Pajamas in the streets! Can I wear Korean sleepwear outside?


A recurring question among Korean fashionistas is Can I wear Korean sleepwear outside? If you ever wondered that, do not worry. In this opportunity, we bring the answer to your questions. And to give you a spoiler, we will tell you that yes, it is possible to see this fashion trend on the streets of Seoul! But it has some limitations. This trend has been popular in many parts of the world for a few years. South Korea has not been an exception. Keep reading!


Take a look at the beginning of this trend


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Take-a-look-at-the-beginning-of-this-trendThe coronavirus pandemic has created a “new normal” in many aspects of our lives, as more people are staying home, spending more time at home than ever, working from home, and taking classes online. So this trend has existed for several years! But as you can see, recently, it has become more popular due to confinement.


Part of the new normal is the trends in these types of clothing. More consumers respond to the new lifestyle by wearing pajamas every day. While some companies require their employees to wear business attire during conferences or online meetings, some don’t bother to change at all, staying in pajamas all day. That has been a brilliant opportunity for many Korean fashion consumers to purchase Korean pajamas.


Is wearing sleepwear outside a fashion hit?


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Is-wearing-sleepwear-outside-a-fashion-hitWearing pajama sets outside the home has been a trend for years, although controversy still exists about whether this is desirable. Regardless, many urban fashionistas have embraced this trend, consciously making a style statement with their pajamas.


Wearing pajamas outside does not mean wearing dirty or wrinkled sleepwear. It means putting on freshly washed pajamas, taking care of small details such as the necklines of shirts and accessories, and making the look appropriate for public appearance. So yes, wearing pajamas outside is a wise move, and wearing Korean sleepwear outside is a good idea too!


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What is the best-selling Korean sleepwear brand?


Korean-Fashion-Trends-What-is-the-best-selling-Korean-sleepwear-brandThe Korean brand Shinsegae International recorded a 318 percent growth in pajama sales during the first quarter of 2020. Responding to increased sales, Jaju launched a new line of unisex pajamas called 365 Pajamas with organic cotton and designs and colors. Shinsegae Department Store, a department store franchise under Shinsegae Group, said sales of Ellaconic, its private lingerie brand that offers loungewear from pajamas to robes, had grown substantially.


Cotton is the most used fabric for pajamas as it is light and soft, with a low probability of causing skin irritation. However, silk pajamas also have a following. Although silk requires more care, silk pajama sets create a flattering, feminine look, hanging carelessly on the body. The smooth texture can also provide a luxurious grooming sensation.


How to wear Korean sleepwear outside?


Korean-Fashion-Trends-How-to-wear-Korean-sleepwear-outsideDo not wonder if you can wear Korean sleepwear outside anymore because you can do it without much trouble.


However, before doing so, we recommend that you keep these considerations in mind:


Make sure it’s the right pajamas, Can I wear Korean sleepwear outside?


Within the variety that Korean fashion offers in sleepwear, some pieces could work for you to go quiet, and others that, in reality, not much. When purchasing your Korean nightwear, make sure it’s not too casual. Avoid pajamas that are made of cotton and choose ones of satin. This type of fabric will give you a more sophisticated and appropriate look to go out on the streets. Remember that it is not about dressing in just anything, but about knowing how to wear them properly.


Avoid very shortcuts and transparent designs


When you wear sleepwear on the street, the least you want is to attract glances in the wrong way. Let people notice your style and not the places on your body that are best kept hidden. Try to wear Korean sleepwear that islong shirts and pants, with subtle and understated designs.


Wear it with a coat or other piece of your choice, Can I wear Korean sleepwear outside?


In the fashion world, several types of women exist, and the most daring go with the total pajama look. They are women who go out to the streets as if they had just gotten out of bed and go so placidly through the streets of the city wearing their pajamas in the most fashionista way you can imagine. If you are one of these women, and you want to wear Korean sleepwear outside, you can do it by achieving a total look in pajamas, climbing on some heels, and accompanying it with a cardigan, a coat, or a jacket.


Kimono-style pajamas are a good choice


If you’ve seen this typical Japanese costume, you can get an idea of ​​what kimono-style pajamas are. In recent times, this style is also popular in Korea, making it a nightwear style that fits the trends in Korean pajamas. These pajamas (in addition to being comfortable) are also fashionistas. Dressing them on the street in the company of good shoes, accessories, and a coat is a perfect option. Wearing kimono-style pajamas with other pieces that manage to perfect your outfit, you will achieve an authentic fashion statement!


Other tips for wearing Korean sleepwear outside


  • Wear pajamas that resemble your regular clothes. If you are a girl who uses plaid or patterned shirts a lot, try to make your pajamas look similar to camouflage them.


  • Wear fancy pajamas. Wearing fancy pajamas, you do not have to hide that they are pajamas because you look good without effort. You can not go everywhere with it, but you can go somewhere close.


  • Wear ensemble-type pajamas. Some pajamas closely resemble usual clothing, such as sweaters or palazzos. You will be able to go out without grief.


  • Wear pajama bottoms with a sweatshirt. The pajamas will show, but with the sweatshirt, you will already have a casual 50/50 look. In this case, wear shoes that tip the scales.


  • Wear Kigurumi pajamas! These pajamas are the best option to go out if you want to dress in fun, warm, and striking pajamas. They are very adorable pajamas that are becoming more and more common to see on the streets.


If at any time you ask yourself “Can I wear Korean sleepwear outside?”, remember that the answer is yes: yes you can and, in addition, you can look very fashionista on the way. This trend is increasingly unstoppable and, the truth is, we are glad that you want to integrate it into your fashion style. You will look like a model on the streets without much effort. Visit this blog every day to enjoy the latest news related to K fashion!


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