What are the trendsetting male K-Pop groups in Korean fashion?


Previously, we met the trendsetting female K-Pop groups in Korean fashion. We think now is the turn to meet the boys. Korean idols are figures who stand out thanks to their remarkable talents. But also thanks to their styles. Although each one has a different style, they all know how to capture the attention of everyone. What are the trendsetting male K-Pop groups in Korean fashion? There is more than one, that is a fact, and perhaps you know them all. However, in order not to leave anyone out, you’d better check out this list of K-Pop male idols who know how to get noticed in the fashion industry as well. Keep scrolling down!


6 trendsetting male K-Pop groups in Korean fashion




Korean-Fashion-Trends-SUPER-JUNIOR-(subtitulo)We know that there are still many ELFs out there. Although Super Junior is a group with over 15 years of experience, they remain current and receive the love and support of their fans.


During such a long and successful career, they have accomplished many things. Super Junior is an example of that. They also know how to make us fall in love through fashion.


For sure, besides making everyone fall in love with their shows, songs, and videos, these guys are effortless Korean fashion trendsetters. So much so that more than once, they have been representatives of clothing brands and even makeup!




Korean-Fashion-Trends-BIGBANG-(subtitulo)And continuing with the old school bands, we have BigBang. VIPS, make a presence! We believe that there is no K-Pop fan who has not heard at least once from BigBang.


These guys, since their debut, have known how to make a big name in the industry. They did it not only within but also outside of Korea. Not only are their songs and productions excellent and full of talent, but they are also representatives of fashion.


Also, they have always been a part of the trendsetting male K-Pop groups in Korean fashion. We can say that they are part of the pioneers. After all, it’s not for nothing that G-dragon and Taeyang are fashion icons. The two have collaborated with clothing and accessory brands and with each other. Let’s not forget either that G-dragon owns his brand.


3. BTS


Korean-Fashion-Trends-BTS-(subtitulo)We all know that BTS is one of the biggest names on the scene in K-Pop. It’s even a no-brainer for people who don’t follow K-Pop.


BTS is universally known as one of the trendsetting male K-Pop groups in Korean fashion. Let’s remember that BTS is well-known for their hits like DNA, Dynamite, and Butter. But also for their incredible taste in fashion.


They debuted in 2013 and have continued to set a standard for other K-Pop boy groups ever since. How do they do that? With their mix of streetwear and luxury. Yes, not only with their music. They wear Berluti, Saint Laurent, Gucci, Bottega Veneta and more.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-ATEEZ-(subtitulo)Even though they are not yet many years from their debut, Ateez has already toured the world because their fame is stunning.


As with other groups, Ateez’s K-Pop craze has changed dramatically during their debut so far. ATEEZ is one of the few bands that can achieve a retro pop and modern chic style simultaneously.


Did you know that? Yes! Thanks to their worldwide popularity, the eight-member group is an official ambassador for the Korean Culture and Information Service.


For that reason, we can consider them as one of the trendsetting male K-Pop groups in Korean fashion. Do you agree with that?


5. EXO


Korean-Fashion-Trends-EXO - trendsetting male K-Pop groupsThe nation’s K-Pop group has always been among the most famous K-Pop groups. They are now also among the trendsetting male K-Pop groups in Korean fashion. If you are an EXO-L, you know we are right. Since their debut, these guys have gained great fame.


For that reason, they started to represent big clothing brands. Today, many of them are the image of even international fashion houses.


A perfect example of this is Kai, who is an ambassador for Gucci. Without a doubt, they not only inspire with their beautiful voices and incredible dances. They also do it through their fashion styles.


6. NCT


Korean-Fashion-Trends-NCT- trendsetting male K-Pop groupsNCT means Neo Culture Technology. The group consists of four subunits. They are NCT U, NCT 127, NCT Dream, and WayV.


Also, they are one of the biggest “projects” in K-Pop and C-Pop (Chinese pop). Did you know that NCT includes more than 25 members?


Known for their experimental taste for music and fashion, this group takes risks with their hipster style.


Thanks to that, they are a significant part of the trendsetting male K-Pop groups in Korean fashion.


Which K-Pop group is most fashionable?


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Which-K-Pop-group-is-most-fashionable-(subtitulo)When thinking of an answer to this question, many groups come to mind. But to narrow it down to the trendsetting K-Pop boy groups in Korean fashion, the most fashionable, according to many fans and experts, are BTS and Exo members like Kai, BIGBANG members like G-dragon and Taeyang, and also ATEEZ guys.


However, we believe that each group we mentioned can stand out as the most fashionable group.


After all, being part of the trendsetting male K-Pop groups in Korean fashion is already significant to consider them as the most prominent in fashion.


Which K-Pop groups have the best clothing style?


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Which-K-Pop-groups-have-the-best-clothing-style-(subtitulo)While many of the trendsetting male K-Pop groups in Korean fashion are also the most fashionable, others have a good clothing style and are also worth mentioning.


Some of the boys with the best clothing style are TXT, Stray Kids, EXO, NCT, and SF9. They are all groups that stand out thanks to their street style, a bit dark but variable and versatile, quite avant-garde.


Also, many of their fans take inspiration from that and recreate the outfits they wear on and off stage. Isn’t that amazing? Being able to inspire others to follow your style is something significant in fashion! Being able to influence through music but also style is a power that these K-Pop boy groups do very well.


What are the trendsetting male K-Pop groups in Korean fashion? BIGBANG, BTS, ATEEZ are some of the groups that greatly influence K-Fashion. Thanks to their iconic styles, these groups position themselves as one of the best in the fashion industry. What other groups would you add to the list? You already know that you can tell us in the comments. See you on the next blog!

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