10 trends in idols hairstyles

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In K fashion, clothes are not the only significant thing. Beyond the clothes we wear, there is something important that also deserves time and care: hair. Hair is the frame of our face. In addition, hair says a lot about us and our personalities. Because of that, taking care of it is a vital matter. Koreans know that, and idols are evidence of it too. Idols constantly change the style of their hair. Those changes, many times, are drastic but beautiful without a doubt. Although we think that achieving looks similar to theirs is tricky, the truth is that it does not cost too much. Are you interested in knowing the trends in idol hairstyles? Read on and find out how to transform your hairstyle inspired by K-pop stars!


10 trends in Idols hairstyles


All K-pop fans have dreamed of having an idol hairstyle at least once. You watch the K-pop videos, and in addition to noticing their clothes, you also note how well they wear their hair. If that has happened to you more than once, this time, we bring you the solution so that you can achieve your dream. We prepared some inspirations on idols for you to transform your hairstyle. Keep scrolling to discover all the ideas you can recreate!


BLACKPINK – Lisa, Trends in idol hairstyles


Korean Fashion Trends - Trends in idol hairstyles - Blacpink

Lisa is a girl who, like many other idols, has experimented with many colors in her hair. Blonde, black, and even orange. Among the fans, Lisa’s orange hair is one of their favorites. Lisa wore the orange color with her signature bangs and enchanted everyone with her look during that season.


This look is not only fun but perfect for any outfit. We assure you you will attract the attention of everyone wherever you go, as Lisa does it. While the color may be a bit tricky to maintain, the haircut is still simple and easy to manage. It is a long and layered cut, and the hair fringe with the orange color is the protagonist.


BTS – V, Trends in idol hairstyles


Korean Fashion Trends - Trends in idol hairstyles - V

If you like to play with colors in your hair, you can dye it with more than one color!


Do you know how?


V from BTS looks explains it all. Pick two of your favorite colors, and then ask your stylist to paint half of your hair one color and the other half the other color.


Imagine how many fun and colorful hairstyles you can pull off later!


MAMAMOO – Wheein, Trends in idol hairstyles


Korean Fashion Trends - Trends in idol hairstyles - wheein

The blonde bob of Wheein is a fashion statement haircut.


We have all wondered if we can do it.


The truth is, yes, we can do it.


This eclectic yet effortless and elegant style is very dynamic.


It is also perfect to feel confident and empowered by our looks.


Hyojong (E’Dawn)


Korean Fashion Trends - Trends in idol hairstyles - hyojong

Hyojong made everyone fall in love with the photos of him wearing an eye-catching blue color in his hair!


If you want a drastic change, this bright, electric blue is a good choice.


Hyojong showed it for only a few days, but we will remember it for a long time. Dare to wear this hair color.



TWICE – Jihyo


Korean Fashion Trends - Trends in idol hairstyles - Jihyo

After seeing Jihyo sporting a bob cut, many people want to try wearing their hair in the same way.


We do not blame them, as this hairstyle is super classy but fun at the same time.


In addition, it adapts to any face shape.


It is so cute that there is no way you will miss your long hair.



BTS – Jimin


Korean Fashion Trends - Trends in idol hairstyles - BlTS

Jimin looks good in all colors, but silver is a weak spot among fans.


Silver is a perfect option for those looking to go on a hair adventure without being too colorful.


If you want to stay on the minimalist and stylish side, this is also a great option in trends in idol hairstyles.



(G) I-DLE – Yuqi

Korean Fashion Trends - Trends in idol hairstyles - Yuqi

Who said curls and hair fringe do not go hand in hand?


If you have ever heard that, forget it!


Whoever said it surely did not know about Yuqi.


Her curly hair and cute heart-shaped hair fringes make this adorable look not too serious but not too casual either.


Korean Fashion Trends - Trends in idol hairstyles - Hyebin




Short hair does not matter! Hyebin got us all thinking about cutting our hair.


This super cute hairstyle is risky, that is true. 


You will feel so light and elegant that it will be a matter of seconds before you fall in love with it and want to keep it for a long time.


Amber Liu

Korean Fashion Trends - Trends in idol hairstyles - Amber liu

Amber gave us the haircut that says I am the boss here!


We are grateful to her.


This metallic blue shade and its powerful vibes are so beautiful and fun that there is no way you will feel like your hair is dull.


It is a perfect option to try something new and radical.



Red Velvet – Joy


Korean Fashion Trends - Trends in idol hairstyles - Joy

The look of Joy is multifaceted but understated.


For those who still can not decide if they want or prefer simple styles, this is the best option of all in trends in idol hairstyles. The cut has slightly long layers.


You can keep the hair fringes in the middle or part them and make them disappear.


Also, you can move them to the side to get a side hair fringe. As you can see, it is a look that is not extravagant but very striking thanks to its dynamism.


Other trends in hairstyles that are popular among idols


Romantic waves


Among the Korean hairstyles preferred by K-pop girls are these romantic and feminine waves. If you want to replicate this look, the secret is to make all the curlers with the loop in the same direction and then disassemble them by hand. In this way, you will create a wave effect, and not of marked curlers.


Accentuated braids


Another of the most recurring Korean hairstyles in K-pop is accent braids. We can use them on the side, with hair fringes, or even with other decorations. Braids are a very feminine hairstyle. And the details are nice but sober. We can do this hairstyle in five minutes to revitalize our look.


Low Ponytail


The bubble pony is divided into sections, creating bubbles throughout the length of the hair. You can use it in a single ponytail or two ponytails, high or low. The latter is the most popular among K-pop figures because it is a hairstyle that reflects a more childish and innocent style. If you will emulate this look, remember to apply a fixative at the end so that the hairstyle will last longer.


Hime cut


The hime cut is a cut that has been around for hundreds of years. According to Japanese tradition, the hime cut dates back to the Heian period, dating from 794 to 1185. In essence, this haircut boasts a straight fringe, usually quite thick, and two strands of hair on each side that delicately frame the face. The hair fringe has a length a little below the eyebrows, while the two strands of hair on each side should reach the level of the cheeks. The rest of the hair looks straight and long. However, there are different variations of this cut. One of the most popular is with the locks slightly longer so that they reach almost the height of the chin. Kpop artists such as Momo of TWICE, Mimi of OH MY GIRL, and HyunAh, wear or have worn this cut. This haircut originated in Japan but is also trending in Korea. Furthermore, the hime cut is not exclusive to long hair. For example, actress and model Go Joon Hee have sported it with a short bob.


A good haircut can make you look more professional or radiant, as long as it suits your face type, hair type, and condition. In addition, it allows you to explore a new facet of how you see yourself. Since K-pop has become popular around the world, idols are a source of inspiration for many. This is thanks to their music and their talent. But also for their almost-perfect images. Their outfits and hairstyles inspire us to want to try K fashion and beauty. Since you know the trends in idol hairstyles, try any of their styles. Also, remember to visit us every day. There is still much to discover about K fashion.


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