How to wear low-waisted pants according to Korean fashion?

korean fashion trends - How to wear low-waisted pants according to Korean fashion?

Fashion is cyclical, and that is something we already know. But the return of several garments will inevitably take us by surprise. And it is that, although we all spent the 90s showing hips with low-waisted pants, it seemed that high-waisted pants were here to stay. We’re not saying that high-waisted pants will go away, far from it. But along with them, low-waisted ones are once again present in our outfits. Now, back in the day, we learned the lesson. And now, we know how to wear them with a renewed style. That means it is not mandatory to show the navel, although the trend is on your side if you feel like it. And if not, too. But how to wear low-waisted pants according to Korean fashion? Today you will be able to discover it in Korean Fashion Trends. Get ready to shine with your outfits in these jeans that come back to remind us of the past trends but with a modern touch full of style. Let’s get started!


5 ways to wear low-rise jeans according to Korean fashion


How to wear low-waisted pants according to Korean fashion? The truth is, wearing these jeans has its trick since it is easy to achieve the wrong look if we do not mix it with the right pieces. Low-rise jeans are a fashion that many wanted to forget, but others were dying for it to return. Finally, this year saw the resurgence of low-waisted jeans. Love it or hate it, it’s that way with low-rise jeans. And although they are not the easiest to use, you can find different ways to wear them as you like. When we think of these jeans, you may be torn between nostalgia and rejection, but take it easy. We assure you that there are looks of all kinds in which they can become a real success. If you want to wear these jeans the right way, take a look at the following outfits that you can recreate. Here we go!




korean fashion trends - sportswear - wear low-waisted pantsWe start this list of options to wear low-waisted pants according to Korean fashion with a slightly masculine-feminine look.


You can wear low-rise jeans with a shirt on the outside. Or at least part of it. It is one of the ways we most like to wear men’s cut shirts. Also, let’s face it, low-rise pants go great with this shirt.


But in addition to the jeans and the shirt, you can add a brown oversize blazer. You should base it on the occasion if you don’t know what shoes to wear. Is it a casual outing? Or elegant? Think about it and choose the shoes.


However, it can go well with sneakers, black heels, or even black loafers.




korean fashion trends - korean woman wearing low-waisted pants WITH A SHIRT WITH PUFFED SLEEVESDo you like the Korean romantic style? Then this option is for you. If you already know our blog dedicated to the romantic style, you know that it is a style that influences many shirts and dresses with puffed sleeves and neutral and pastel colors.


In this look, to wear low-waisted pants according to Korean fashion, you can wear jeans with a shirt with puffed sleeves. Here the low-rise pants allow the shirt and its puffed sleeves to take center stage.


Why? Because you can wear ripped low-rise pants with a black belt. Wear the puff-sleeved shirt in white color. You can add an oversize jean jacket and black ankle boots. A crossbody bag can accompany this outfit.




korean fashion trends - korean woman wearing low-waisted pants and a sweaterWe continue with these looks to wear low-waisted pants according to Korean fashion with a combination that includes a sweater. Do you like sweaters? We hope so. And if you still don’t know what a sweater is, don’t worry. Here we tell you. The name jersey is used to name all weft knit fabrics.


In its beginnings, the jersey was only made of wool, but today it can be made of various fabrics. From synthetic fibers to cotton. Jersey fabric is special because it is light and warm. It protects us from the cold and adapts to the body. It is ideal for warmer days. But it’s also perfect to wear with low-rise jeans. Both achieve a look that shows us that elegance and low waist are not incompatible at all.


A white knit tucked-in sweater and a blazer are all you need to rock the streets and the office with style. You can wear a black tote bag and heels in the same color to create more harmony in your look.




korean fashion trends - WITH A SHIRT ON THE OUTSIDEDo you think the athleisure trend did not include jeans of this type? If so, you are wrong. The athleisure trend doesn’t discriminate against any garment. On the contrary. For that reason, it is possible to combine high-waisted jeans with sportswear. In addition, it is one of the favorite combinations of Korean street styles. Sportswear has become part of our daily looks (something very 90s too), and sweatpants are ideal to wear low-rise. You can wear them with a sports top and a sports jacket.


However, if you prefer high-waisted jeans, you can mix them with sweatshirts and other sportswear to add a more urban touch. If you look at celebrities like Jennie from BLACKPINK, you will notice that she takes low-rise jeans to another level when she pairs them with sportswear.


In addition, you can also wear this combination with a colorful top in the purest sporty style. You can not opt ​​for slippers. Wear clog-style sandals. Add some sunglasses matching the top. That achieves a perfect look for the day, which is why it is part of this list to wear low-waisted pants according to Korean fashion.




korean fashion trends - crop topWe end this list of options to wear low-waisted pants according to Korean fashion with a combination that includes crop tops.


Take advantage of your flat abdomen to wear low-rise jeans and wide boots with a crop top. It is a classic outfit with high-waisted pants. It was popular in the 90s.


However, the trend of wearing a belt that doesn’t hold anything has also returned. It is a thin belt, like a chain, and often has some subtle decorations.


It is used when you combine these jeans with crop tops as it adds a unique and different touch to the look. You can wear this outfit with white tennis shoes or Asian-style sandals.


How to wear low-waisted pants according to Korean fashion? Wearing these jeans successfully is a bit difficult but not impossible. You need to think about the right clothes and combine them wisely to achieve a perfect look with these controversial jeans. See you in an upcoming Korean Fashion Trends blog!

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