What are BTS’s fashion tips?

Korean Fashion Trends - What are BTS's fashion tips?

What are BTS’s fashion tips? In addition to breaking music records worldwide, BTS is in charge of wowing audiences with their varied fashion style. On one occasion, in an interview with GQ magazine, the band revealed their fashion tips so that ARMY, their fandom, can learn a little more about them. So, what are BTS’s fashion tips? Today we have compiled all those fashion and beauty tips so that ARMY can follow them and enjoy the advice of their favorite idols. Are you ready? Do not go and keep reading!


7 tips from BTS to have a perfect style


According to Jin, fashion should reflect confidence


The oldest member of the band, Jin, showed his maturity by saying that his style hero is himself. He added that the key to his style is not to push yourself: Wear what you want, whatever you feel comfortable with. One piece of advice he gave is that sometimes people do not care about what you wear as much as you think, so it is best to wear things for yourself, your comfort, but above all, dress to make yourself feel happy. Without a doubt, great advice for many.


Jin also gives an example of comfort since his clothes tend to be casual, with basics such as jeans, T-shirts, and hoodies in his favorite colors. But he also stands out for wearing pieces without thinking of others’ comments, like when he wore an entire outfit from a BTS photoshoot only to show ARMY.


According to J-Hope, a fun-filled style is best


As his name implies, J-Hope is one of the members who tries to bring hope and fun to his audience. His style is not far behind because, in the interview, he revealed that his fashionable hero is the cartoon Snoopy, as he inspires him to look for fun ways to express himself. “I think they should experiment with whatever they want. So you can understand what you like and what you do not. It is the way you can build your style”, said the rapper as advice. He added that he did this for many years to understand his current fashion form. Also, we have to remember that the dancer constantly shows different styles, but they are generally very colorful. From quirky patterned trousers and jackets to colorful hats and bags with stunning shapes. J-Hope is the funny fashionista in the band.


According to Suga, reserved and comfortable clothes are best


Suga told GQ Magazine that his hero is Batman from The Dark Knight. He admitted that, as a young man, he liked extravagant things. But as an adult, he prefers comfort. “My mother liked clothes a lot, so as a child I was almost always well dressed,” he confessed to the magazine. Without a doubt, his fans know that although he is reserved, he is still a well-dressed idol.


Suga has a reserved style, almost always dressing in monochromatic colors, with black being his favorite. He wears classic pieces, combining jeans, T-shirts, and caps with long coats, dress pants, and boots. His style is a mix of comfort with seriousness, but without being simple. If you identify with a sober style, then you should follow Suga’s fashion advice.


According to Jimin, fashion must have sensitivity


On his part, Jimin said that his greatest hero is ARMY because it is his fans who inspire him in every aspect of his life. “I try very hard to be as friendly, sensitive, and caring as the fans,” explained the singer. When it comes to fashion, he said the point was to be confident. You have to feel that you have as much style as the heroes that inspire you. Many BTS fans have creativity reflected in their fashion, but this is also unfounded by the band’s dancers. Jimin is another member who wears classics complemented by standout pieces. He adds beanies, bomber jackets in different colors, and a lot of jewelry that distinguishes him from his other companions. 


According to Jungkook, fashion deserves care


The group’s maknae said that his personal and fashion hero is their leader, RM. Fans of the group know that Jungkook joined BigHit Entertainment thanks to the rapper, so it is no wonder this is his response. He commented that rather than copying the leader’s style from him; the idol found parts of himself by connecting with RM in talks or making music. “I don’t think I have a specific style, but I think taking care of yourself, as well as keeping yourself neat, is a way of expressing yourself,” he replied in the interview.


Jungkook is also a fan of monochrome with prints. He prefers to feel comfortable, so he wears layered loose clothing, always with sneakers or boots that stand out for their size. And sure enough, he puts a lot of detail into his grooming, commenting several times with ARMY about his concern for keeping his clothes clean.


According to RM, art style with attitude is best


For the leader of the group, his heroes are artists Whanki Kim and Yun Hyong-Keun. The rapper said that he constantly wonders what advice they could give him when he has a lot of thoughts, but on the outside, he keeps quiet. In the realm of fashion, he thinks it is about your attitude. “The most important thing is to try things, buy things and let them become part of you. Wear it comfortably and proudly”, he advised his fans. RM has an organic style. He uses neutral tones, is very close to nature, and wears shorts with shirts that show that part of stillness that fascinates him about art.


According to V, fashion is an opportunity to be unique


Finally, there is V, who said that his hero is his father, who as a young man used to work in a clothing store, so he was very fashionista. The BTS singer grew up seeing photos of his dad, which inspired him to dress. He said: “Be yourself. Create your unique style”. And it is a suggestion that the boy takes seriously, as fans recognize him for not following popular fashion, but that he dresses according to his tastes and personality.


V adds many elements, such as ties, vests, or cardigans, to his everyday clothes. While he wears big-name brands, such as Gucci or Versace, he takes his style very seriously and modifies pieces of clothing by adding his art to blazers or shirts.


Does BTS have good skin?


If you love everything related to skincare, then you must be familiar with Korean beauty trends. You know nobody does it better than K-Pop idols. They are known for their flawless skincare routines that result in crystal skin, and the guys at BTS are no exception. Yes, they have good skin. Beyond their incredible talent, the seven members of the international boy band have always been known for their flawless skin. So when you wonder what are BTS’s fashion tips? You could also take their beauty tips into account. Thanks to them, you could have not only stunning style but also flawless skin.


What is the beauty secret of BTS?


What are BTS’s fashion tips? BTS is one of the Korean groups that are extremely popular and known for their skin complexion. Aside from their amazing songs, dance moves, and cute personality, their smooth skin is hard to ignore. Each one uses different routines and beauty products, but there are some of their secrets. You can apply them and have skin like theirs! V uses cotton pads moistened with tonics. Since Jungkook has pimple-prone skin, he uses toner and cream at night and during the day. J-Hope integrates facial cream, toner, acne cream, and lotion into his beauty routine.


Unlike him, Jimin simplifies everything by washing his face very well and always sleeping without makeup. Like him, Suga also doesn’t follow a strict beauty routine. He only cleans his face well and wears some masks. On the other hand, RM’s skin concerns are like Jungkook’s. RM shared that he has dry skin and likes to focus on products that keep his skin hydrated. Finally, Jin confessed that he is a lover of masks to keep his skin beautiful and hydrated.


What are BTS’s fashion tips? The advice of these K-Pop greats will help you achieve the perfect look for any occasion! Also, thanks to their beauty tips, you could have skin like theirs. Have you already put their fashion and beauty tips into practice? Do not forget to tell us in the comments! We are waiting for you in the next Korean Fashion Trends blog.


Photo by: Krrr Magazine

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