching. And just like their heights, the two characters are opposites. One is a happy boy, and the other is a moody boy. These differences make their romantic journey worth following. It is a story that gives the viewer additional satisfaction when they finally end up together.


What is the Korean BLs premiering in 2022?


Korean BL dramas: what are some of them? If you are one of the people who wait for the premiere of new BLs, get ready for these stories that are about to be released:


1. First Love For The Third Time



In one of the BL premieres of 2022, you will discover reincarnations and past lives.


It is the story of Yeon Seok, a web novelist living his third life.


Everything changes when he meets his first love, Ha Yeon, who is reincarnated as the editor in charge of a book company.


The series will premiere on February 11 on the Viki platform and will have six chapters of 25 minutes each.



2. Color Rush 2 


Korean-Fashion-Trends-2-Color-Rush-2The continuation of the controversial BL Color Rush will tell us the story of Yeon Woo, who is searching for Yoo Han while also investigating the disappearance of her mother.


Se Hyun (Vixx’s Hyuk) joins him in this installment.


He is protecting the boy while he searches for him.


This Korean BL drama will premiere on January 21 on the Viki platform.



3. Semantic Error



Semantic Error is based on the webtoon that has the same title.


It is about a college romance between the unyielding SangWoo and the most popular student on campus, Jae-young.


It stars former KNK member Park SeoHam and DONGKIZ’s Park JaeChan.





4. Cherry Blossoms After Winter


Korean-Fashion-Trends-4-Cherry-Blossoms-After-WinterThe Korean BL Cherry Blossoms After Winter is an adaptation of the webtoon of the same name written by BamWoo.


The story deals with a romantic drama and the friendship of two young people and their search for true love.


It opens in February, so we still have to wait a bit to see it.


Korean BL dramas: what are some of them? You Make Me Dance, Color Rush, and others are some of the most popular Korean BL that you must see if you are a lover of boy love. Furthermore, each of these dramas features beautiful and touching stories. Have you seen any Korean BL yet? If not, what are you waiting for to do it? See you in an upcoming Korean fashion trends blog!

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