Underground K-R&B: The Real Voice of Seoul!

Korean Fashion Trends - Underground K-R&B

When someone says Korea, what kind of music comes to your mind? K-Pop, surely. And that’s okay! Whether you’re a K-pop fan or not, associating Korea with K-pop is common. However, Korea is more than just K-pop. The South Korean music scene is vast and significant. People interested in meeting Korean artists don’t just listen to K-pop and risk trying new sounds, as is the case with underground K-R&B. If you are looking to expand your Korean music taste and experience the underground K-R&B scene, Korean fashion trends is here to help you! We put together a playlist for you to deep dive into underground K-R&B! In addition, we will unveil a little more about this musical genre and its best-known representatives. Stay on Korean Fashion trends. Because today, you will get to learn a lot more about underground K-R&B. Let’s dive in!


What Is Underground K-R&B?


Korean Fashion Trends - Underground K-R&B - Korean singerR&B stands for rhythm and blues. It is a musical genre that originated in African-American communities in the 1940s. R&B was first introduced in South Korea in the 90s with the debut of the first K-pop group Seo Taiji & The Boys.


Since then, R&B in Korea has been on the rise. From soul & R&B to hip hop and R&B, this genre still has us in its grasp.


Mainstream R&B is good and all, but in the underground K-R&B genre, you can have the chance to hear the real story and voice of Seoul. A particular yet very moving voice.


Who Are the Talented Artists of Underground K-R&B?


Korean Fashion Trends - Underground K-R&B - Korean singerWhen exploring the realm of underground K-R&B, a common question that comes to mind is ‘who are the artists that make this musical genre thrive in Korea?’ And, Korean R&B is composed  of talented underground artists who write and produce mesmerizing music.


The promotion of underground artists in other countries is similar to that of K-pop artists. Because, they also promote themselves by collaborating with other artists from around the world.


You may not be an expert on underground K-R&B yet, but we bet you’ve at least heard of artists like Zion.T, Dean, Penomeco, Suran, and Samuel Seo. Because they are some of the most popular representatives of K-R&B.


Whether you’re into K-pop, underground rap, or underground K-R&B, fans are drawn to the looks of their favorite Korean artists. It is not unexpected to wish to emulate a style as impressive as theirs. Luckily, Korean Fashion Trends cater to these aspirations, offering fans the opportunity to embrace a style as impressive as their beloved artists. If you want to buy Korean fashion and beauty products, you can do it here! Enjoy the crazy prices you will find on YesStyle. Shop here now!


Is Underground K-R&B as Popular as K-pop?


Korean Fashion Trends - Underground K-R&B - Korean singerA good K-R&B song can feed the soul and make your day a little brighter! Mostly, the underground K-R&B scene is occupied with unknown yet talented artists, while K-Pop has a worldwide influence. So, while the underground K-R&B music is mentioned less, K-Pop keeps taking off with new groups and catchy songs.


The niche sound of  K-R&B is surely one that Korean Fashion Trends can not overlook. If you click here, you can access our spotify account with many other playlists!


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Why Should You Listen to K-R&B?


Korean Fashion Trends - Underground K-R&B - Korean singerK-R&B may not be as famous as K-pop. But there are many reasons why you should listen to underground K-R&B! As we already mentioned, R&B is a musical genre that was born in the forties in the US. It has undergone variations ever since. Its rhythms have blues, jazz, and gospel as predecessors. Subsequently, it has marked influences on the origin of rock and roll. In the same way, modern R&B has been modified thanks to other styles, such as hip-hop, which shows us that music is constantly changing.


Luckily, it is a genre that we can also enjoy by the hands of great Korean artists. In addition to being a music genre that combines different rhythms, you should also listen to K-R&B because learning new things, and expanding and evolving your tastes is always a good idea. And underground K-R&B artists have beautiful songs that will accompany you through any moment of your life. Don’t know where to start listening to K-R&B? Click here to access our Spotify Playlist!


Who Are the Most Notable Artists of Underground K-R&B?


If you want to delve deeper into underground K-R&B, you should do it with the help of experts. So, we will unveil a little more about the most notable artists of underground K-R&B! Take note of each one and listen to their music to enjoy this musical genre! Don’t forget to visit our Playlist on Spotify by clicking here. Let’s dive in!




Korean Fashion Trends - JunnyKim Hyeong Jun, artistically known as Junny, was born on April 6, 1996. He spent much of his childhood and adolescence in Vancouver, Canada.


His interest in the arts can be said to run in the family because he was especially inspired by his two older brothers, one of them being the renowned painter Jace Kim.


Junny has not only managed to make a name for himself in the industry as a K-R&B artist, but he has also done so as a composer, working with a multitude of artists and different styles, once again demonstrating his versatility.




Korean Fashion Trends - TWLVCho Hyun Soo, better known as Twlv, is a K-R&B singer-songwriter. He is 29 years old and was born in Busan, South Korea. In 2022, he composed the theme song DEEP END for the K-drama Bad Prosecutor.




Gemini is a South Korean singer who debuted under GroovyRoom’s AREA on November 1, 2020, with the single album Going. His real name is Kim Jae-Min and he was born on June 18, 1994. His stage name comes from his zodiac sign. He has been promoting his music since 2020. But, he also used to release music under the name JayMIN before he was known as GEMINI.




Korean Fashion Trends - BOYBND CLUBCLUB BOYBND is a Korean-Canadian duo. This K-R&B duet consists of JUSTIN TRASH and Roc Lee. They were both under Sony Music before going independent. They debuted in February 2023 with the single “Kiss me thru the phone.”




Kim Jin Ho, better known as Meloh, is a singer of the K-R&B genre. He is 29 years old and is part of Daytona Entertainment. He has collaborated with other artists in the genre, such as Twlv, and also with other artists, such as BOLA and Superbee.




Korean Fashion Trends - J.COBJ.cob’s real name is Ham Seokjin. He is an underground K-R&B artist and is under the label NSS RECORDS. He said he has been influenced a lot by American R&B singers. So, that is why his music style is a perfect blend of R&B and hip-hop. Also, he has composed songs for artists like Ryan Do.




Jimmy Brown is a K-R&B singer, songwriter, and producer. He was born in South Korea and is part of the agency The Good Days Boys.


Korean Fashion Trends - Jimmy BrownUnderground K-R&B is the real voice of Seoul! That’s because it’s an urban genre that combines rhythms from various styles, so it can resonate with anyone’s taste in a single musical genre. If you don’t know much about underground K-R&B yet, we hope our Playlist will help you enjoy K-R&B music.


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