7 universal styles and how to achieve them according to Korean fashion

korean fashion trends - 7 universal styles and how to achieve them according to Korean fashion

Style is what identifies us. But it is a much more complex issue than it seems. Why? Because through our image, we communicate to the world what we are, such as showing personality, tastes and preferences. It is a message that we send through colors, accessories, clothing, and body language. It is a fact that we all show outside how we feel on the inside. Although, remember you should never confuse universal styles with dress codes since style is something that is part of you.


Likewise, it is necessary to know that we can have up to two predominant styles and that they communicate something. None is better than another. So that you can better identify your style, today in Korean Fashion Trends, we talk about the 7 universal styles and how to achieve them according to Korean fashion. That way, you can discover the style that best suits your personality. Show your true self through fashion. Express yourself through clothing in your favorite style. Are you ready? Let’s get started!


The 7 universal styles you should know and how to achieve them according to Korean fashion


Trends help you find your style and choose the most popular clothes, but they may also push you to dress in one way or another. Also, style is a personal decision. Finding your style is easy if you think about what you want to convey. Personality and individuality are transmitted through looks, so it is important to take care of it to the last detail. But we must remember that we evolve, change and overcome life stages that make us mature. Our style must reflect those changes.


The style is a constant sample of the best of us. It reflects our best version. But how do you know if you found your style? The important thing is to feel comfortable with ourselves to see if we are on the right track. And analyze if the image we are projecting corresponds to the one we want to transmit. If you feel this way with one or two of the following styles, you have found the style that defines you. We will know these 7 universal styles and how to achieve them according to Korean fashion.




korean fashion trends - universal styles - korean womanThe natural is the first style among these universal styles, and how to achieve them according to Korean fashion. It is a formal style, with timeless garments, always well combined, avoiding bold colors. People with a natural style don’t give too much importance to fashion trends, and neutral colors are not needed in their closet.


In addition, they seek comfort. That is to say, they are used to wearing people who inspire closeness. And they are simple, fresh, and relaxed. In the case of using makeup or hairstyle, they are very natural. They tend to lean towards comfortable cuts and natural fabrics such as cotton and linen. In that sense, these people do not spend too much time getting ready because they do not have that need.


Also, they associate it with environmental awareness and a friendly personality. They are not people who look for new clothes frequently. And when they go shopping, they like to look for natural fibers. Garments in classic colors, feminine prints, and chic looks without falling into maximalism are a way of wearing this style according to Korean fashion.




korean fashion trends - romantic style - korean womanWe continue with this list of universal styles and how to achieve them according to Korean fashion. The second style is romantic.


If you visit Korean Fashion Trends frequently, you will know that we have already dedicated a blog to this Korean style. However, today it is necessary to talk a little more about him. The woman who identifies with a style likes harmonious and delicate colors.


The key details are this style: bows, ruffles, applications, fringes, lace pieces, pastel colors, and floral print.


She wears white, pastel, puff sleeves garments to achieve a romantic Korean style. It is a very chic and feminine style.




korean fashion trends - traditional style - korean womanThe traditional style is the third style among these universal styles and how to achieve them according to Korean fashion.


People who wear a classic style look for sobriety and simplicity in their dressing. They are usually people who denote leadership and inspire ownership. They don’t seek fashion but the classic. They are very structured and rational individuals. They like plain garments with few patterns and enjoy wearing traditional cuts.


Simplicity in outfits is everything to them, and they are selective in the materials they seek for their looks. They also transmit security and strength. If you want to wear a traditional style according to Korean fashion, focus on timeless, versatile, and classic garments. Stick to neutral colors, and don’t forget accessories to elevate any of your looks.




korean fashion trends - elegant style - korean womanThe elegant style is the fourth to reach these universal styles and how to achieve them according to Korean fashion. People who wear an elegant style will never give an informal image. They are impeccable from morning to night.


Also, they opt for good quality clothes and accessories, more variety of colors, and monochromatic looks. In addition, they wear garments of their size and shape, they are very interested in quality. They do not show brands and have many poise and details. They are perceived as sophisticated and very refined people.


However, they also mix trendy clothes. They use striking accessories, bags, and jewelry are protagonists in this style. If you want to wear an elegant style according to Korean fashion, office dramas are a perfect inspiration. Tailored suits, skirts, blazers, dresses, dress shirts, and heels are some of the garments that stand out the most in an elegant Korean style.




korean fashion trends - creative style - korean womanThe fifth style among these universal styles and how to achieve them according to Korean fashion is the creative one.


People with this style are good at combining clothes. They are lovers of accessories to complement their outfits, are not afraid of colors, and create daring looks. Also, they like to vary their clothes. Because of that, their clothes are very original, they have a very particular style, and they like to differentiate themselves from others. They are perceived as daring people by combining textures, colors, and patterns in the usual way. They inspire talent and spontaneity through their image.


A creative style in Korean fashion could be athleisure, grunge, or street style, also the style inspired by K-Pop idols or any style that harmoniously mixes clothes from other styles.




We continue with this list of seven universal styles and how to achieve them according to Korean fashion.


The sixth style is dramatic. This style is characterized by the desire to stand out and by unusual and spectacular clothing items.


People with a dramatic style love to wear trends regardless of whether the garment flatters them.


In their wardrobe, there are many colors, details, and textures.





korean fashion trends - universal styles - korean woman - seductiveWe end this list of universal styles and how to achieve them according to Korean fashion with the seductive style. People who have this style project sensuality and self-confidence. They are not bothered by showing their physical attributes.


In the wardrobe of a seductress, we find tight clothing, short garments, transparencies, and the colors black, red and gold stand out. And like the romantic style, it is a very recognizable one. They are people with a lot of confidence and self-assurance.


Also, they are proud of their bodies. They project a sensual and attractive image through their clothes. This style is not so recurrent in Korean fashion, but it still exists. You can achieve this by combining tight garments with looser ones, tops, etc.


The 7 universal styles and how to achieve them according to Korean fashion are the most popular. Knowing them and how to achieve them according to Korean fashion will help you convey your personality through your clothes. We all need to recognize our style, those clothes with which we feel comfortable. What’s yours? Tell us in the comments. See you in the following Korean Fashion Trends blog.


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