In Korea, is it worth wearing skinny jeans in 2021?


In Korea, is it worth wearing skinny jeans in 2021? Fashion is always changing. Here and anywhere in the world, trends are constantly updated. Korean fashion gets updated every year and every season. However, they are adept at integrating classic elements into avant-garde and modern fashion. Because of that, many garments remain among the latest trends. So in Korea, is it worth wearing skinny jeans in 2021? The truth is that in recent days, there is a preference for baggy jeans. Even so, skinny jeans remain among the choices of many people. If you want to find out more about the answer to the question of whether it is worth wearing jeans in Korea in 2021, don’t go! Keep reading.


Are skinny jeans a trend in Korea?


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Are-skinny-jeans-a-trend-in-Korea-(Subtitulo)Maybe they are not the ones that people mostly use. But they are still appreciated and easy to see in some stores.


In fact, at the latest Seoul Fashion Week, the style was more understated than usual. Black and white was the main color scheme.


In addition, denim rose as the king of fashion. Stylish locals also wear their jeans tucked into boots.


However, the newest thing was that they opted for skinny jeans in favor of baggy styles. Because of that, we can see that it does. In Korea, it is worth wearing skinny jeans in 2021.


How to combine skinny jeans?


Skinny jeans are a garment that cannot be missing in our closets. We all have a pair in different colors and styles in our wardrobe. We put together our outfits depending on how we feel on the day we want to dress them. Its versatility allows us to combine it in a thousand ways.


One of the best ways to wear these jeans is wearing them up to the waist. High-rise skinny jeans take us back to the 60s and 70s. And, if the jeans are cut at the calf, the vintage touch of your look gets heightened. That, far from being an impediment, is a fun way to assemble your outfit. You can also wear classic design skinny jeans, integrating them into your day-to-day with other garments that give it the perfect touch.


Do they wear jeans in South Korea?


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Do-they-wear-jeans-in-South-Korea-(Subtitulo)Of course, Koreans wear jeans. Although, it depends on the situation.


If you’re traveling to South Korea for fun, you can feel free to wear Crocs or whatever.


For that reason, jeans and converse can work if you are on the streets.


But not for significant situations!


But if you are traveling for business and work matters, it is better to dress smartly and take care of your image. 


Are jeans popular in Korea?


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Are-jeans-popular-in-Korea-(Subtitulo)Yes, jeans are so popular in Korea! Something that many know but that others do not is that fashion goes in cycles.


Usually, every 20-25 years, the most famous fashion trends are repeated. One of the recurring trends today is denim.


In jeans, in shorts, and even in skirts and jackets. While this trend is not unique in Korea, it is very popular in Korea right now.


Denim shorts, in particular, are all the rage because their muted color makes them easy to match with a wide range of clothing.


Also, for a perfect Korean outfit, knitted blouses work well. If you’re looking to complete a cute outfit, a tennis skirt or other light-colored skirt works perfectly. You can mix knitted blouses with skinny jeans or ankle-length pants if you are looking for a more casual and minimalist outfit. 


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Can you wear ripped jeans in South Korea?


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Can-you-wear-ripped-jeans-in-South-Korea-(Subtitulo)Of course, yes! These types of pants are a trend in Korean fashion. Also, you can see that idols use it very often.


As you can tell, Koreans take their ripped jeans seriously. It is the perfect casual wear you can wear from day to night.


However, there may be a fear that ripped pants will give you an inappropriate image.


Not sure how to keep your tattered look polished? The key is to keep everything simple and make jeans the central focus of your outfit. But again, they are jeans, and there is no hard and fast rule on how to wear them. But one thing is for sure, wearing them with confidence will take your look to the next level.


4 jeans that are a fashion trend in Korea


While in Korea it is worth wearing skinny jeans in 2021, there are many other jean styles that Koreans are popularizing. If you are interested in knowing what jeans they are, take a look below:


Bootcut jeans


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Bootcut-jeans-(Subtitulo)Yes, bootcut jeans are all the rage in Korea.


Unlike the bootcut jeans of the early years, which featured waists that hugged the hips, the bootcut jeans of 2021 feature a high, figure-flattering waist.


It is also a smaller version than previous versions.


As the name suggests, this style will go perfectly with your favorite boots.





Loose ’90s fit


Go from the extreme of skinny jeans with a super baggy pair of the ‘90s inspired jeans.


The masculine cut of these jeans looks perfect when paired with skinny heels and padded shoulder tops.




Asymmetric buttons



Nothing takes a classic pair of jeans to a new level of style more than an interesting detail.


A fun touch like asymmetrical buttons or fancy embellishments is brilliant.


They are perfect when it comes to dialing in a new style.


These jeans will fit your body so well that you will want to wear them all the time.


Ripped jeans


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Ripped-jeans(Subtitulo)As we said before, ripped jeans are an essential piece in any Korean fashion style guide.


These seem to be a staple of every Korean girl. Just by strolling through the streets of Seoul, you will find at least 9 out of 10 girls wearing these ripped or faded jeans.


Whether it’s day or night, Korean girls know how to wear them, and they look eye-catching.


Also, ripped jeans are perfect to pair with plain tees or subtle ones since the main focus is on your jeans, and you don’t want the attention to deviate. They are a perfect option for a casual and fashionable outfit.


In Korea, is it worth wearing skinny jeans in 2021? If that question haunts your mind, do not worry anymore! Take those skinny jeans out of your closet and wear them with confidence if you intend to achieve a Korean look. This pair of jeans is not absent from Korean fashion, and depending on what clothes you combine them with, you can achieve an ideal outfit. Do you like skinny jeans? Tell us in the comment section. See you on the next Korean fashion trends blog!


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