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Trends in men’s Korean fashion. K-fashion is not only for girls! Guys can also enjoy Korean fashion without any problem. Actually, this fashion is so acclaimed in recent days that it does not discriminate against absolutely anyone. Both women and men can look good while following in the footsteps of K-fashion. The trends in men’s Korean fashion are also very diverse, and you have a whole world to explore.


Korean men love fashion too. If you visit the streets of Seoul one day, you will notice that almost everyone looks like TV stars. That is because of their fabulous outfits. No one leaves their homes without taking care of their image at least a little. That explains why they are currently the center of attention: their styles are dreamy.


Korean fashion is in everyone’s hands!


The popularity of Korean fashion has caused many to want to imitate the way they dress. It’s hard to see an idol or a K-drama actor without wanting to look like them. K-fashion trends seem easy to follow, and to a certain extent, they are because most of them depend on people’s creativity. However, it’s not all about that, so it takes some effort as well. Especially when it comes to Korean fashion for men, but do not worry. In this post, we will talk about trends in Korean men’s fashion, some styles that you might like to try, curiosities, and garments and accessories that you cannot miss.


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Three styles of Korean Fashion for men


Sporty and comfortable


Korean Fashion Trends-Trends in mens korean fashion- Sporty

One of the most marked trends in Korean fashion for men is comfortable and sporty clothing.

In this style, there are garments such as sweaters, wide pants, sports shoes, and sweatshirts.


It is one of the most used by Korean boys.


This style is casual too.


You can complement it with other accessories, such as hats and long socks. 


Elegant and sophisticated


Korean Fashion Trends-Trends in mens korean fashion- Elegant

If you have ever seen a K-drama, you may have already seen the casual looks. Besides that, the elegant style also exists in the series. It is the style worn by characters who have a business position or have purchasing power. This style conveys class and refinement, and you can see it not only in the actor of your favorite Korean series. Also, you can see it in real life and on the streets of South Korea. 


If your style looks like this, you should look for some clothes to help you perfect it. Linen shirt, long pants, the must-have coat, and dress shoes as well. You can even perfect it by adding some sunglasses. That is a perfect complement to this type of outfit. As for the colors, you can always choose your favorite or the one that best suits you, but neutral colors are the most prominent.


Athleisure style


Korean Fashion Trends-Trends in mens korean fashion--athleisure style

This style is unisex. Women and men can use it; however, more men are using it in recent days. If you are a fan of K-pop, you have seen that not all idols wear sportswear when practicing their dances. Some wear shorts or basketball pants accompanied by a loose shirt.


That is what is known as an athletic style. It is a fashion that mixes haute couture garments with sports pants and shorts. It is so popular today that it is common to see a boy on the street wearing that way. They expertly balance the combination of casual clothes with more refined ones. It is a comfortable style but at the same time elegant and very versatile.





What do men wear in Korea in 2023?


If you are a guy who wants to take his Korean style to another level, you can do it by taking into account the following three fashion trends for men in 2023. Let’s see!

Looking back to the past

In Korean fashion, the man of 2023 is going through the Peter Pan syndrome that makes him not want to grow up and remains stuck in childhood and adolescence. Whatever your age, dress as in the first years of your life. This means using very wide shorts, colorful clothes, and a real party of prints.


One of the key fabrics this season in the trends in men’s Korean fashion will be denim. In line with women’s trends, this material invades all kinds of garments and accessories. That allows the possibility of dressing it in total looks.

Say yes to color!

The trends in men’s Korean fashion mark that men live in a world full of color, especially in spring-summer. Fluorescent shades are one of the great favorites, although if you don’t want to, you can opt for their softer version. This more relaxed aesthetic is provided by the so-called sorbet tones, a combination of pastel colors and striking greens, reds, and blues.


Garments that can’t be missing in your closet!


Basic white shirt


Korean Fashion Trends-Trends in mens korean fashion--white skirt

The shirt can be the color of your preference, but we recommend white because it is a neutral color, elegant, and works well with everything.


Sometimes it’s not about being extravagant, less is more sometimes.


For that reason, this simple garment is essential if you want to achieve the best outfits of the trends in men’s Korean fashion. You can combine it with what you want! Jeans, pants, shorts.


There is an unlimited variety of looks that you can achieve with just this shirt.


Trends in men’s Korean fashion: Leather and puffer jackets


Another garment that cannot be missing from your closet is this type of jacket. Leather jackets will help you compliment any look by adding a rockstar, badass edge. Puffer jackets will give you a more sporty look. The two are very different from each other, but both can help you look much better. This type of jacket has become more popular thanks to idols and actors, who wear it on the most comfortable and casual days.


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Any of your favorites is a good option, but we also recommend ripped jeans and dark wash. They serve to achieve casual styles and other more formal ones. Also, in Korea, there is a trend to wear pants slightly above the ankle. Don’t worry if you think that wearing them like this looks weird, because the truth is it doesn’t. Indeed, it’s quite the opposite. It is a unique and different way to wear jeans. Get away from the monotony by wearing the jeans that you like the most and as you see fit.


Trends in men’s Korean fashion: Trench coat


Another of the most common garment of trends in Korean men’s fashion is the trench coat. So common that it could even be considered a basic garment. Its charm is in the modern and sophisticated air that it gives to the outfit. It is popular amongst taller men and on winter days.


Oversized sweaters


The trend for baggy clothing is not only for women. Men can also wear loose-fitting shirts and sweaters. It gives them a casual and comfortable look, and at the same time attractive and cool. They are one of the favorite fashion garments of Koreans.


Trends in men’s Korean fashion: Vests and sweatshirts


These pieces are perfect when it comes to wanting to achieve a sophisticated style but at the same time more relaxed. You can combine polo shirts or long sleeves with the vests. Besides, they also give your style an intellectual look. Sweatshirts shouldn’t be missing either. They are pieces that serve for any occasion and depending on what you combine them with, can achieve fun outfits. You can mix them with shorts, and you will have a street and casual outfit.


Did you know…?


Did you know that in Korea there is a trend in fashion for men that is known as soft masculinity? This trend is born from the boys who have a “soft” but manly style at the same time. They are the image that actors and idols generally sell to the public. The term does not have a feminine or derogatory connotation. They are men who care too much about their image, being pioneers in male beauty. For that reason, they are known as soft masculinity.


A little more about Korean men’s fashion trends


Enough to believe that Korean fashion only focuses on girls. If you are a man and want to show off the best looks in Korean clothes, you can do it! Korean men’s fashion is reinventing itself every day, adding new styles and new pieces. Wanting to look good is not something that distinguishes genders and Koreans know it very well.


They give very significant importance to the image, so sometimes even wanting to look good is not only a wish but a duty. Try the style that best suits yours and personalize it as you wish. Remember that Korean fashion likes to mix and play with clothes. Create your outfits based on the styles you already know and with the pieces that should be in your closet from today. If you want to see more about the latest news about Korean fashion, keep visiting our blog!


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