All About the Twee Style: How to Style Twee in Korean Fashion?

Korean Fashion Trends - All about the twee style and how to wear it in Korean fashion

The twee style, like many past trends, is now dominating K-fashion. Hence, in today’s edition of Korean Fashion Trends, you can grasp insights into the twee style and how to style it in Korean fashion. This style gained momentum back in the early 2000s. And fortunately, its resurgence is owed to the influence of social platform trends, particularly TikTok. But you can recognize the twee style easily. Because it takes elements from the 50’s and 60’s, which catches all the gazes. Also, this style combines 50’s and 60’s striking elements with modern pieces. But, just like any other style, there is much more to know about when it comes to understanding it, and wearing it. If you want to know more, scroll down and keep reading!


What Is the Twee Style?


Korean Fashion Trends - twee style according to Korean fashion - Korean woman wearing dressAs always, before we delve deeper let’s start with defining this style. After all, that is the most important part of the twee style and how to style it in Korean fashion. Many people would agree that the twee style incorporates sweetness and childishness at the same time.


You can see these characteristics in elements such as Peter Pan-type collars, hair with bangs, miniskirts, and low shoes.


Therefore, it is an outdated fashion but at the same time, very current. And this style is embraced by the hybrid generation, which includes Generation Z, millennials, and even some baby boomers. If you want to shop for Korean twee-style clothes, simply click here!


What Is the History of Twee Fashion?



Korean Fashion Trends - twee style according to Korean fashion - Korean woman wearing blouse and beltAnd like many other styles, the twee style has a story behind it, which we will unveil today in our guide on all about the twee style and how to style it in Korean fashion. So, the twee style comes from tweed, a woolen fabric.


And tweed originates from the textile manufacturing region in Scotland near the River Tweed in the early 19th century. However, the river doesn’t share the same name. Because someone misunderstood the original spelling of “twill weave” for “tweed”, claiming that this combination of nouns is incorrect. However, the name stuck, and its popularity skyrocketed. In addition, within the realm of tweed production, diverse patterns are woven, frequently in diagonal arrangements including plain, twill, herringbone, and check. Among these, the tweed pattern possibly claims the most extensive usage.



Details Matter


Now, in terms of fashion, we must remember that the old can always be new again. It is no different with the twee style. Since in the mid-2000’s, this style was booming and was a part of almost every girl’s wardrobe in the Tumblr era. Because the twee style has a flair of romantic, sweet, and sophisticated.


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman with shoesSo when feminine, colorful styles with a retro and nostalgic touch are mentioned, we automatically think of the twee style. Luckily, this style returned with renewed pieces that reflect our reality. We can already see more colorful garments with current prints. Furthermore, what was formerly paired solely with delicate footwear, can now be effortlessly matched with high-top sneakers, adding a distinctive flair to this style.


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Is Twee Fashion Coming Back to Korea?


Korean Fashion Trends - twee style according to Korean fashion - Korean woman wearing green dressYes, the twee style is taking over K-fashion! That is why today, we decided to delve deeper into the twee style and how to style it in Korean fashion.


As a result of its virality on platforms such as TikTok, the twee style has once more reclaimed its position as a favored trend from the 2000s.


We also get to enjoy many Korean celebrities wearing the twee style combined with more current elements. Jennie from BlackPink is a perfect example of this. Do you want to shop for Korean fashion? Do it here!



What Do You Need to Achieve the Twee Style in Korean Fashion?


Korean Fashion Trends - twee style according to Korean fashion - Korean woman wearing cardiganNow that you know more about the twee style and how to style it in Korean fashion, it’s time to learn about the clothes and accessories you need to style it in Korean fashion. Let’s dive in!




The cardigans are inevitable for this look. They can be in soft tones or vivid prints. But, which colors best reflect this style? The popular colors are usually pastels, although not exclusively. Likewise, there are dark brown, and sometimes silver tones, several prints, and some very retro colors in this style. Shop here!




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing grey dressThe best option to wear the twee style in Korean fashion is with an A-line mini dress. And most of these dresses are usually sleeveless to fit into the retro look. They are fitted at the waist and a little open at the hip. And cut to mid-thigh or a little above the knee. The straight mini skirt and other skirts such as flared ones are also used. Shop here!


  1. SHOES


Within the twee style, the inclination towards wearing heels is notably diminished. Ballerina shoes stand out as quintessential to this aesthetic. Nonetheless, the contemporary adaptation includes the integration of high boots and Oxford shoes, along with various types of loafers. These are often paired with white socks, creating a collegiate-inspired look. In addition, lolita type of shoes are also good option. Shop here!




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman with a handbagBy law, twee must always have its vintage touch. So you can incorporate something that you have obtained from a second-hand market in this look. Go thrifting, and look for garments from the 1960’s and 1970’s, or designed after the usage of those decades. Shop here!




Another notable feature of the style is oversized collars, whether they are Peter Pan-type, or so-called dope collars. If you are interested but don’t always want to wear something with a collar, some are removable. And you can combine them in several ways to achieve several layers, a recurring trend in the twee style and Korean fashion. Shop here!




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman with a handbagAccessories remain indispensable in any style, and the twee style is certainly no exception. Enhance your style ensembles with the addition of berets or hats. Moreover, small-sized bags are the preferred choice for complementing your outfit within this aesthetic. The material can be leather or tweed. And you can even wear gloves. Shop here!


Diving into the twee style and how to style it in Korean fashion will help you join this trend that is taking over K-fashion. The twee style is becoming one of the favorite fashion trends of 2023. And of course, we can also see it in Korean fashion. Do you like the twee style? Tell us in the comments. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to stay connected with our updates. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Spotify, Tiktok, and Twitch. See you in the next blog of your favorite Korean fashion website!


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